31 August 2009

Sony Alpha DSLR A850 / α850 landed in Malaysia

Couple weeks ago, I was asked by a friend of mine to come out and test drive the all new Sony Alpha A850. The moment I saw the A850 ... it strucked me! ... WTF?! A900?!

Apparently the "ALL NEW" Sony Alpha A850 is sharing the same magnesium alloy body frame with its big brother A900 therefore its not strange if you would identify a Sony Alpha A850 as A900 as well.

From the top, Dial, shutter release, ISO, LCD, Drive butons

Closeup of the top right side of the Alpha A850

Alpha A850 with a VG-C90AM (A900) vertical battery grip.

DOF switch


Identical GUI with those in Alpha A900

Setting Display on Hi-Res LCD

CF and Memory stick slot

Cover open

Camwhoring with the Alpha A850

Being the first few to actually play with the Alpha A850 in Malaysia, I often asked by fellows alpha users what do I think about the new Alpha A850 ... to which I answered "Alpha A850 is a 3fps Alpha A900" the truth is of coz not as simple as that but its as close as it gets.

If you wanna know what kinda specs this Alpha A850 carries simply google for the sopecs of Alpha A900 and minus the 100% viewfinder counverage, 5 fps and replace them with 98% viewfinder coverage, 3fps and you get yourself a Alpha A850!

But Why A850? since A850 is almost 98% of a A900? What is A850 purpose of existance?

Lemme explains this with an equation ..... the first equation is ...

A850 = 98% A900

Retail price for A900 & A850 in Malaysia is :

A900 Retail $ @ RM8,999 (100%)
A850 Retail $ @ RM6,999 (77%)

Hence the conclusion is .... with Alpha a850 you will be paying 77% (RM6,999) to get a DSLR (Alpha a850) thats suppose to be worth 98% (RM8,819) of an Alpha A900!

In other words .... Its freaking CHEAP! The most value for money full frame DSLR in the market by far!

So now you should know the reason behind Alpha A850 existance. Great news for those photographers whom wanted upgrade to full frame DSLR! No better time than now!

Looks like sony is serious about increasing their market share in the FF category ... :)

29 August 2009

Fierce Singapore Ahlian Bashing Ahbeng Boyfriend's Balls in Public

This morning I was reading this article in The Star which wrote about how one Singapore Ahbeng kena weck in the balls by his Ahlian Gerpren in Publis and the whole incident were recorded by a passerby and later uploaded to the internet!

Woman caught on video hitting boyfriend’s private parts

Then it crossed my mind ... eh mch! I just watched this video yesday only!!! Then I dig dig and finally found the video!!!

Nah! here izzit!

I really pity the Ahbeng la! I watch the video i also pain ... I derno why he so steady can stand there like dem cool lidat and continue let her weck, slap with high heels, grab his balls and get the kick the shit outta him!!! Then it crossed my mind ... maybe this Ahbeng no balls wan?! AH! that exprens why he no pain when kena weck!!!

This Ahlian dem fierce ok? If you got this kinda GF then God bless you la!!!

If you is Ahbeng and you been suffering this kinda treatment from your gf ... worry not!!! Send me your videos taken while your gf abuse lu and I will help u get justice!!!! Dun shy shy!!! I can make u fehmes wan!!! KAKAKAKAKAA!!!

To all Ahlians watching this video .... dun so FIERCE CAN?!!!

28 August 2009

Demo Videos Sony Alpha a500/a550

Dont say I dont warn you of the consequences of watching all the below videos ok? Your wallet might suffer deep deep injuries wan!!!

Sony Alpha a500/a550 overview demo video ... the poison is deep in this one!!!

How to use the NEW Manual focus feature with Live View! Very good feature for Macro Photographer!!

Splendid New Auto Focus feature that tracks your subject once its locked! Plus New GUI of Sony Alpha a500/a550

Someone please lock me up and keep my wallet + credit cardsss for me pulezzz!!!!

27 August 2009

RON95 mushrooming in Petrol Stesen liow

If both plesidern n Vice presidern also erected by the citizens/members wan ... why the plesidern got pahwer to sack the vice presidern wan? The presidern do lidis means he treat those who erected the Vice Presidern during the erecsien all doesnt exist one izzit? Lidis kalo then who got the rights to sack the presidern? kakaka mch lidis also can!!!

Between sex scandal lapuk (which is like super duper old news ledi) and kolapsyen of billions of RM .... which one more teruk ar? (quote curik from fb)

This morning go taruk petrol ... see see got the new RON95 ciplak petrol ledi wor! I thot Sept 1st only start wan? also now no more itu not very powderfool mia Vroom Vroom V pahwer ledi!

Since Economy no good now ... so think also no think i terus hantam the RON95 into my cheap car tank la!

Last time one week I kena taruk 40+ petrol mia ... this time 38 oni ... did i just travelled a lot lesser last week or this petrol memang so cheap?

Taruk cheap petrol edi also no notice got any reduce in pahwer also leh! lidis kalo RON95 memang can use wan!

So better use RON95 n with the saved $ get free Watan meen with fat fat mia charsiew!!!!


25 August 2009

Sony Alpha DSLR A500 / α500 Unofficial Specifications

Personally, i think that more photographer especially the beginners actually looking forward to the release of Sony Alpha A500 more than Alpha A850 itself. Reason being Alpha A850 is a scale down Alpha A900 full frame camera (unless you already own a complete range of Full Frame lens ... else you will have to get rid of all your APSC lenses and start hunting all over again for full frame lenses.) wherelse Sony Alpha A500 is still an APS-C camera that comes with very-very "advance" features.

Plus the fact that, you cant deny that the Sony Alpha A230 and Alpha A330 somewhat did not fill out the gap left by Alpha A200 and A300 respectively. Alpha A700 on the other hand were discountinued and the only excitements left for the existing Sony Alpha DSLR users is on the Alpha A500 & A550 for the time being.

So what can we expect from the all new Alpha A500? Lemme give u a list ...

  1. New housing ... some says that the size of the new Sony Alpha A500/a550 is almost similar to Alpha A200/A300 but i beg to differs. Take a look at the "on-off" switch located above the jog-dial in the above photo and also the grip, it looks nothing like the A200/A300 housing. My take is this new Sony A500/a550 will be slightly bigger than A200/A300 ... but the truth is, we just gotta wait and see if this assumptions of mine is correct or not.
  2. Live view, this feature is gonna be made available in both Alpha A550/A500 models, some even says that the Alpha A500/A550 comes with face detection features ... hmm face detection ... isnt that child play? Why do a DSLR photographer need face detection? And ... Will the live view be using the same additional crappy sensor like Alpha A300/A330 or otherwise? no information on that yet.
  3. Improved C-MOS sensor ... there is a very high percentage of chances that the new Alpha A500 will be using the same/improved version of CMOS sensor as the Alpha A700 @ 12megapixels. ISO were pushed up till 12,800 instead of 6,400 on the Alpha A700. Noise handling should be showing significant improvements for Sony to push the ISO to that level. Cant wait to test what this barger can do in low light conditions!
  4. Altho there isnt much official indications about the retail price for this new Alpha A500 yet but there are speculations that the new Alpha A550 is just a little bit more expensive than the newly launched A330/A380 ... if thats the case then existing Sony DSLR users really have something to look forward to!
  5. No more bling bling two tone/brown color matching #$%$!! on the Alpha A500 series ... *phew!*
  6. The battery used will be the same as those used in Alpha A200,A300,A350,A700 and A900 which is the NP-FM500H, existing users with extra batteries will be able to use them on their new Alpha A500.
  7. 5 fps, this feature previously only available on the Alpha A700 and Alpha A900 but now made available on the new Alpha A500/A550. Its not a must have features coz unless you take sports photos for a living or else how often would you need 5fps?
  8. Storage wise ... some claimed that the new storage will be like what Alpha A230 and A330 has become, SD card and Hd duo ... but my hopes is high that the Alpha A500 will retain the usage of CF card in its body. CF card is alot more reliable compares to SD ina whole.
  9. 3" tilt-able screen just like the existing Alpha A330.
  10. I do not foresee the availibility of video recording feature in the new Alpha A550 DSLR, maybe on the higher end/future model but definitely not on Alpha A500/A550 nor A850.
  11. Buttons layout, since the Alpha A500 will be using a housing, i would expect changes on the buttons layout and well as GUI. Since there is none photos available on the Alpha A500 "back/behind" therefore I could only assume and hope that it do not follow the path of the Alpha A230/A330 buttons concepts. I prefer to have a dedicated button for each job function.
  12. Built in flash GN12 with adi feature and customisable flash power till 1/32, such feature only available in the Alpha A700 currently.
  13. In Camera programs and functions is also expected to see dramatical improvements over the Alpha A700/A300 series.
  14. The Sony Alpha A500/A550 will probably be available in Malaysia by the end of October 2009.

After reading all that, you probably knew why the Alpha A550 is actually more anticipated than the Alpha A850. As far as I m concerned .... I m sold! Hopefully my wallet will be able to take that kinda damages!!!

Are you impressed yet?!! Cant wait to get my hands on the actual unit for a full review!

[pic source]

The Kinda Stuffs you can learn from Forwarded / Chain emails

I want to tenkiu all of you who have taken the time and trouble to send me your chain letters over the past two years.

Tenkiu for making me feel safe, secure, blessed, and wealthy. Because of your concern.......

  1. I no longer can drink Coca Cola because it can remove toilet stains.
  2. I no longer drink Pepsi since the people who make these products are atheists who refuse to put "Under God" on their cans.
  3. I no longer use Saran wrap in the microwave because it causes cancer.
  4. I no longer check the coin return on pay phones because I could be pricked with a needle infected with AIDS.
  5. I no longer use cancer-causing deodorants even though I smell like a water buffalo on a hot day.
  6. I no longer go to shopping malls because someone will drug me with a perfume sample and rob me.
  7. I no longer receive packages from UPS or FedEx since they are actually Al Qaeda in disguise.
  8. I no longer answer the phone because someone will ask me to dial a stupid number for which I will get the phone bill from hell with calls to Jamaica, Uganda and Uzbekistan.
  9. I no longer eat KFC because their chickens are actually horrible mutant freaks with no eyes or feathers.
  10. I no longer go to bars because someone will drug me and take my kidneys and leave me taking a nap in a bathtub full of ice.
  11. Thanks to you, I have learned that God only answers my prayers if I forward an email to 7 of my friends and make a wish within 5 minutes.
  12. I no longer have any savings because I gave it to a sick girl who has been dying for the past seven years.
  13. I no longer have any money at all, but that will change once I receive the $1,500,000 that Microsoft and AOL are sending me for participating in their special e-mail program.
Now to Return the Favor:

If you don't send this e-mail to at least 1200 people in the next 60 seconds, a large bird with diarrhea will fly over your head at 5:00 PM and the fleas of a thousand camels will infest your armpits.

I know this will occur because it actually happened to a friend of a friend of a friend's neighbor's cousin, and he's a lawyer. So you'd better get going on that e-mail!!!

24 August 2009

H1N1 Prevention ... the Chinese way!

I was feeling pretty heaty and my gums is kinda swollen (due to lack of sleep ler .. thanks to TVB series!) and i try my best not to step into any clinics for the fear of picking up H1N1

Being an Ahbeng comes with few advantages ... one of them is ... we got access to chinese medicines ... better known as herbs treatment the nature's way.

There is this Chinese medicine hall which is located in Jln. Besar Ampang (which my parents always goto) they have been there for more than 40 yrs ledi and this is where I met Mr. Yip ... the owner of this chinese medicine hall.

He then show me a piece of paper ... saying that his son downloaded this from the INTERNET and print it out for him ... its a list of herbs that can prevent you from getting H1N1!!! the best part is ... its not even expensive ok?! ONLY RM4.50 per pack it even comes with preparation instructions!!!

I got myself a few packs! ... i drank it yesday night b4 i goto sleep and this morning my gum no more swelling edi .... according to Mr Yip ... we get flu bcoz body heaty ... this packet of herbs will take care of that plus boost your immune system.

Like most of the chinese medicine ... its bitter and dark dark color by the time its done but what is a bit of bitterness compares to the odd of getting H1N1? Gimme bitter medicine anytime!!! I aint pussy ok?!

Now there you have it ... H1N1 prevention leong char! make sure u go get one for yourself n your family ok?!! just print out the 2nd pic n bring it to any chinese medicine hall will do. Tell them dont bruff u! dont give u fake stuffs!

Be Safe, be healthy!

21 August 2009

Why did God give women nipples?

Question : Why did God give women nipples?

Answer : To make every straight Ahbeng experienced what izzit like being a "SUCKER!"

Habe a great weekend everybadi!!! tomlo i go shoot aeroplane!!! who want tfk together gether?

18 August 2009

Papa! Phone Scam in Malaysia

Scam artist is forever thinking of new ways to con 9 us all wan ... i mean lets face it ... its what they do ... they get $ from con jobs and its kinda like our job not to be con by them.

This is a new scam which prey on victim's love for their children .... a frend just experienced it himself .... this is how he describe the whole incident ....

I just received a scam phone call. Upon picked up, there is a slight delay before I hear a children voice calling

"Papa ! Papa ! Papa !"

This is clearly a pre-recorded audio. Then after a few secs 4 or 5 children callings for

"Papa !"

then the basket on the other side hanged up without saying a word. I believe the scammer wishes me to call back.

The phone number is 013-7288725. This is a scam call that lure parent like me thought my children has been kidnapped ! Of course this is not true !!!

Beware of this kind of scam calls !!

They will strike randomly calling all the numbers they can get their hands on hoping one of them will fall for it! The reason my frend did not fall for it is bcoz his kid is only a few months old and definitely kenot say "PAPA" yet! ... Can u imagine if you have 4-5 kids and u get this kinda phone call .... scary shit!

Those bargers want you to think that they kidnapped your child/childrens ... they wanna make u panic bcoz once you panic u will lose your rational and the ability to judge and become they prey.

So becareful ok? Eco no good ... ppl no money ... n some turned to con to get $ .... the kinda things human willing to do to get $ .... sigh ...

16 August 2009

CTR-301 Radio Receiver / Ebay Trigger Mod for Sony/Minolta/Compatible Flash Guns (HVLF58AM/HVLF42AM/HVLF36AM/HVLF56AM)

As a photographer ... its inevitable that you will go into strobes one day and being a poor photographer ... like always I will definitely look for cheaper alternatives which gives the same results compared to those the big boys toys but at a fraction of the price.

I would prefer wireless coz I do not like the ideas of having wires crawling all over my house, after extensive researches i decided to get some CTR-301 trigger (also more popularly known as the Ebay Trigger / Yong Nuo CTR-301 Trigger/ Octopus Wireless Trigger), but outta so many names ... why they call it ebay trigger? (your guess is as good as mine).

I also bought a 2 units of used Sunpak flash guns (which is meant for Canon mount and its effing cheap) from ebay prior to that. Plus the HVLF58AM and the Made in China Sony mount Yinyang Flash i got 4 flash guns altogether.

My problem would be ... with the Sony HVLF58AM and Also China Made Yinyang Flash with Sony mount. the CTR-301 totally refused to work with SONY HVLF58AM and its only good until 1/25 shutter speed with the YinYang China flash, so ... again i searched the net for help and Templar gave me a link which helped me solved this problem. A simple mod on the CTR-301 receiver!

At the time of this article, the mod were done and it works like a charm! So here am doing a step by step guide on how to mod the CTR-301 / Ebay Trigger to make it works with your Sony/Sony compatible flash guns.

This is the few tools that you need ...
  1. A long nose plier
  2. Small screw driver
  3. 10cm of thin wired (with both end exposed) - photo below
  4. Solder and soldering iron (pls ignore the antique-ness of the soldering iron ... i borrowed it from my oldman)
  5. CTR-301 Rx (receiver) of course! No mod required on the Tx (transmitter) unit.

100mm = 10cm


1. Remove the 4 screws holding the bottom from the top casing.

2. While you're at it, dont forget to remove the Battery too ok?

3. This is what it looks like after you opened it ... I actually missed one step which i forgot to take photo ... its the removal of the white color small "plug" (the one attached to the top casing on the right side of the photo) with the long nose plier. No sweat tho ... just use the long nose plier and pull it out gently ... its not that difficult.

4. Soldering ... In the below 2 photos you could find the spot where you are suppose to solder on both pointed with the red arrow.
Red arrow marks the spot which you suppose to solder, thats the battery metal plate where the (-ve) side of the Battery is located. If you are not sure which side is (-ve / negative) assembles back the top casing and look at the indication thru the Batt compartment.

Red arrow marks the spot which you suppose to solder

Soldering in progress, I will not cover the basics of how to use a solder gun or how to properly solder something coz i aint great with this kinda things myself. If you do not know anything about soldering or you never handle a soldering iron before, i would suggest that you either ask a friend who is familiar with this kinda stuffs or pay someone qualify to do it. The SOB is effing HOT when its ready!!

The bottom part is a bit tricky .... but the way they made the casing actually will work to your advantage. There is a very narrow empty line between the plastic case and the (-ve) metal plate. Slide the other end (the unsoldered end .. there is only one now ... if there is 2 then you must had done something wrong somewhere! LOL!) into the line and it will hold it in place for you.

All you have to do is to solder it without having to worry about how to hold the wire in place while you trying to solder the wire to the -ve metal batt contact point.
5. Put everything back where they belongs, attach a hotshoe ( yea you still need a hotshoe to use a Sony Flash mount kinda flash to the radio because they havent came out with any CTR-301 receiver units that is specifically made for Sony flash mount yet) and get ready for the test ... attach a Sony/Minolta/Vivitar/3rd Party flash onto the receiver and test it out.

The Results
Photo taken at 1/160|f8 - before the modification this barger (Sony HVLF58AM) wouldnt even fire!

Photo taken at 1/160 | f10 - before the modification this China made Yinyang flash is only good up to 1/25s before suffering some terrible curtain sync half dark photos kinda problem.

The reat news is, this modification do not affect those flash guns which were working fine with the CTR-301 prior to modification! Those flash guns (Sunpaks) is still working like the way it should after this mod!

Max shutter speed depends very much on cam body too! The best i can get out of my Sony A200 is 1/160s before getting half dark crappy photos and yet when i tested this mod on my buddy's Sony A700 his photos is good up to 1/250s shutter speed.

Now come to this question ... why do I wanna do this mod?
  1. Save me lotsa $! 2 used Sunpak flash guns + 1 CTR-301 Transmitter + 2 CTR-301 Receivers cant even buy 1 units of Sony cheapest flash gun (HVLF42AM - brand new of coz)
  2. I dont need line of sight signal transmissions anymore, unlike the Sony built in wireless flash system whereby the camera body will send infrared signals to sony flashguns and these falsh guns need to be in the line of sight or else it will not trigger but with the radio waves i do not need line of sight in order for it to work. I placed a sunpak flash + CTR-301 hidden inside a covered carton box and inside a semi translucent plastic container and it still works. I reckon ... you could hide this thing under a big fat ass and it will still work! LOL!
  3. It works over great distance! I do not know exactly how far it would go but far enough for me ... so far! lol
  4. The CTR-301 Rx (receiver) even comes with a built in optical trigger, so if you screwed up the Tx (transmitter) you still can use your Rx with the built in flash of your cam. Hows that for versatality and value for money?!
  5. 4 congifurable channels to avoid interuptions when shooting with your buddies.
  6. Bottom line ... CHEAP! comparing to other alternatives.
The only thing which is not to my liking is the max shutter speed. @ 1/160s on my SonyA200 is kinda inadequate on certain situation ... i.e.: freezing water droplets or capturing exploding balloons etc etc ... but for the kinda price i paid for, its almost close to perfect!

13 August 2009

Lonely Gween Ehpel

AhLian One Liner!

How did the Ahlian try to kill the bird?... she throw it off of the top of her HDB flat.

How did the Ahlian die drinking milk? ... the cow stepped on her.

Why does a Ahlian only change her baby's diapers once a week? ... the instructions there got say "good for up to 10 kilos".

Why do Ahlians have see-through lunch box cover? ... so they can tell if they are going to work or going home, while on the bus.

Why do Ahlians like lightning? ... they think someone is taking their picture.

Why do Ahlians have more fun? ... they are easier to be amused.

What do you call a Ahlian in a tree with a brief case? ... branch manager.

What do you call a smart Ahlian? ... a golden retriever.

What do you see when you look into a Ahlian's eyes? ... the back of her head.

How many Ahlians does it take to make chocolate-chip cookies? ... 10!!! ...one Ahlian will mix the dough and 9 Ahlians will peel the shell off the M & M's.

Why did the Ahlian keep a coat hanger in her back seat? ... in case she accidently locks the keys in her car.

Why did the Ahlian tip-toe past the medicine cabinet? ... so she wouldn't wake up the sleeping pills.

Why did the Ahlian get so excited after she finished her jigsaw puzzle in only 6 months? ... because she felt so smart coz the box said from 2-4 years.

What did the Ahlian say when she looked into a box of Cheerois? ... oh look, donut seeds.

Why was the Ahlian very sad when she got her driver's license? ... because the driving instructor give her an "F" for sex!

What is it called when an Ahlian blows in another Ahlians ear? ... data transfer.

What's the difference between a Ahlian and a lightbulb? .... the lightbulb is smarter, but the Ahlian is eaiser to turn on.

What do UFO's and smart Ahlians have in common? ... you keep hearing about them, but never see any.

What do you get when you cross a Ahlian and a lawyer? ... I don't know, there are some things even a Ahlian won't do.

What's six inches long, has a bald head, and drives Ahlians crazy? ... a one hundred dollar amadika money!

How do you confuse a Ahlian? ...No nid ... They're born that way.

What does a Ahlian make best for dinner? ... reservations.

What do you call a skeleton in the closet with Ahlian hair ... last years hide and seek party winner.

What do you call a Ahlian behind a steering wheel? ... an air bag.

What do you call 20 Ahlians standing ear to ear? ... a wind tunnel.

What is five miles long and has an IQ of forty? ... an Ahlian parade.

Question to the Ahlian...why do you have an ice pack on your chest? ...to keep the milk fresh.

How to you keep a Ahlian busy all day? ... put her in a round room and tell her to sit in the corner.

How do you drown a Ahlian? ... put a mirror at the bottom of the pool.

Why do Ahlians hate M & M's? ... they're to hard to peel.

How do you keep a Ahlian busy? ... write "please turn over" on both sides of a piece of A4 paper.

Why did the Ahlian stand in front of the mirror with her eyes closed? ... she wanted to see what she looked like when she was sleeping.

How many Ahlians does it take to play hide and seek? ... one.

Why couldn't the Ahlian write the number eleven? ... she didn't know which 1 came first.

How do you make a Ahlian laugh on Monday? ... tell her a joke on Friday.

Why do Ahlians have T.G.I.F. printed on their shoes? ... it stands for "toes go in first".

How many Ahlians does it take to change a tire? ... 5!! 2 to get sodas, 2 to cry and 1 to call daddy.

What do Ahlians and beer bottles have in common? ... they're both empty from the neck up.

What's the advantage of being married to a Ahlian? ... you can park in handicapped zones.

What's the mating call of a Ahlian? ... I think I'm drunk.

How does a Ahlian turn on the lights after sex? ... opens the car door.

Why did the Ahlian have square boobs? ... bcoz she forgot to take the tissues out of the box.

What is the Ahlian doing when she hold her hands over her ears? ... trying to hold on to a thought.

Why did the Ahlian stare at the frozen orange juice can for 2 hours? ... because it said "concentrate".

Why do Ahlians work seven days a week? ... so you don't have to retrain them on Monday.

Why do Ahbengs like Ahlians jokes? ... it is one jokes they can understand.

Why is Ahlian jokes so short? ... so Ahbengs can remember them!

11 August 2009

This is Why You Should Not Insert Stuffs into your Xhole!!

This is why .....

So .. if you goto gym n u suspek the other fler got insert "stuffs" into his rectum wan ... then u farking make sure u dun stand behind him at all cost ok? ... u might never know when that fler will sneeze wan! kakakakaka!!!

Tenkiu brader Zewt for the "interesting" video! lol

6 August 2009

In this country you must have her consent to have SEX with her!

I blogged about why everyone should have at least 1 hongky fwen rite? You know what other fwen u must have also? Its a french fwen!!! French is great peeple!!! their ingrish is also powderful like Hongky also!!! and the best part is ... they are the one who created french fries and french kiss!!! but still i prefer to fwen with french bcoz of their ingris ....

Here is why .... this is a story about a french in Amadika being charge of raping a girl ... and a note prior to reading ... "Hi" means I, "Hin" means in, Hit means it ... u get the drill?

One summer, a few years ago, a middle age French-Canadian man named Jacques decided to vacation on the coast of Maine. While soaking up some sun on the beach, a very pretty girl caught his eye and his sexual desires.

He immediately got up, ran to her, grabbed her by the hand and brought her to his hotel room. There he had sex with her and then sent the young lady on her way. She immediately reported this to the police and Jacques was arrested.

On his court date the judge asked him if he understood the nature of the crime he committed against the young lady.

Jacques looked at the judge with a bewildered look and said "Non!! Hi don't understand! Hin my country you grab de pretty girl, bring her to de hotel room, BOOM-BOOM, give hit to her den let her go! Hit's O.K.!!!"

"Sir", the judge said, in THIS country if you are to have sex with a lady, you must have her permission first, or it is considered rape. You must have her consent!"

After hearing this, Jacques turned around and mysteriously looked at the judge and exclaimed, "CUNSCENT!!! Hi got her cunscent!!! Hi got her cunscent on my fingers, cunscent on my mustache, hi got her cunscent everywhere!!!

P.S. : Many thanks to unclegoldfish cocka for this wonderful joke

5 August 2009

Things u can do with Super Glue!!

You can stick paper to paper or paper to cardboard or paper to plastic or plastic to steel ... this goes on and on and the posibilities is limitless .... buden got this creative chick by the name of Tracy Hood Davis in wisconsin Amadika found a new way to utilise her superglue!!!

one of the Mistresses Therese Ziemann

This is what happened .... one day Tracy Hood Davis beh tahan her cheating husband (Mr. Davis) edi teamed up not ONE but THREE (3) of her husband mia mistresses (3 ok!!! 3 Mistresses!!! with pikchers below)

3 Mistresses Wendy Sewell, Tracy Hood Davis (the wife) and Michelle Belliveau

4 of them teamed up to Revenge on the hamsap Mr. Davis la!!! 1st itu Therese Ziemann lure Mr. Davis into a motel kasi him all sexcite dulu ... then she tied him up and handcuff him like dem kinky lidat la! make him super sexcited and in need of viagra lol!

Then then Therese Ziemann take out a gun n point at Mr. Davis while the other 3 lady come into the room together gether!!! JIALAT this time!!! With a gun pointed at his head ... Mr. Davis habe no choice but to let his wife + another 2 mistresses glue his penis to his right leg!!! KAKAKAKAKA!!!! Toking about creativity!!! who had thought of glueing a guy's *3rd leg* to his right leg wan?!!

U think i shitting you right? this time u still WRONG!!! this is what exactly happened in AMADIKA!!! later gibe u the link at the bottom of the post ....

Now ... lets think bout it ... if kkc alredi glued to your right leg ... do u think u will have trouble walking anot?

What about this ... lets say they dint glue the kkc to the right leg but instead the seal the only hole on your kkc .... which one more painful? kakakakaka!!!

Too bad they did not mention much about this Mr. Davis guy and no put pikchers also ... if not this barger sure fehmes overnite wan! KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA!!!

Izzit me of this Mr Davis guy need to replace his spectacle? Did you look at those chicks yet?!! DID YOU?!!! Man i really felt sorry for this guy!!! KAKAKAKAKA!!!

4 August 2009

When Hamsap Ahbeng Go Interview

Not only Ahbeng but we guys in general loves to think ourselves as very lengjai/attractive one! Thats why u see guys very like to watch James Bond movies ... bcoz in James bond guys always very hansem one and the chicks throw themselves at him ... so after watch james bond movie ledi we will perasan abit lidat! Just like after watch Jackie Chan mia movie ... we suddenly feel our kungfu up-ED a few level ledi one lol!

And Today u all Ahbengs will learn how this perasan-ness can acherly farkED u up in an interbiu with a lenglui and a Botak mahlatlow!

Dont blink ok? and must watch till the end one! if not you dont understand geh! And most importanly ... dont Luff so loud! Later your kolik thinks you gila wan!!! kakakaka!