2 June 2006


Friday June 2nd 2006, 1:25pm (Msia time)

I try login into my YouTube.com account becoz I got an email saying one of my videos got new comment onnit and this is what i got.

Youtube.com hacked!!! It says "ALL YOUR VIDEO ARE BELONG TO US"

Die la die la!!! all my videos !!!!

eh wait! ... after a few minutes my screen turn into this ....

and this .....

And I think those guys from youtube.com is almost as funny as I am LMAO!! ... way to go!!

ok u all can go back to work now knowing all your hentai and AV videos is safe now ...shoo~! shoo~!



  1. I was about to copy the source code for you to see but I think that's not required anymore...

    Go visit the site again...

    UPDATE: No, we haven't be hacked. Get a sense of humor.


  2. Anonymous1:59 pm

    Sounds like more hacking, to me.

  3. Anonymous2:06 pm

    nah i was there just now and they said they're doin some maintenance work. i saw the notice. lol

  4. I also saw the source code that say they are doing upgrading works... LOL!

  5. and that fler's engrish more terror than yours oso.

  6. Anonymous3:14 pm

    Under maintenance lah, they put up a notice before the maintenance wat.

  7. n305er: yar youtube.com employees got a good sense of humor lol

    anon : nah ... they just had us fooled! lol

    alex : yea this time the joke is on me lol!

    eggy : noobs like me derno how to read source code one ler lol

    ahpek : maybe he also got read rojaks one leh?

    bryan : they got put maintenance notice meh?

  8. Anonymous3:12 am

    Yup, they did.


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