14 April 2011

The RM203,000 WeBUY Community Giveaway Project

Group or Bulk buy has never been as kind as WeBUY.com.my before! Apart from giving discounts on bulk purchase WeBUY.com.my is now is giving further CREDIT to all partcipants who takes up the offer! Up to RM20 will be credited to your account if there is enuff ppl taking up the offer wei!

Just imagine har ... if your famlee habe 5 members and each go register one account ... u got RM100 bucks just for participating on this offer! If your famlee for 10 peeples ... WUAHH!!! RM200!!! JIAK BEH LIOW AH!!!

To get a better pikchers of how this plan works .. just look at the below chart or you can goto their website at here : http://www.webuy.com.my/V1/deal_info.php?pid=72

I know the pikcher is abit small .. so click onnit to get a bigger pikcher ok? According to the chart if got 500 peeples participate then each can get RM3 ... right now kan ... there is alredi 1411 peeples participated so the current reward is omos reached RM5/peeple liow! FAITIT GET MORE PEEPLES JOIN AH!!! ASK YOUR AUNTIES UNCLES BRADERS SISTAS MATHER FATHER FAST FAST JOIN!!! LOL! soli ... too sexcited liow thinking i can get RM20 credited to my account hehe ... i bet you also same as sexcited as me rite? dun fake fake ok?

While u r at WeBUY.com.my website kan ... why not check out their Hieh Tea Promo --> RM11 for a Full Set of High Tea with Pastry Lunch + RM5 Cash Voucher for Next Visit. link

High Tea MAN!!! sound rike dem high krass sial! Chicks sure digs one! If i ask Ahlian go High Tea with me ... she sure "tiap my sugar" wan i tell u!

Or if you planning to take your Ahlian go clubbing this weekend and you think she not very HAWT ... why dun bring her go high krass hair saloon kasi bikin her hair n bekam HAWT!

Sure other Ahbeng jeles lu wan! Now hor this high krass hair saloon Shawn Cutler got this promo also! -->RM80 for Hair Spa Treatment + Cut + Wash + Blow (Worth RM200) and a RM50 Cash Voucher (Chemical Service ONLY) for next visit at Shawn Cutler.Total Worth RM250 link

If you make Ahlian so happe ... mebbe this weekend u also can get lucky! LOL! All tenkiu to WeBUY.com.my la!

Dun wait liow la! fast fast wallap the discount first la! Fai tit LIKE their Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/WeBUYnow)

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