15 February 2007

Dont Eat Too Much Oranges this Chinese New Year

: Why dont eat too much mandarin orange?
Answer : You will turn Yellow Kaler!
Question : No shit?
Answer : NO SHIT!!! I m SERIOUS!!

Haha ok ok a bit over dramatic ledi but this is the truth ok?!

There is this boy in Chongqing, China whose skin color changed to yellowish after he whacked too much oranges ledi.

The boy ate two to three kilograms of oranges a day and he was later diagnosed with carotenemia by the local hospital.

According to the hospital, its not life threatening one, the color of the skin will turn back to normal once he stop consuming oranges.

Nah heres the news :

Boy turns yellow after oranges
(China Daily)

An 11-year-old boy turned a yellowish colour after eating too many oranges in Chongqing Municipality recently.

The boy's mother took him to several local hospitals, but none were able to get to the bottom of his change in skin colour.

He was later diagnosed with carotenemia when his mother divulged that he had eaten two to three kilograms of oranges every day last week.

The boy was told his skin colour should return to normal once he cut down his intake of oranges.

So .. you greedy baskets out there ... dont think ppl house got free orange you goan whack kaw kaw ok? But if your parents are Hokkien they would prolly let u sit on the Altar once u turned yellow ... ONG AH!!!! KAKAKAKA!!!!



  1. wow...thats scary...

    Eat too much oranges turn yellow..
    What if eat too much watermelon??
    Turn red? XD lol

  2. Gung Hei Huat Choy ar ...

  3. Anonymous9:43 am

    hohoho Natural symptoms. If eat too much Papaya also will make your skin turn yellowish.

    Anything we eat, once we consumed it too much, it does no good.

    Kiong Hee Huatt Chaii... Huattt aaaa

  4. WuaTttTT theee?
    but i love mandrin orangess!!!

    LKJ if i turn yellow..lets go genting gamble first b4 u send me to hospital! kakakka

  5. kong hei kong hei!

  6. Anonymous11:55 am

    how like this....CNY cant consume much mandarin oranges due to worry turn yellow!

    How to celebrate CNY???

    if i consume more pak kwah,will i become piggy??? haha....

  7. Anonymous3:27 pm

    orange, carrot, and any veges which is red or orange has got carotene ... maybe thats what he had ... carotene poisoning ...

    there is also a thing called vit C poisoning ... u know those chewable vit c for kids? my primmry teachers son down a whole bottle of those thiking it was candies ... terus masuk wad ... haha

    so whatever you are taking this cny, or at any other time, take it in moderation ...

  8. Anonymous3:53 pm

    haha..if every reader send a mandarin orange to wingz to eat ...wingz skin also can change..

  9. nowander doctor wan us to eat many many oranges

    no ppls sick they all mana cari makan?



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