29 November 2011

How to send CODED message thru newspaper

You think we can send messages to Jib Kor with this method anot? LMAO!

28 November 2011

There are two kinda people in this world

You prolly know this but so far i havent seen this out on print lidis!

There are two kinda people in this world :

1. People who drives faster than you - Madmen!
2. Those who drive slower than you - Idiots!

15 June 2011

Tunetalk Incubus Concert

I rike to bwing you good news! I owaz got bwing you good news rite anot?

This time I got good news for those Ahbengs who love tp kap band wan! I know alotsa Ahbengs wannabe rockstars one! Dont fake fake la! I know ledi wan ok? Acherly I also got dream about bekambing rockstar also … Ahlians very the lum rockstars wan can? Lol!

I will tell you why izzit now is a very the good time to start picking up the guitar and make your rockstar dream kambing true! Got this rock band from Amadika call INCUBUS (fehmes Ahbeng rock bands for the angmoh lidat la!) they kam here mau bikin rock concert ah! Itu hansem mia company Tune Talk bwing them kam wan!

The Good news is … this time kan …. the opening act of Incubus concert is gonna be selected (voted) by fans in an all-inclusive battle of the bands - Open 4 Incubus Contest!

In this contest, bands will kena bikin audio or video of their performance and kasi upload to youtube, later this video will be posted on tunetalk facebook wall and their fansee will vote lor. Highest vote mia band will get to perform the opening act at the Incubus concert in July! Fehmes sial!!!

So dont wait long long la!!! fast fast start jamming la!! Fehmes ledi got dem lotsa Ahlians will lum you deep deep wan leh! Haha!

For more information on this Open 4 Incubus contest please goto http://www.facebook.com/note.php?saved&&note_id=10150298461545761

But … if you like me … dunch habe any muscial genes wan but still wanna go n watch the Incubus concert … I got lobang for you! FREE wan la of coz! Coz I know u all Ahbengs is same as kiamsiap as me mah! Kakakaka! Kiamsiap is a good quality ok? Kiamsiap can make u lich wan! So dun shy shy can? Lol

okok back to the free concert tixs... its lidis one la! Got 2 lehlio stesen is giving away FREE VIP and ROCKSTAR Incubus concert tixs, that 2 lehlio stesen is FLYFM and HOTFM. They will bikin contest to let u win these tixs la .. so dun forget to tune into FLYFM and HOTFM wei!

Lemme now tell you the different between VIP tixs n ROCKSTAR tixs la … VIP tixs winner will be invited to pre-cocktail Incubus party and they will let you in early into the concert. ROCKSTART ticket is suoer yeng one wei! They send big big car to pick you up at your house to the concert like fehmes hollywood style plus invitation to cocaktail party and masuk to concert early also! Shiok anot?!! I hear also wet wet ledi lol!

I know wat you thinking … u tink hor … wat if I no musical genes and no contest genes but only got money genes?

Lidat easy la! Since u got money genes then you go buy the tixs la! No nid to join contest or plektis jamming one you lazy prick! Lol!!

Tixs can be purchased thru www.airasiaredtix.com Tickets are going for RM203 (normal price), or RM183 if you are a TuneTalk.com subscriber.

Dun wait la!!! let Rockers Incubus Rock your Smelly Socks la!!!

25 April 2011

Ahbeng Elik excuse for not turning up for Exam

In a University in Lonton (the uni where Ahbegn Elik used to study in) a female lecturer was reminding the class about the final exam which is the day after ....

Leturer : Now class, I won't tolerate any excuses for you not being here tomorrow. I might consider a nuclear attack or a serious personal injury, illness, or a death in your immediate family, but that's it, no other excuses whatsoever!

This tis Elik pretend to be smart la ... thot he can bully the lecturer with his lame joke said lidis ...

Elik : What would you say if tomorrow I said I was suffering from an extreme sexual exhaustion?

Hearing so the whole classroom burst into hysterical laughters ... after the laughters subsided the young female lecturer retorted back at him by saying ....

Lecturer : Well, I guess you'd have to write the exam with your other hand.


17 April 2011


Malaysia Airlines has launched its new A330-300 aircraft recently and I m one of the few fortunate one that were given the chance to experience the new aircraft and also taken a joyride innit!

The occasion was graced by Minister of Transport, Y.B. Dato' Seri Kong Cho Ha. Also present were Malaysia Airlines' Chairman, Tan Sri Dr Munir Majid and Malaysia Airlines Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer Tengku Dato' Sri Azmil Zahruddin, as well as representatives from Airbus and the Embassies of France, Spain, Great Britain and Germany, partners from the aviation industry, corporate customers, travel trade, winners of Malaysia Airlines Facebook page contest and members of the media. The reception marked another historical milestone for the airline.

Very auspicious flight no. MH8888 HUAT AH!

the crowds that were waiting for their boarding pass for flight MH8888

The Sparkling new A330-300 flight no MH8888 waiting to be boarded

The new Airbus A330-300 is the first of 15 aircrafts to be delivered to Malaysia Airlines over the next four years, as part of the airline's fleet renewal programme. It is the second fleet after the B737-800 to sport the dynamic livery with red and blue lines representing the Malaysia Airlines' corporate colours.

The enhanced A330-300 has a total capacity of 283 seats, 36 seats in Business class and 247 seats in Economy class. All seats are equipped with AC power supply and USB port for laptops and electronic equipment. The new interiors are installed with mood lighting in all cabins and spacious overhead baggage compartments.

The Economy Class cabin, features lightweight and slim design seats with four-way headrest. Each seat is equipped with individual audio-video on demand smart screens. The latest movies, TV programs, moving map and games are available for both cabins.

The new entertaiment system is kinda similar with those that were fitted into the new B737-800

Latest selection of movies!

Malaysia Airlines Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer Tengku Dato' Sri Azmil Zahruddin making a brief announcement through the plane PA system.

Safety demonstration by MAS crew

Awesomely spacious legs room even for a man my size!

Its not raining outside!

Its the Water Canon Salute welcoming the New A330-300 to the fleet

This is how the water salute looked like from the outside

A330-300 parked at hangar 5 where the welcoming party is being held.

Minister of Transport, Y.B. Dato' Seri Kong Cho Ha disembarking from the all new A330-300

Members of the media while in the background is the New A330-300

Malaysia Airlines' Chairman, Tan Sri Dr Munir Majid

Minister of Transport, Y.B. Dato' Seri Kong Cho Ha

Malaysia Airlines Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer Tengku Dato' Sri Azmil Zahruddin.

Presentation of a momento of appreciation by Malaysia Airlines' Chairman, Tan Sri Dr Munir Majid to the Minister of Transport Malaysia, Y.B. Dato' Seri Kong Cho Ha.

The first commercial flight on the new A330-300 will be from Kuala Lumpur to Brisbane departing on 20 April 2011, followed by flights to Shanghai, Osaka, Beijing, Perth and Delhi on later dates.

Cant wait to get on one and experience the Malaysia Hospitality!

14 April 2011

The RM203,000 WeBUY Community Giveaway Project

Group or Bulk buy has never been as kind as WeBUY.com.my before! Apart from giving discounts on bulk purchase WeBUY.com.my is now is giving further CREDIT to all partcipants who takes up the offer! Up to RM20 will be credited to your account if there is enuff ppl taking up the offer wei!

Just imagine har ... if your famlee habe 5 members and each go register one account ... u got RM100 bucks just for participating on this offer! If your famlee for 10 peeples ... WUAHH!!! RM200!!! JIAK BEH LIOW AH!!!

To get a better pikchers of how this plan works .. just look at the below chart or you can goto their website at here : http://www.webuy.com.my/V1/deal_info.php?pid=72

I know the pikcher is abit small .. so click onnit to get a bigger pikcher ok? According to the chart if got 500 peeples participate then each can get RM3 ... right now kan ... there is alredi 1411 peeples participated so the current reward is omos reached RM5/peeple liow! FAITIT GET MORE PEEPLES JOIN AH!!! ASK YOUR AUNTIES UNCLES BRADERS SISTAS MATHER FATHER FAST FAST JOIN!!! LOL! soli ... too sexcited liow thinking i can get RM20 credited to my account hehe ... i bet you also same as sexcited as me rite? dun fake fake ok?

While u r at WeBUY.com.my website kan ... why not check out their Hieh Tea Promo --> RM11 for a Full Set of High Tea with Pastry Lunch + RM5 Cash Voucher for Next Visit. link

High Tea MAN!!! sound rike dem high krass sial! Chicks sure digs one! If i ask Ahlian go High Tea with me ... she sure "tiap my sugar" wan i tell u!

Or if you planning to take your Ahlian go clubbing this weekend and you think she not very HAWT ... why dun bring her go high krass hair saloon kasi bikin her hair n bekam HAWT!

Sure other Ahbeng jeles lu wan! Now hor this high krass hair saloon Shawn Cutler got this promo also! -->RM80 for Hair Spa Treatment + Cut + Wash + Blow (Worth RM200) and a RM50 Cash Voucher (Chemical Service ONLY) for next visit at Shawn Cutler.Total Worth RM250 link

If you make Ahlian so happe ... mebbe this weekend u also can get lucky! LOL! All tenkiu to WeBUY.com.my la!

Dun wait liow la! fast fast wallap the discount first la! Fai tit LIKE their Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/WeBUYnow)

12 April 2011

Air France Airbus A380-800 (F-HPJD) Clips a Comair Bombardier CRJ-700 (N641CA) at JFK Airport NY

The below footage showing how an Air France A380 Airbus wing slightly glazed the tail of a small plane in New York JFK International airport USA.

An Air France Airbus A380-800 (F-HPJD) Clips a Comair Bombardier CRJ-700 (N641CA) at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport

11 April 2011

The All New Petronas PRIMAX95 XTRA!!!

Apart from the amazing PETRONAS F1 GRand Prix Sepang 2011 race that took place on the 10th of April 2011, do you know what else is so amazing about 10th of April 2011?

Its the launching of a new Fuel PRIMAX95 XTRA by PETRONAS!!!

WHAT? You dint know yet?!! NO NID SKET! Ayam here to tell you all about it!

If you been to any one of the 900+ PETRONAS station natiowide on Sunday afternoon ... you would definitely noticed signs lidis one ....

it says "Kami ada minyak baru PRIMAX95 EXTRA, LEBIH JIMAT ... LEBIH POWER!"

So ... what is this PRIMAX95 Xtra is all about?

  1. Firstly ... this PRIMAX95 XTRA is a new class of fuel inspired by the developement in Formula one fuel technology!
  2. This PETRONAS PRIMAX95 XTRA will be able to give you improved acceleration and fuel economy thus more milage per liter! BESTEST!!! a very welokam news that eases the wallet in times lidis!
  3. PRIMAX95 XTRA also comes with UPGRADED detergents to clean your engine more effectively from within, this itself will improve your engine performance thus giving you better acceleration and better milage lor!
  4. It will be made available to everyone from 10th April onwards in all Petronas Station nationwide!
  5. SAME PRICE!!!! Same like others RON95!!! BEST!
If you are like me .... n got bored of V Pahwer one! Now we got new hope ledi! Petronas is here to give us drivers new hope!

GO ahead! wat you waiting ah? Go to the nearest petrol station and look out for this new logo for PRIMAX95 XTRA!

I filled mine ledi! Pahwer Sial! Dun wait long long liau la! Faitit fill PRIMAX95 XTRA la! :)

9 April 2011

Malaysia Petronas Sepang F1 Grand Prix 2011

Was Given The Golden Opportunity to be part of Malaysia Petronas Sepang F1 Photographer team in charge of all the Grand stand area. The instruction given is pretty clear cut ... Take photographs of anything that moves! F1 Cars moves right? lol!

These photographs were taken on Friday during Practice session. Since there are not much people around on Friday so I got plenty of chances to shoot all the F1 cars and it has been a while since i practice Closeup panning.

Cut the crap short, here is the photographs. Click to enlarge ok? :)

M. Webber Redbull!

Sebastien Buemi

Sebastian Vettel!

Adrian Sutil

Nico Rosberg

Fernando Alonso

Jenson Button

Michael Schumacher