23 June 2006

1st!!! I am here first!!! erm .. Where is Everybody?

As usual, Malaysian Culture ..... appointment 7:30pm but 7:20pm nobody here. So here I am in this place call All Stars Sport Cafe in Mid Valley. Who want come??!!! fast fast come!!!! whole bunch of us waiting for u here!!!!

Nice place huh? hehe we r not in the open place ler ... we in the VVIP room so if you wanna come gimme a call first ok? *Winks*



  1. Anonymous8:14 pm

    wat's your number wei?

  2. im on the way.. 'll call u when i reach..

  3. tiuuuuu....show off kahhh bosss...eh, anyway hor, i wear slipper and ahpek sweater can go in oso ah?

  4. Anonymous1:14 am

    Halo, I cum earlier ledi la. Go checked out the chicks in Mid Valley.
    Anyway nice meeting you guys and gals.

  5. Anonymous2:07 am

    Mahai, next time tell 1 week in advance can ah?

  6. Liuliuliu!
    Why did I think that you look more Lin Peh than you are Wingz, liuliu?

    Hmmm...liu loh...

    Thanks for all the jokes, liuliu! :P

  7. Dengz,yesterday me and Frostier at Midvalley. U bugger, tell early la...

  8. anon : mch .. you komen as anon but you asking me for my private number laaa ... u say i wanna give to u anot?

    crazygrrl : where were you? we all waited for you ok!!!

    alex : mcb where got show off laaa... wear spender also can masuk!!

    ace : mch go kap luis also dint ask me

    bryan : nx time tell u 1 month in advance ok anot? nx one will be in july!

    angel : I want piktures!!!

    sotongking : diu frostier got my phone number mahhh

  9. Anonymous2:42 pm

    Diu. haha. Yesterday had dinner + supper with my cousins until 3am. Otherwise would have come.

  10. mch! I was downstairs drinking beer at the bar counter lah. The cashier damn 9 chun.
    When I went upstairs and saw you, I wanted to vomit everything out. LOL

  11. Anonymous4:01 pm

    Set! I'm coming in July!

  12. Nice meeting you guys.
    Sorry, I was a bit quiet. Guess I need more alchohol. You guys cracked me up!

  13. gbyeow : diu ur lost! u derno what u missing!!! got lenglui do table top dancing yesday!!! and u r not there to see it!!! kakakakaka

    cocka : farkiuuuu!!!

    bryan : mahai u better make sure u cum!

    inveitable : hehe yala mch ... u diam diam there the girls thot u still virgin n shy ler kakakaka!!!

  14. Anonymous11:56 pm

    yerrrrrrr... i wanted to go! i wanted to be VVIP with you.


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