22 February 2007

Balls Trapped on Beach OUCH!

Hoi Kung Laa!!!! Niahma back to work hou sien!!!!

To all the unfortunately souls who were forced to get back to work instead of being allowed to keep slacking ..... I bought to you this article for your reading pleasure!

There is this "fler" that got his balls trapped by a deck chair on the beach!!! kakakakaka!!! Read all bout it!

Click on the above image to enlarge it

Niahma! let this be a lesson to you! next time u go swim naked rite .... make sure your balls didnt shrunk before you go sun bathing ok? LOL!


  1. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Muahahahar, the perils of being a man!

  2. Anonymous2:20 pm

    bwahahahaa... that one call 'dai choon toi!'

  3. Wah... read oso can feel pain leh. Luckily they didn't cut something else in half :S

  4. what a waste to have cut the deckchair into half... should have pour ice water on his o0o, or just throw him together with the chair into the sea... ngek ngek...

  5. Oh crap! lol~
    Can shrink so small until can fit into that small freaking slat?
    Wah after expand mah pain lo?

  6. Anonymous8:57 pm

    hahha nia sing this kwai lo ar, their balls sack ar very long wan ... hahaha

    this is something u gotto keep close to you ...

    dont elave it hanging ....


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