27 August 2008

Cuci Mata WETnesday - Why you should buy BRA for your wife

Permatang Pauh was splendid! and of coz An-war won (as expected) and If "they" still dont understand what we want by now (dispite the facts that we shown to them over n over again) .... then i m willing to take my chance with a new gormen.

18SX - Small bois n girls ... go do your homework! Dun read! go play PS2 or PS3 or Wii or PSP or hello kitty or hello puppy or anything as long as u dont read this post can edi! If you die die also wanna read ... then call your mum/dad at work and ask for permission 1st ok?
Oh! and its NSFW too! Got terribly foul language and its no good for hypocrites also! Its not for the Faint hearted neither! Pls do not proceed if you have a weak heart ok?

Note : NSFW means Not Safe From Work .... so, if u kena fire bcoz you read my blog at work ... u dun kam find me ok?

Many Ahbengs dun like follow their wife/gf go buy bras n panty one ... this is because of the male ego factor la!

But that is so wrong ok? You Ahbengs should volunteer to follow your wife/gf(s) go bras n panty shopping! infact ... if you can ... go once every week!!!

You may wanna say "Shy la .... kanneh! later ppl think i binthais love to wear bras and panties one how? (crossdresser la) "

Shy? But what if i tell you that you can see get to see many many jiejies lidis at the bras and panties shop leh? Then you wanna go anot jek?

If you r lucky .... they might tell u "see see? wear ledi boobs will bekam firm firm wan leh! u dont briff you touch and see!"

WHOAAA Yellow kaler I LIKE AH!!!

Jiejie in jeans .... I like your legs leh!!!! *wipe nose bleed*

Come help jiejie peel the sticker of my abs .... *shiok*

Jiejie bra really good!!! push upup!!! so sharp lidat!!! kena poke sure gone case wan!!! kakakaka!

Jiejie ... i very like the sticker on your boobs la ... can i peel and keep as souvinier anot pulez, pulez mighty pulez?

This jiejie so fierce wan ..... i sked sked~

Aiks! This one like aunty also can bekam model?! kakaka but this aunty got chun legs sial!

Nah whole group let u see la! slow slow see ok?

After seing the sample of what you could be getting edi ... do you still "shy" to bring your wife/gf(s) go bras/panties shopping?!!! Dun be a sohaiiii!!!! KAKAKAKAA!!!

p.s. : Mehnee tenkiu to my new p0rn pusher mister kktan from Austerhliah!

20 August 2008

Cuci Mata WETnesday - Beijing Olympic Sexiest Photo!

This week mia cuci mata post got a bit diff .... u can actually place your hands below the desk ledi ... can eat viagra also ... everything you cant do in the previous cuci mata post u can do it in this post!

Ladies and genitalmen, i presents to you the sexiest pikchar of Beijing Olympic 2008!!!!


18 August 2008

Oreo is teh PWN!!!

Oreo is my fehbret food!!!

Ok, I admit!! Oreo memang not my fehbret food, but still I dem like it…
Why?? Becoz Oreo is different!
I still remember when I was very small that time, all I have is powdered milk and biskut gandum oni.

The most is oso those tin biskut… But nowaday, I see TV, they show this chocklat biskut with vanilla cream in the middle! Dem spesel sial ….during my time, I neber see biskut lidis befoh and its veli cool.

After I bought my very own oreo, I start to think how to eat it… Its like ur first time, u dunno wat to do with it, got so many ways lar, coz TV oso got show the dunk milk way

What you mean you can oni eat it strait or dunk in milk??
U dun briff me isit?? Wokeh, I show you how powder oreo ken be…

U ken eat strait…

Or dunk inside milk…

Whenever I wan eat oreo, I always separate the cream and the biskut, then I oni eat the biskut… Rub it all over ur teeth and smile!!! Now u bekam mr. darlie, oni ur teeth is black!!

Then, my sister tell me no good. She say got anoder way better… she told me to scrape away all the krim, eat the krim and throw away the chocklat biskut…!!! Powder anot??

My mader see us so binthai, so she goan teach us a new method. She took four oreo biskut stack the krim together and kepit it with the oreo biskut, now u get a 4 storey high of cream !!!

Then all my nieces start to bising bising, so we go put aiskrim in between the oreo biskut so the small kiddos will like it now… But now easier coz Oreo oso got make aiskrim biskut…

Aiskrim version mia oreo…

Later on, we start seeing new McD commercials, they now have mcflurry with oreo!!!

But now, I always will do my fehbret past time every Sunday with my lil devil. We goan buy lotsa milk and lotsa lotsa Oreo. Then, we race see who ken lick-dunk-n-eat the most oreo…!!!

I thot I noe everything about oreo alredi, but not until recently when I was browsing the internet. Do you all noe that Oreo ken be made into ur dinner?? Dun briff?? Now Dominos got make oreo pizza for dessert…!!! See for yourself…

Oreo Pizza, anyone??

There are so many things people ken do wif Oreo biskut, especially with ur frens and families and ur girlfren and boyfren and mader and fader, cousins and brothers and sisters…
Niahma! Now I suddenly got this crave for Oreo …. You still got stock to spare?

12 August 2008

P0rn dolls Available in K.L.!!!!

I was reading The Star online and I found this ....

Young collectors with fetish for obscene dolls

PORNOGRAPHIC dolls, which can cost up to RM200 each, have flooded the local market and are being snapped up by well-off young collectors.

Harian Metro reported that collecting these dolls was a hobby to some, especially children from wealthy homes, according to the Home Ministry Quranic text control division central enforcement unit head Mohd Rizal Abidin.

The dolls were being sold in shopping malls in the Klang Valley.


Anyone know where to get it anot??!!! I WANT LEH!!! BUY ME 12 pulez!!!

5 August 2008

Renew Roadtax? Find MyEG la!!

When you see this picture, what do you think of?

I think of this.

You know, when you are stressed with work like me, this magic stick really help a lot wan.

My little devil have this in mind.

My bini pulak will call me when I am driving home to go to 7-11 to buy her this.

Majiam-majiam style oso got. Wings lar, no wings lar, night time use lar…one guy like me standing there looking at this kind of ploduk, not macho lar.

But today I want to talk to you about ‘convenience’. Is very simple lidis. Nowadays petrol price oso rise ledi, economy oso not doing so good, not like last time go 7-11 oso drive car. Now I walk there only lar. Can sexercise summore.

Why I talk about ‘convenience’ today? My good fren, Ah Huat, whois a handphone shop taukeh, went to renew his road tax last week and this is what he told me.

Ah Huat: Aitelyu, nowdays, gomen service so slow ar. Linpeh sit there wait 1 hour oso nochet linpeh’s turn to do my road tax ah.
Me: Hah? Sure boh take so long meh?
Ah Huat: Abuden! Linpeh drive there, linpeh find parking, no parking summore, so linpeh rounding many times only find one parking far far away. Linpeh’s petrol money oso gone. And make linpeh wait 1 hour plus. If I know lidis, I go ask runner to do for me lor! Linpeh didn’t wait lar. Linpeh shop nobody take care, kenot trust my bangla fler oso.
Me: Aiya, waste your time lar lidis.

That was yesday .... and today, I having my kopi-O-kau at the kopitiam, then this mui-mui-jai come approach me and give me this piece of paper wor.

Click on the above image to enlarge

Wah, what is this? MyEG? Can buy auto insurance online. Can renew road tax online. Wah can even renew driving license online wor! So I quickly call Ah Huat.
Me: Ah Huat Ah Huat!
Ah Huat: Hamiksu? You so excited for what?
Me: You got safe ledi. You faster go on your computer, go to www.myeg.com.my, then faster click on ‘Road Tax Renewal’.
Ah Huat: Hah? Online can do meh?
Me: Can wor. More convenient oso lar Ah Huat. You can sit in your shop look at mui-mui-jai buy reload card, and renew your road tax oso. Dun even have to spend money on petrol wei! Kill many many birds with one stone this wan!

So ladies and genitalmen, lesson for today is convenience and hassle free. No need to drive all the way to JPJ ofis or even post opis. No need to go through all the trafik jam and difficulty to find parking. No need to wear nice nice go gomen ofis. Just sit at home in your spender and pagoda t-shirt (or for the ladies, your sexy panty n bra …. Mamammiaa!!! I like!) and click click click…kautim! Road tax oredi renewED. You can do it 2 months before your road tax expire. Now this service oni for prebet car, but soon they will gibe to company car oso. Good things have to wait lar.

You say good or not this MyEG service?

I say mana mau cari ini majiam mia serbis la?!!!

Cikgu Tong .... Tong Sam Pah

There is this teacher whose name is Cikgu Tong .... one day he asked his Form 3 class student these questions :

Cikgu Tong : Can you all tell me one big event that occured in our country last year?
Students : Tahun Melawat Mareysia 2007 Cikgu!
Cikgu Tong : veri good class! Now tell me .... what is the big event we have this year?
Students : Tahun Meliwat Mareysia Cikgu!


4 August 2008

Kopitiam Blowater - Hottest Car This Season!

You heard about their intention to lower petrol price yet? Why got permatang pauh erection only lower it? if no permatang pauh erection then they all will act dumb izzit? actually whats the point of lowering it? the damages are done ... my wantan meen WONT cost 50 sen less just bcoz the petrol is cheaper now! Everything will still be as expensive as its now ... this is pointless! What you doing is not gonna undo the damages you bestowed upon us .... we lost hope in u edi ... SAU PEI LA!!!