27 August 2009

RON95 mushrooming in Petrol Stesen liow

If both plesidern n Vice presidern also erected by the citizens/members wan ... why the plesidern got pahwer to sack the vice presidern wan? The presidern do lidis means he treat those who erected the Vice Presidern during the erecsien all doesnt exist one izzit? Lidis kalo then who got the rights to sack the presidern? kakaka mch lidis also can!!!

Between sex scandal lapuk (which is like super duper old news ledi) and kolapsyen of billions of RM .... which one more teruk ar? (quote curik from fb)

This morning go taruk petrol ... see see got the new RON95 ciplak petrol ledi wor! I thot Sept 1st only start wan? also now no more itu not very powderfool mia Vroom Vroom V pahwer ledi!

Since Economy no good now ... so think also no think i terus hantam the RON95 into my cheap car tank la!

Last time one week I kena taruk 40+ petrol mia ... this time 38 oni ... did i just travelled a lot lesser last week or this petrol memang so cheap?

Taruk cheap petrol edi also no notice got any reduce in pahwer also leh! lidis kalo RON95 memang can use wan!

So better use RON95 n with the saved $ get free Watan meen with fat fat mia charsiew!!!!



  1. bro, it's bad for the engine... and the environment.

    i think europe is using RON99...

    malaysia moved from RON97 to RON95... this is what you call... wawasan 2020.

  2. no matter how broke I am, I still feel my baby BP premium octanone

    uncle, cheap petrol doen't do your car much good ;) lol

  3. last time hor...my papa used to tell me don't use cheap petrol wor. he said, if you want to save that few bucks later got pay back one. your engine losak that time have to fork out thousand bucks.

  4. If i'm not mistaken, the regular unleaded here in Perth is 91, Vortex Premium (95), and Vortex 98. That's in Caltex.

    I wonder if there's any difference in terms of quality, cos I've been using the cheap one lately :/


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