15 February 2007

Things You can do with the Skin of Mandarin Oranges when you are Bored

To those who got no kampung to go back to (me included) and left to rot and grow mushroom in KL or you could rot and grow mushroom in your parents/inlaws/relatives/friends's house and because you dont gamble (me included also) and are left alone while the others gamble like fark .. then this is what you can do!

I trust most of the chinese families would have bought lotsa mandarin oranges, so there you are stuffing yourself with those free oranges (you greedy pig!) and you will throw those orange's peels away rite?

No dont throw them away! These orange peels got this boredom and mushroom counter abilities one!

Come come i show you my latest discovery ... you can actually do stuffs/intesresting artwork with this orange's peels ok?

This is your regular ordinary worthless mandarin orange's peels and since its the year of Pig/Boar I will show you how to make a pig with these peels.

This is a standing pig .... bored like fark waiting for someone

This is a naked pig lying down

This is a pig lying down on its stomach naked also of coz ....

This pig is not naked ... but this pig is dem liu kap! (holding his liquid)

This is a HIGH-ED pig .... mabok ledi

This is a half naked pig in his underwear.

See? I told you those orange's peels are useful rite? Now tell me you actually learnt something from this post ok?

Show me what else can you make with mandarin orange mia peel ok? Take piktures and post online! OMFG! I just made this a meme tag!!!

Ok ok this is what u gotta do :

First u goan get some mandarin orange mia skin/peels then u make funny funny object (preferably those object related to CNY one la!) with it and then u take piktures and u post the piktures in your blog then u tag anoder 3 more flers ok?

I wanna tag 3 flers :
1. 5xmom
2. Ahuei
3. Lisan

Things that people do when they are bored ... LOL!


  1. Aww....the chuechai so kewt! Just like you only, in your 2 weeks no washed spender. LOL. Thank you for the tag! I got tag! I got tag! I got tag! But hor, I never buy oranges cos sked my kids jatuh sakit. Never mind, for Rojakz's sake, I go steal one.

  2. Anonymous3:18 pm

    kakakaaaa... eat too full nothing to do!

  3. HAHAHAHAAH omg only you will think of such things to entertain and be entertained... love the pig lying down one LOL

  4. Anonymous4:00 pm

    Let's go make mushroom farm in KL lor, wingz :)

  5. eh. omg la. i really dont know what to do lah. damnnn.

  6. Si Heng,
    Kau tim jor.


  7. veli veli veli q d neh!!!!!! it looks like pooh's fren nia..>
    so wu liao!!!!

    qq orange pig!!!


  8. Anonymous8:56 am

    Haha, I like the nose so cute.

  9. Anonymous10:42 am

    Woww.. so kreattifff one. Nice ler...

  10. walaoeh! must be really bored and sek pao mou see zou ah?

    Kong Hey Fatt Choy, wingz!!

  11. Anonymous11:41 am

    i oso wan to say u EFNTD...but so creative la...hahahaha

  12. my mandarin orange pig can befriended ur pig liao http://conniexan.blogspot.com/2007/02/create-image-using-mandarin-orange-skin.html ..happy chinese new year!
    btw..i did choreograph some simple dance b4. Engineer a dance?..hmm..u really innovative, sounds like a appealing term


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