28 February 2007

Who Want Digi Yellow Man At The Party??!!

Erm ... Maybe if we all bloggers shows DiGi how much we want the Yellow Man to come to our party they will really sent some over?

So c'mon peeple!!! Show me what you got!!! Blog bout how much You want Digi Yellow Man to show up at the Party!!! Lemme influence you! After all Ima Influential blogger aint I? LOL!!!

Anyway I found a few new Digi Yellow Man Commercial on YouTube and I thought you guys might wanna watch it ... you know just to get the feel of the Yellow Man actually being next to you!

If you evern wonders what happened to your DiGi Signals when you go overseas ... then these few videos is definitely a must watch!

Outbound to Africa

Outbound to Europe

Outbound to Japan

Those Who wanna see The DiGi Yellow Man at the Together Gather Bloggers Party 2007 :

1.] 5xmom - I will follow you….(Is the DIGI Yellow Man going to the Together Gather?)
2.] Vicky - We Want DiGi Yellowman
3.] Earl Ku - New Digi Yellowman TVC
4.] Mossim - I want to See Yellow Digi Guy
5.] Cely - Together Gather bLoggers Party
6.] Lisan - I want Yellow Man
7.] Mott - Wong Fei Lo
8.] Sasha - I m Going

Keep them kambing!!!

Together Gather Sneak Peek Part 1

All your goldfish uncle!!! You wanna know who you will be able to meet at the party anot??!!! If you derno then dont worry la!! I will be giving you a little bit sample to see first ok?!!!

Lemme introduce you to this HAWT chick!! Her name is Jessbabe and she is going to the gathering!!!

How HAWT is she? You judge for yourself la!!

Which gold fish uncle wan go swim?

Almost can see ledi! almost!!! a little bit more only!!


Wanna see more? Come to the Party la! ops ... almost full ledi! left 6 seats only!!! FAST FAST REGISTER AH!!! Full ledi then soli liow la!

Ok la i know u wanna see more one la! nah goto her blog la! [http://flippingskirt.wordpress.com] ... I get to see her in person at the party!!! Dun jeles can??!!!

More on Together Gather Bloggers Party

I m asked to do a post to address some issues pertaining to the upcoming Together Gather Bloggers Party 2007 and i shall do it in points format :

1.] If you are interested to reserve a seat/seats for yourself and friends, please email to tggenquiry@gmail.com we have trained professional to reply all your enquiries and questions.

2.] If you wanna know how to make payment, please also email to tggenquiry@gmail.com and our helpful officers will reply your email with ways you could make your payment.

3.] We will be publishing a Year Book/Program Book for the event, those who is attending this event are invited to write a short article (less than 250 words) about anything! (preferably you could write something related to the party one la!).
Then you can use this book and ask your favourite blogger(s) to autograph onnit or you could keep it for remembrance. You could go to HERE for the format of the article and when you are done please email your article to tggenquiry@gmail.com for it to get published.

4.] Please pay up! Our principle is chasing us for payment ledi! LOL!
Seriously, if you reserved seat(s) already ... please complete the registration by making a remittance to the bank account mention in the email sent to you. Dont worry! we plomise you that we wont run away with your money wan!!!

5.] I know some of you are still thinking about whether you wanna come anot, lemme tell you this ... we seriously kenot take more than 100 paxs primarily because the first 100 paxs are being heavily subsidised by our sponsors therefore it would be almost impossible for us to take more than 100 paxs.
Furthermore we only have 100 sets of doorgifts to give a way, so we really have no choice but to stop accepting new registration once we reached 100 paxs.

6.] We kenot accept party crashers/last minit registrations. This is because the hotel are charging us on head count. So if there is more than 100 heads then we kena fork our own money to pay the hotel. We are not gonna profit from this event, all the contributions from the sponsors and being channelled towards the party so we do not have extra funds to handle party crashers.

7.] At this current time we have already accumulated total value of gift and prizes worth approximately RM4,000 and this all will be given away during the party.
Apart from that, we are still negotiating with a few more sponsors, hopefully we could get more prizes to be given away to those who attended this Together Gather Bloggers Party!

8.] There will also be DISCO session at the end of the party also .... but we still looking for sponsors for the music machine and the disco light la! Got DISCO kaki wanna sponsor anot?!

So what you waiting for??!! This party definitely worth more than RM35 one!! Fast fast register la!!! Less than 30 seats available now!!

Updates on Together Gather Bloggers Party 2007 - Federal Hotel Skyroom Friday 9th March 2007

Left 2 more weeks before the BIG day! We are still in the process of looking for more sponsors for the event so that our guests would be able to get more freebies la!

Someone asked me this (I think it was Zewt) : The RM35 covers what ah?
Answer : RM35 inclusive of Buffet Dinner in the Federal Hotel's Skyroom plus drinks too! On top of that there will be games and prizes to be won also!

Not to mention doorgifts and others freebies (we are still working on the sponsorship of doorgifts etc.) Plus more! All this to be held at the Skyroom where you will be able to enjoy the night view of the forever busy Bukit Bintang dazzling displays of lights and life.

Here is the Details of the Event again (in case you missed it) :

Venue : Federal Hotel Skyroom, Kuala Lumpur
Date : 9 March 2007

Time : 7 pm till 11 pm

Dress code : Smart Casual
Charge : RM35.00 - Inclusive of Buffet Dinner (eat all you can la!) and Drinks

Cely sent me an email asking me (which i derno where izzit ledi! Soli Cely I got too many spam in my mailbox!) : "whois going to this party?"

I decided to post the names of all the attendees together with their blogs infos here for yall refrences :

1. Aceone 1 http://aceone118.blogspot.com/
2. Ahpek 2 http://ahpek.com/
3. Alvin Chong 1 http://blog.alvinchong.net
4. Angel 1 http://angelestrix.blogspot.com/
5. April Ng 1
6. Arif Sanchez 4 http://www.myarif.info
7. Audrey Loh 2 audrey.loh@gmail.com
8. Boss Stewie 2 http://timothytiah.blogspot.com/
9. Bryan 2 http://sapiensbryan.com/
10. Cely 3 http://www.chingling.net/blog/
11. Chanlilian / 5xmom 3 http://chanlilian.net/
12. CKYEO 2 http://skykeepyou.blogspot.com/
13. Clare 1 http://clarenic.blogspot.com/
14. Cocka 1 http://cock-a-doodle.blogspot.com
15. Cutiepie 1 http://www.cutiepi3.blogspot.com/
16. Dale 2 www.hizecool.com
17. Dawn 1 http://dawnseyes.blogspot.com/
18. Earl Ku 1 http://www.kukujiao.com/
19. Eeleen 1 http://www.eeleen.com/
20. Egghead 1 http://littleskywalker.blogspot.com/
21. GBYeow 2 http://www.boredworkers.com/
22. Golfnick 2 http://golfnick.com/
23. Helen 1 http://allofhelen.blogspot.com
24. Huei 1 http://huei0522.blogspot.com/
25. James 1 http://loopymeals.blogspot.com
26. Janice Looi 1 http://ladydummy.blogspot.com/
27. Jason 1 http://www.bleargh.net/wordpress/
28. Jason KL Podcast 1 http://www.klpodcast.com/
29. Jess Chong 1 http://flippingskirt.wordpress.com
30. Jason Mumbles 1
31. Jiun Jie 2 http://www.jiunjie.com/
32. Kenneth Chew 1
33. Kenny ng 1 http://kenny-ng.blogspot.com
34. Kidchan 1 http://www.kidchan.com
35. KimberlyChun 1 http://www.kimberlycun.com/
36. King's Wife 1 http://simplyhantam.wordpress.com/
37. Linpeh 1 http://tok3tok4.blogspot.com
38. Lisan 2 http://lisansscribbles.blogspot.com/
39. LMF 1 http://kylielmf.blogspot.com/index.html
40. Lockee 1 http://lockee.blogspot.com
41. Mack 1 http://www.monsterblog.com.my/
42. Mae 1 http://powderpuffmae.blogspot.com
43. Mei Yee 1 http://waicrapocrapzbel.blogs.friendster.com/belindaf/
44. Mott ( + sasha) 2 mott.blogsome.com
45. Paul Tan 1 http://paultan.org
46. Pennypupz 1 http://pennypupz.blogspot.com/
47. Roger 1 http://nine3nine4.blogspot.com/
48. Wingz 2 http://rojaks.blogspot.com/
49. ShaolinTiger 1 http://www.shaolintiger.com/
50. Shireen 1 http://shiryen.blogspot.com/
51. Silencers 1 http://www.thesilentroom.org
52. Simon 1 http://simontalks.com
53. Suanie 1 http://www.suanie.net
54. Teeji 3
55. The Snark 1 http://www.huntingthesnark.net/
56. Vicky Au Yong 1 http://vickyay.com
57. VIP 18
58. Yatz 1 http://jenkinyat.blogdrive.com/
59. Zeo 2 http://zeo.unic.net.my
60. Zewt 2 http://zewt.blogspot.com/

Total : 100

List updated on 28th February 2007

We are expecting around 100 paxs and at the current time we only have about 30+ places left and they are still lotsa people havent confirm their attendance yet. To get yourself a seat or to get further infos please feel free to email us at tggenquiry@gmail.com.

I afraid I might left some of you guys out, if you registered already and your name is not up there, feel free to email us ok?

This event is proudly sponsored by :

The PC Fair Organiser!!!

The Best Cinema Portal In Malaysia

None knows Decoration like They Do

The best Hotel in the Golden Triangle!

Best blog in Penang, Kedah and some say even Hatyai!

I Will Follow You!

Photos best Companion!

nuffnang, Adsense Worst Enemy!!!

Best Musical School in Cheras!

Malaysia's Best Online Bakery Supplies

We are still looking for sponsors to sponsor us with more doorgifts, games prizes etc. If you would like to help sponsor this event please get in touch with us so we can send you more details. Email us at tggenquiry@gmail.com

A few negotiations are still underway at the moment, hopefully we will be able to secure more sponsorship and be able to make this event a truly unforgettable one!

Any journalist from the Media who would like to cover this event please feel free to contact us at tggenquiry@gmail.com we would be glad to hear form you.

Thank you.

More updates will follow soon!

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17.] Jessbabe - Rojaks
18.] Cely - Together Gather BLoggers Party 2007

27 February 2007

New Sponsors : Together Gather Bloggers Party 2007

We would like to announce the 4 latest sponsors to our Together Gather Bloggers Party this coming 9th March 2007.

I Will Follow You!

Photos best Companion!

nuffnang, Adsense Worst Enemy!!!

Best Musical School in Cheras!

Malaysia's Best Online Bakery Supplies

We would like to show our sincere appreciation to the above companies for contributing to this event.

More sponsors kambing Soon!!!!

P.S. : There is a high chance that you might get to see the Digi Yellow Man!!! (still under consideration tho .. but i think it will help if more people is blogging bout this ... Who want see Digi Yellow Man Handsup!!! )

You Dunno Whois Digi Yellow Man?

If you wanna talk about the most impactful advertisement on the TV lately You would definitely remember this Yellow DiGi Man by Digi Telecommunications Sdn. Bhd.

If you got watch this Digi CNY advertisement, you should remember this line :


Lemme eloborate further .... This Yellow DiGi Man is actually represents the signal of your handphone and DiGi are using them to tell peeple like us how vast their coverage area is!

Then, I was talking to Jolene about this Yellow Digi Man, apparently this Yellow Digi Man is very the fehmes lately but Jolene told me she dunno who is the Yellow Digi Man!!!

So I thot ... maybe there is lotsa peeple also dunno whois this Yellow Digi Man also wor!

I took the liberty to search in Youtube for the video and I found lotsa them in there!

Nah! for those of you who dunno who is this Yellow Digi Man, Watch the below Videos Yourself!


Yellow Digi Man Chasing Bus

DiGi Yellow Man at an Indian Wedding

Yellow DiGi Man in the Jungle

Yellow DiGi Man is Everywhere!

How? Chun anot? I still have that "I will follow you" tune in my hand after a few weeks of watching the first Yellow Digi Man commercial LOL!

And if you are really really lucky ... you might see a few of the Yellow Digi Man at the Together Gather Bloggers Party 2007! "IF" la! So keep your fingers crossed ok!!!

Together Gather Bloggers Party Updates

It looks like we sucessfully obtained another sponsorship to sponsor the printing of our Program/Year Book.

I received this message from our comittee member in the late afternoon :

Dear All,

We are pleased to inform that we succesfully obtained a sponsorship for the printing of a program booklet for the party.

Those who are attending the party are invited to write a message or article of less than 250 words about the party, yourself or your blog by this weekend, 12 Noon (March 4th 2007, 12.00pm)

Please reply the email with the subject as "Program Book for the Party" to tggenquiry@gmail.com Format for the article would be similar to the one shown below. If you are coming in a group, you can either write as a group/couple or individual. It's up to you.

Name :
Age :
Blog Url :
Article (More than 250 words will be truncated) :

Thank You.

So put on your blogging cap and start writing!!! At least next time you can dig the book outta your storeroom and tell your chewdrens "See? See? Daddy last time got attend bloggers gathering wan!" LOL!

25 February 2007

Wingz Can Cook : Pan Fried Prawn with Creamy Cheese Sauce

This recipe is kinda like the cheese bake lobster lidat one la ... but i made it so u dont hafta baked it, easier for those who do not have oven.

I'd been eating at my parents place since the 1st day of CNY till now and yesterday I invited them over to my house for dinner. Yar its my turn to cook this time

I actually was hoping that i could get lobster one, but since lobster is no where to be seen then I settle for this big prawn la! The prawn each weight about 300gms about the size of a small size lobster also.

1.] 1st you gotta clean them up and cut off all their legs, antenna etc.. with a pair of scissors.

2.] Boil them in a pot of clean water, add some salt into the boiling water before you put the prawns in. Dont over boil the prawns or else the meat will shrunk and the texture will be tougher. When boiling prawns or lobsters, observes the color of the shell. Once the shell turned bright red/orangy that means its already cooked.

3.] Take your prawns/lobsters outta the boiling pot and leave to air dry/cool.

4.] Get yourself a knife with saw like edges, by using this kinda knife, it will be easier for your to cut thru the shell of the prawns/crayfishs/lobsters. Just saw them shell into two starting from their belly right up to their head.

Nicely cutted into half.

Proceed the same process till you are all done.

5.] Now, after you slit them prawns/crayfish/lobsters up, you will hafta pan fry them again. The purpose of Pan frying at this point is to add aroma and to melt the cheese only. Not to cook the meat because they are already cooked remembered?

You could use parmesan cheese or mozarella or even sliced cheese, the choice is entirely yours.

Pan frying in progress

6.] Add a few teaspoon olive oil and butter into the pan and start frying them up (use low heat). Spread the cheese of your choice on top of the prawns followed by a bit of black pepper and salt. Do not overdo the salt part because later we will gonna make sauce for this prawns, you could add more taste/salt in the sauce later.

7.] Use a pan cover to cover the pan, the cheese will melt faster this way and you wont overcook your prawns. When the cheese starting to melt, you could add abit of parsley flakes on top of the cheese, again this is up to each individual bcoz as i know it some do not like the taste and flavour of parsley. Other than additional flavour, the parsley flakes also added additional colors to the prawns.

8.] Before you removes the prawns from the frying pan, you could use a tablespoon and pick up the hot oil from the pan and pour it in top of the prawn to give it more aroma and add a tad bit of greasy look also.

9.] Remove the prawns from the frying pan and into the serving plate.

The Sauce.

What I used :

a. 3 tablespoon of butter
b. Half can of evaporated milk
c. Half a cup of mozarella cheese
d. Sugar to taste
e. Salt to taste
f. A pinch of parsley flakes
g.Two teaspoon of corn flour diluted in luke warm water
Melt the butter first. once the butter melted then pour in evaporated milk and cheese. add sugar, salt and parsley after that. Last add corn starch to thickens the sauce.

Use low heat for your sauce else you will burnt your cheese.

When you are done with your sauce you could spread them over your prawns like the illustration shown below.

Thats all the time we have today, tune in next time for another episode of Wingz Can Cook!!!

Happy Trying!!!

P.S. My parents and bro says this dish looks as nice as those served by italian restaurant and taste even better!!!

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23 February 2007


for KLSE update : Goto STOCKWATCH sapot abit lar .. that one my new blog leh!

I received this message in my in my ebanking account on the 5th February 2007, unfortunately I only open it today.

Since this message is coming from a reputable bank and it does include a message from the Royal Malaysia Police, i guessed it should be realiable.

I thought I should post it here just to warn everyone of this fraud.

Date: 05 Feb 2007

Dear Valued customer,

We append below a warning notice from the Royal Malaysian Police on the above for your information.


Please be informed that a fraudulent Akademi Fantasia 4 (AF 4) contest syndicate is sending SMS that you have purportedly won cash prize from Akademi Fantasia 4 (AF 4). Please ignore the SMS as it is fraudulent.

Thank you.


Pelanggan yang dihargai,

Kami sertakan dibawah ini satu amaran dari pihak Polis Di Raja Malaysia berkenaan perkara diatas.


Adalah dimaklumkan satu sindiket penipuan peraduan Akademi Fantasia 4 (AF 4) melalui SMS kononnya anda memenangi hadiah wang tunai dari pihak Akademi Fantasia 4 (AF 4). Anda hendaklah mengabaikan SMS ini kerana ini adalah satu penipuan.

Terima kasih.

Harley Davidson No Flaw Design

The Creator of the Harley Davidson Motorcycle, die edi and go to heaven. Then at the gate there got one Angel :

Angel : Oh you that fler that make the Harley motobike one har?
Davidson : Ya ya! thats me ...
Angel : Oh good! God wanna meet lu come follow me.

Later Angel introduce Davidson to God ledi then Angel leave them both alone. At this point of time Davidson speaks out :

Davidson : God ar ... you created women one rite anot?
God : Yes ah ... why?
Davidson : I discovered major flaw in your design la
God : What flaw?
Davidson : Well the front part sticking out too far, affecting the overall balance ledi.
God : Hmm .. is that all?
Davidson : Got sommo ... the bottom end hor too big also and its wobbles too much even at regular speed.
God : Anymore flaws?
Davidson : Yes .. one more! The intake is placed too close to the exhaust ... this will sometimes affect the intake if the exhausted are not cleaned properly.
God : Is that all?
Davidson : Yes, i belif thats all God.
God : Ok ok you may be right at some point and even tho my creation is not as perfect as your Harley Davidson motobike but you cant deny the fact that there are more people riding my creation compares to yours ok?!


22 February 2007

Giant Steamboat Meal to Celebrates Chines New Year

Who got buy shares wan?? Today redtone opening RM0.635, highest is RM0.915 now at 4:40pm droppped back to RM0.88 ... u think tomlo will go over 1.00 anot ar?

Redtone's website - http://www.redtone.com/

60 people sharing one steamboat pot? How is that possible? In China, EVERYTHING is possible!

In celebration of Chinew New Year, people in Chengdu the hometown of spicy food, has made the biggest steamboat pot in the whole of China (prolly the biggest in the world too).

The height of the steambot pot is 4 meters, weighs 12 tons, its diameter is 12 meters. It can accomodates 5 tons spicy soup and able to feed 60 people at once.

I think I'll pass ler ... knowing how we chinese eats with chopsticks right .... i m sure there will be the saliva of 60 people in the soup one!


Balls Trapped on Beach OUCH!

Hoi Kung Laa!!!! Niahma back to work hou sien!!!!

To all the unfortunately souls who were forced to get back to work instead of being allowed to keep slacking ..... I bought to you this article for your reading pleasure!

There is this "fler" that got his balls trapped by a deck chair on the beach!!! kakakakaka!!! Read all bout it!

Click on the above image to enlarge it

Niahma! let this be a lesson to you! next time u go swim naked rite .... make sure your balls didnt shrunk before you go sun bathing ok? LOL!

Who is the first blogger you meet - meme?

This tag originated from 5xmom, fortunately she dint tag me but unfortunately I got tagged by Shooi and shes expecting me to come up with something funny ..... hmmm .... lemme try

This is the rule of this game, the questions are in bold and the answer, well .. they are labelled "Answers" ok? Then you are suppose to tag 5 flers after you are done with your tag.

1) Who is the first blogger you meet?
Answer : Whos the first blogger I met? Well of coz its ME la!! The moment i got myself a blogspot account I m officially a blogger rite?

Unless the question is "Who is the first other blogger you met?" then the answer will be diff la!

2) Who is the ‘Most wanted to meet blogger?’ for you?
Answer : Most wanted to meet? That would be my sifu Dr.Liew, I heard hes a very mysteries man ... the last time he had his photo taken he was taking a leak and all they got is his back only.

3) Who is the ‘I can meet, want to meet but somehow never got to meet’ blogger?
Answer : Do you think William Hung have a blog anot? Dun tell me you derno whois William Hung ok?

4) Who are the group of bloggers you most wanted to meet?
Answer : You of coz! Come lemme meet you at the Together Gather Bloggers Party this Coming March 9th 2007 at The Federal Hotel Skyroom, RM35 only inclusive of food and drinks! Hows that for value?!

5) Do you have any bloggers/blog readers that you wish to meet right now?
Answer : You mean Right now?!! At 2:50am in the morning? In my boxer?? .... are you thinking what I am thinking? But if you die die also wanna force me to choose one geh ... then i would prolly would to choose to met This Hot Chicka at this hour. *Wink*

And I tag :

1.] AHuei
2.] Lehbit Feon
3.] Lisan
5.] Pookyma

21 February 2007

FERRERO ROCHER Clone FEI DUN in a Supermarket Near You

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the original super yummy delicious Ferrero Rocher chocolate from Amadika. The website describe it as :

A Tempting combination of Luscious, creamy, chocolaty filling surrounding a whole hazelnut within a delicate crisp wafer all envelopoed in milk chocolate and finely chopped hazelnuts.

This is how the original Ferrero Rocher looks like.

This is one of the typical packaging of Ferrero Rocher

This is what i found today in one of the supermarket :

At a glance I thot its Ferrero Rocher .... once i picked it up then only i realised its "FEI DUN" obviously made in China la!!!

Dont misunderstand that all China made products are cheap ok? FEI DUN is anything but cheap! This "bucket" of chocolate cost RM31.80!

Look at the original Ferrero Rocher and compare it to FEI DUN, see the similarity?

I dunno hows the taste because after i realised its not Ferrero Rocher I refused to purchase it.

I wonders ... how many people bought this FEI DUN thinking its the ori Ferrero Rocher?

FEI DUN LMAO!!! Whats next? FEI KEI?!!!

18 February 2007

Chinese New Year - Nin Chor Yat

Every year Nin Chor Yat morning also kambek parents house to have lunch, this year aso no different.

Chinese New Year is lidis one ... Eat, HOT, Watch TV, Still HOT, drink soda, Still Farking HOT, Gamble gamble gamble, Eat more, Watch TV then sleep!

Now I m Watching Alan Tham concert at parents house, Alan Tham wor!!! I doubt young generation got listen to Alan Tham anymore but old folks like me dem like it when they airing Alan Tham concert lol! Prolly bcoz I can sing most of Alan's song la ... niahma I know I old fart ok?!

Alan Tham

I whacked one container of Kuih Kapit

Pity My robot kena tortured by me bcoz i m too bored lol

Lil DEvil's Golden Piggy

Then Watch more TV

I dont think I can survive lidis mia life ... not even for one week!!! ARGHHH!!! Who want play Mahjong??!!!