12 February 2007

No Valentine? Why la!

I m taking this chellenge by 5xmom bcoz she said "If more than five persons took it up, I will do mine? How? Deal or not? Five persons and I do mine."

I m a sucka for meme okeh?!

Here the deal, you gotta answer 5 question and one of them are actually a confession of love to "someone" write him/her a love note and then publish it in your blog blog wor! But you no need write her real name la! if not later your wife read your blog u hailat man!!

I m taking this challenge bcoz i dem sampat wanna see who is 5xmom mia secret lafu!!! Then I can blackmail all her USD ledi!!!

ok Here what u gotta answer :-

Now, on to Valentine’s Day questions:

1) Do you celebrate?
Answer : No, I stopped being a sucker long long edi!

2) If you don’t, do you feel a bit embarrassed about it?
Answer : Nope either ... Valentine's day thingy is actually a marketing gimmick created by those ancient ppl long long ago to help boost sales on certain day! Then derno who goan come out with the idea of getting laid in V-day would be memorable LOL! In Japan guys will buy panty for girl(s) and one month later the girl(s) will return the favor, girl(s) will give chocolate to guys .... so you see, the sales of panties and choc will definitely go up the roof rite?!

Not to mention i knew a girl who were embarassed bcoz she dun have a bf ... so, what she did was she sent herself a bouquet of roses on V-day!! kakakaka!!! WTF WEI!!! looks like guys are not the only despo on this 14th Feb!!!

Suckers!!! There i said it! I m an influential blogger so Lemme influence you abit can??!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

3) Do you have anyone to wish? Like you know…special people? Dare to name him/her/them?
Answer : Special people? Got alot la! I wanna wish Charmaine Sheh and Sonia Kwok from HK TVB and orso all da Ahlians Happy Valentine's Day!

4) Was there a Valentine’s Day that you will forever remember?
Answer :Yea .... there is this Valentine's day where i spent a couple of grand thinking i would get laid and it turned out that I dint get laid! MCH!!! a few grand you know??!!! TOTAL LOST LAR!!!!!! This i will forever REMEMBER wan!!! Forever and eva!!!

Lesson Learnt Here is : Ask her whether she got period anot before spending money on her OK?!!! TRUST ME!!! LOL!

5) What do you say if I ask you to write a secret love note to someone (anon) you admire and publish it on your blog? You think you can find the word for them? You have the courage? Yes?

Answer : YES la! if not i also wont put this here rite? ok here goes :

Dear Ahlian, (You know who you are rite? *wink*)

I SECRETLY lup you deep deep long long, If you asked me how long is my lup for you, I would say forever but if you die die also wanna fprce me to put an expiry date on my lup to you I would say 10,000 years long long!

It doesnt matters how many reincarnations we will hafta go thru I will still be there waiting for you long long!!! If you reincarnate as fawer I will be the cow dung ferterlising you, if you be a Pork chop i will be the plate that you are served on ... if you are the sky, i will be the blue bird (big one ok?) ... if you be butterfly i will be shelltox .... if you be moskito then i will be human ... let u suck LOL!

I will forever ever SECRETLY lup you wan! lup you long long deep deep and secret secret!

From your Secret Lup,

P.S. : this Valentine lu jiak urself ok ar? I broke ledi la! If go mamak can la!

How my love note can pakai anot?! Any Ahlian wanna date me anot on Valentine's Day? I'll accept flowers and credit card too!!!

Others suckers ... feel free to copy my love note la! Who knows you might get lucky and score bigtime on Valentine's day? .... prolly after she got drunk first la! HAHAHAHAHA!!!


  1. ur love note so lum!!! kakakka

  2. Anonymous10:44 am

    No wonder we match made in Heaven lah. The siao category of Heaven. Wait I go do mine now ah.

  3. HAHAHAHA Darling!!!

    So perfect one!! I love!!! (aiyo!! Nanti cocka jeles!!)

    buzz buzz

  4. Anonymous1:53 pm

    I will sure remember the painful lesson you learnt wan!

    Wei, come tell me who is that girl sending flowers to herself wan... hehe

  5. Anonymous2:34 pm

    Terrer mia love note!!

  6. Anonymous5:30 pm

    I think this love note must learn want... I believe this love note have 95% confident level of success getting any girl including Charmaine Sheh

  7. Woah, ur love note tu.. So lam can die. *-*

  8. Eh, your lesson for number 4 can pakai wan boh? Of cozlah she got period lol.

  9. Wingz..ur love note so kiat...so damn funny...

  10. hahahahahaha... make sure she dont have period before.... that was funny!

  11. Your love note demn powderful!!!
    Lim peh aledi use it and fwd to all the fren gal in frenster

  12. Got period you mah ask for blowjob lor ! (If cocka means Ass Job) HAHAHAHH!

  13. alex : niahma u got wife ledi no nid use la!

    huei : lpj i speselee dedicate to u wan wor! You want date me anot??!!

    5xmom : we match made in heaven??!!! ARGHHH NOOO!!!!! *run n hide in thaicock*

    The Fly : Buzz buzz bek!

    bryan : oh that girl u also know wan!!! kakakaka

    ace : terro leh!

    sasuke : niahmah sure boh?!! how come charmaine shieh tarak reply my lup note wan?!!!

    lehbit : lam leh!!! u want date me anot??!!!

    cy : of coz can pakai la! i spend lotsa money to learn that trick ok?!

    pookyma : fdunny leh! fast fast send to your gf la!

    zewt : yama ... if got period then fast fast find another date la! dinner n fawers is not cheap on that nite ok?!

    ckyeo : niahma if u get laid then gimme angpao!

    linpeh : niahma cocka ngam u la!


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