28 February 2007

Updates on Together Gather Bloggers Party 2007 - Federal Hotel Skyroom Friday 9th March 2007

Left 2 more weeks before the BIG day! We are still in the process of looking for more sponsors for the event so that our guests would be able to get more freebies la!

Someone asked me this (I think it was Zewt) : The RM35 covers what ah?
Answer : RM35 inclusive of Buffet Dinner in the Federal Hotel's Skyroom plus drinks too! On top of that there will be games and prizes to be won also!

Not to mention doorgifts and others freebies (we are still working on the sponsorship of doorgifts etc.) Plus more! All this to be held at the Skyroom where you will be able to enjoy the night view of the forever busy Bukit Bintang dazzling displays of lights and life.

Here is the Details of the Event again (in case you missed it) :

Venue : Federal Hotel Skyroom, Kuala Lumpur
Date : 9 March 2007

Time : 7 pm till 11 pm

Dress code : Smart Casual
Charge : RM35.00 - Inclusive of Buffet Dinner (eat all you can la!) and Drinks

Cely sent me an email asking me (which i derno where izzit ledi! Soli Cely I got too many spam in my mailbox!) : "whois going to this party?"

I decided to post the names of all the attendees together with their blogs infos here for yall refrences :

1. Aceone 1 http://aceone118.blogspot.com/
2. Ahpek 2 http://ahpek.com/
3. Alvin Chong 1 http://blog.alvinchong.net
4. Angel 1 http://angelestrix.blogspot.com/
5. April Ng 1
6. Arif Sanchez 4 http://www.myarif.info
7. Audrey Loh 2 audrey.loh@gmail.com
8. Boss Stewie 2 http://timothytiah.blogspot.com/
9. Bryan 2 http://sapiensbryan.com/
10. Cely 3 http://www.chingling.net/blog/
11. Chanlilian / 5xmom 3 http://chanlilian.net/
12. CKYEO 2 http://skykeepyou.blogspot.com/
13. Clare 1 http://clarenic.blogspot.com/
14. Cocka 1 http://cock-a-doodle.blogspot.com
15. Cutiepie 1 http://www.cutiepi3.blogspot.com/
16. Dale 2 www.hizecool.com
17. Dawn 1 http://dawnseyes.blogspot.com/
18. Earl Ku 1 http://www.kukujiao.com/
19. Eeleen 1 http://www.eeleen.com/
20. Egghead 1 http://littleskywalker.blogspot.com/
21. GBYeow 2 http://www.boredworkers.com/
22. Golfnick 2 http://golfnick.com/
23. Helen 1 http://allofhelen.blogspot.com
24. Huei 1 http://huei0522.blogspot.com/
25. James 1 http://loopymeals.blogspot.com
26. Janice Looi 1 http://ladydummy.blogspot.com/
27. Jason 1 http://www.bleargh.net/wordpress/
28. Jason KL Podcast 1 http://www.klpodcast.com/
29. Jess Chong 1 http://flippingskirt.wordpress.com
30. Jason Mumbles 1
31. Jiun Jie 2 http://www.jiunjie.com/
32. Kenneth Chew 1
33. Kenny ng 1 http://kenny-ng.blogspot.com
34. Kidchan 1 http://www.kidchan.com
35. KimberlyChun 1 http://www.kimberlycun.com/
36. King's Wife 1 http://simplyhantam.wordpress.com/
37. Linpeh 1 http://tok3tok4.blogspot.com
38. Lisan 2 http://lisansscribbles.blogspot.com/
39. LMF 1 http://kylielmf.blogspot.com/index.html
40. Lockee 1 http://lockee.blogspot.com
41. Mack 1 http://www.monsterblog.com.my/
42. Mae 1 http://powderpuffmae.blogspot.com
43. Mei Yee 1 http://waicrapocrapzbel.blogs.friendster.com/belindaf/
44. Mott ( + sasha) 2 mott.blogsome.com
45. Paul Tan 1 http://paultan.org
46. Pennypupz 1 http://pennypupz.blogspot.com/
47. Roger 1 http://nine3nine4.blogspot.com/
48. Wingz 2 http://rojaks.blogspot.com/
49. ShaolinTiger 1 http://www.shaolintiger.com/
50. Shireen 1 http://shiryen.blogspot.com/
51. Silencers 1 http://www.thesilentroom.org
52. Simon 1 http://simontalks.com
53. Suanie 1 http://www.suanie.net
54. Teeji 3
55. The Snark 1 http://www.huntingthesnark.net/
56. Vicky Au Yong 1 http://vickyay.com
57. VIP 18
58. Yatz 1 http://jenkinyat.blogdrive.com/
59. Zeo 2 http://zeo.unic.net.my
60. Zewt 2 http://zewt.blogspot.com/

Total : 100

List updated on 28th February 2007

We are expecting around 100 paxs and at the current time we only have about 30+ places left and they are still lotsa people havent confirm their attendance yet. To get yourself a seat or to get further infos please feel free to email us at tggenquiry@gmail.com.

I afraid I might left some of you guys out, if you registered already and your name is not up there, feel free to email us ok?

This event is proudly sponsored by :

The PC Fair Organiser!!!

The Best Cinema Portal In Malaysia

None knows Decoration like They Do

The best Hotel in the Golden Triangle!

Best blog in Penang, Kedah and some say even Hatyai!

I Will Follow You!

Photos best Companion!

nuffnang, Adsense Worst Enemy!!!

Best Musical School in Cheras!

Malaysia's Best Online Bakery Supplies

We are still looking for sponsors to sponsor us with more doorgifts, games prizes etc. If you would like to help sponsor this event please get in touch with us so we can send you more details. Email us at tggenquiry@gmail.com

A few negotiations are still underway at the moment, hopefully we will be able to secure more sponsorship and be able to make this event a truly unforgettable one!

Any journalist from the Media who would like to cover this event please feel free to contact us at tggenquiry@gmail.com we would be glad to hear form you.

Thank you.

More updates will follow soon!

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  1. aiyo... 1 more blog meet i have to miss....

  2. I don't see anyone I know in the list.
    It's rather sad to not being able to turn up.

  3. no wonder u msg me ask no go as u post it out who go...

  4. Anonymous9:26 am

    Good Job!!

  5. eh Paul Tan is kambing.

    pay the fee where ar

  6. ai cheh... what a good attendance!

  7. Anonymous10:27 am

    email wingz, no reply one..
    how to pay?

  8. Hi,

    guys... for payment mode, please email us at tggenquiry@gmail.com as we need a tracking process for payment procedure.


  9. Anonymous2:49 pm


    i wan go ^^

    wingz i confirm to u later ha~~

  10. Niamah! Hoi! Take down my big big banner lah. Cilaka, I baru open yr email and read this. Dem paiseh lah, I only contribute 20 bucks can oso get plugged by lu. But hor, you tell the guys lah, if they ask what I contribute, tell them 5xmom sponsored one prostitute, HIV positive, imported from Kelantan.

    Huei - This one strictly between us hor? I think VIP is some loktor wor. Dunno true or not.

  11. Anonymous4:44 pm

    loktor liew ah?

  12. Anonymous6:10 pm

    Fai tit register and make your payments la!!! See you all there. hehehehe

  13. Anonymous8:18 pm

    5xmom..can sponsor me go or not.? :P
    me tarak duit la..

    some more u said u can sponsor some students to go ma..i'm a student le..

    i sooo wanna go..argh..

  14. Yatz - Ok lah, your is the last one, ok? No more liao, I pokkai liao.

    Wingz - I AM CONFIRMED GOING!!!!!

    Got questions - Is the food halal?

    Can you ensure anon. for some of the bloggers? Give some sort of assurance?

    How much is Federal?

    I am going to email all my bloggers friends liao. Faster reply me.

  15. Anonymous9:33 pm

    eih.? yahooooo.!! thanx 5xmom..i lup beri much mom..muuuuaks

  16. Ahnel : yala sommo they wanna make Year Book lidat so kena know who is going and who is not ler.

    huei :VIP is Very Important PErson la!

    Ahpek : Tenkiu!!! Bawak Ohkau wei!

    Suanie : Tenkiu latin! Payment via maybank2u, I get my boss to kontek u pasal payment ok?

    Cely : soliler ... i derno where your email pigi ledi ... MIA liow lol but i reply here also same ler!

    belle : okeh!

    lanatir : No.40 us not you, someone else by the nick of sotong.

  17. Anonymous11:22 am

    Is your little devil one of the VIPs? Bring your whole family there, ok. Hehe...

  18. Anonymous1:33 am

    I made a blogpost of the party too.

  19. At last the long awaited party will be this coming friday!!!Yahhhoo..

    Haha I wont be there coz now in Aussie for studies. But wanna wish u guys all have a wonderful nite k!!!

    I was at a smaller bloggers party recently on Feb 3, here's a look at wats bloggers camwhoring is all about (for those not sure) : http://patchay.blogspot.com/2007/02/big-bloggers-meet.html



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