28 January 2010

Apple iPad Video Ads!! SEE? I told you so!!

Apple iPad ... please dont make me expren how it works can?

Cant they hire to come out with a better name?!!! WTF!!!

the name is Mac iPad ... if you put them together it bekam MaciPad then take them apart again lidis it will sound like Ma-ci-Pad!!! This time really MA-CI-PAD lor!!!

*MCP idea ciplak from aaron who RT some funcheong mia twit one. :P

22 January 2010

Dog Sleep Running!

For those ahbeng no skool wan ... yes dogs also can dlim u know? Below video is a fine example of how dramatic a dog's dlim can be!

Running in sleep .. wekap ledi still run till hit wall!! LOL this dog so ker ai la!

Suicide Hotline

You know suicide hotline is for what wan anot? See u Ahbengs also derno one la ... lemme exprens la ... its lidis one geh.

In some country they got lotsa binthai ppl eat full edi nothing better to do so they play suicide! Butden the gomen dunch like all this suicide suicide game ... bcoz if u suicide n die nevermind ... but if u suicide n dont die ... u gonna cost them lotsa $ trying to save u and hospital bills and operations bla bla bla ... so this gomen very smart, they kasi bikin one group n kasi open the suicide hotline. so suicide hotline is acherly a place for ppl to call to when they have the urge to suicide la! n u call up the number and tok to some sexy voice chicks n u get your boner bek and u will wanna tfk instead of suicide LOL!!!

Its acherly working in some country ... the suicide rate dropped alot and the saved quite lotsa $ n that $ prolly masuk their poket also la lol

but thats not the point you see ... last week a fwen of mine just got back from Iraq (yea the basket dem 9 rich now .. salary kaw kaw one but kena wear kevlar go work one la) n according to him they got lotsa suicide hotlines in Iraq too BUT they do things a bit differently in Iraq ...

Me : How diff?
Iraq Ahbeng : Instead of discouraging suicide they actually encourage the caller to suicide lor! They even teach them step by step guide how to suicide ok?!
Me : WTF? Why they wanna do that? too high population not enuff food to go around?
Iraq Ahbeng : no no! These Suicide hotlines centers is run by the terrorist one ma! This is where they get their endless supplies of suicide bomber la! ... anyone call them up they will say "ok sir .. come find us .. we hepchu suicide n we give u bombs" lol!
Me : KAKAKAKA!!! so thats how Iraq got so unlimited supplies suicide bombers la!!!
Iraq Ahbeng : yar ... give them few more years .. they will have surplus stock for exports also! LOL!

15 January 2010

Malaysia No.1 Reason - Why Cancel Credit Card?

When I call bank to cancel my credit card normally then dun ask any shitty questions one ... the just cancel for me ... but prolly in smaller town they would try to be funny (coz small down not much transactions mah! kena pretend u very busy lidat lor!) and asked u to do abit more.

This fler who went to cancel his HSBC credit card was asked to fill up a form citing the reason why he wanna cancel his HSBC credit card ... and this is what he wrote ...

ALO! click to enlarge la! who ask u smirk your eyes trying to read the reason? DUH!

If u still kenot see after u enlarge prolly due to OLD FAWER or TFK too much (yea i heard TFK too much will lead to blindness one also) then i type it out here for u la!

He wrote ....


So ... nx time if the credit card company asking u why u wanna cancel your card .. just tell him ASK NAJIB LA!!! kakakakaka!

14 January 2010

Types of Moans Documented 18SX and NSFW

After extensive researches and pr0n downloads by our team in Rojaks instiTOOT of research we succesfully documented a few types of common moans (girls one la! we not interested to know how guys moan one ok?!) and named them accordingly

Here is the types of moan we discovered :
  1. Ingenue
  2. Gaspingly
  3. Sobbingly
  4. Lamblike
  5. Wild
  6. JabPENIS AV Idol
  7. Amadikans style
What is the diff you may ask? well later in this article you we got one video clip to show you how to differentiate each kinda moans wan.

But prior to that ... we wanna tell u that beyond this point it is gonna be 18SX n NSFW liow ... if
  1. u r at work pulez do not continue ...
  2. you are at skool/kolej/uni pls do not continue ....
  3. u r in the opis n got lotsa koliks in the opis who will tuk your puijek pulezz do not continue
  4. u got hard-ehtek wan pulez do not continue
  5. long time no tfk also do not continue .. later u run-fire dun blame me!
  6. ur wife is in the house pulezz do not continue! Divorce is very expensip wan!
Then who can continue? You can continue if you ....
  1. u r alone in the opis n ur boss alredi said hes not kambing bek ... but if he really kam bek then not my fault ok?
  2. ur wife goto play mahjung edi tonite no kambek.
  3. ur dog humping the neighbour's bitch and u feeling honry watching them humping ... LOL!
  4. u dunch have HARD-ehtek pobem.
  5. U just TFK-ED yesday oni
  6. all ur koliks is as hamsap as u n wont tuk your puijek ...
  7. u r as hansem as me!
  8. indemnify me against all damages caused by your boner after u watched/listen tot he video lol!
  9. habe HARD-ehtek n died ... u wont bekam ghost n find me!
  10. dont put your hand under your desk! the thot of u touching yourself while listening/watching the video i post here is quite disgusting can? LOL
  11. Havent thot of any yet ... will add more here when i got idea lol!

Ok la dunwan tohtohlan7 yehsou ledi la ... nah enjoy this video la!!! dun TFK AH!!! KAKAKAKA!!!

Yea ... i also kento relates ... what does girl moans gotta do with durex anyway? But my fav moan is the JabPENIX AV one wei!!! Kimochi~~~ kimochi~~~ which one is your favberet?!!! c'mon dun shy shy ... share share leh!

11 January 2010

Lesbian Ahlian Story

Lately I got to know a new hamsap Ahbeng frend who keep keep hitting on the wrong type of girls, we nicknamed him the lebian magnet bcoz very often of all girls in the party he will have to choose a lesbo to hit on lol!

after so many encounter he finally able to compile a series of Ahlian lesbo jokes and share with us. The latest one was about an Ahlian lesbo go gyne checkup one ... this is how it goes ....

One day one Lesbo Ahlian goto her gyne for her 1st checkup ... the regular shit happens la ... she went thru all the checking ritual and let the gyne enjoyed the view of her *ahem* LOL!

While the gyne enjoying her *ahem* she got hear the gyne let out a "Wah lau eh~!" sound ... then after the gyne finish edi he asked her to dress up and meet him in the clinic.

At the clinic the gyne sit down with the lesbo Ahlian and asked her a few regular questions about her health so far la ... if was at this time the Lesbo Ahlian beh than ledi and ask back the gyne.

Ahlian : Lokter ah .... soli to ask u lidis ar ... but just now when u checking my *ahem* u "Wah lau eh~!" so loud hor ... i very sked leh ... is everything ok ar?

Gyne : Oh ... that one ar? ... hehe soliler ... i so many yrs bekam gyne edi ... everyday see alot of *ahem* but never before i seen a *ahem* as clean as yours wan. hehe ...

Ahlian : hehehe *Lesbo Ahlian shy shy lidat luff* I m lesbian mah ... so everyweek hor ... my frend come clean my *ahem* at least 2 times wan ler .. thats why very clean lor hehe.

Gyne : *lauhon*

5 January 2010

Ahbeng is IN again!!! 大日子 woohoo!

Niahma la! this world dem 9 dabel standard wan i tell lu! i kena compren b4 by so called 'advertisers' saying my blog dem Ahbeng not ngam their status la this lar that lar ... diu mch ... nx time mau advertise at ppl's blog at least u farking goan read the blog first n see whether ngam ur sohem image anot 1st la!

The thing is this kinda sohem peeples derno that now Ahbeng is acherly dem IN thing ... see this year most happening CNY movie is acherly made inline with the Ahbeng theme wan! .... u watch the trailer below you will gerenti agree with me wan!

How? leng erm leng? Ahbeng must sapot ahbeng ok? must buy ticket masuk cinema watch this movie!!! kambing to a cinema near lu on the 14th jan (why 14? this number boh ong leh!) but dun care la! watch movie oni mah!!!

btw this is not a paid post ok?

1 January 2010

KLCC Fireworks Shots - Ushering New Year 2010


Lucky for us we got backup plan! The other 2 spots which we marked were blocked by police and we are umable to gain access, the whole group then moved to the 3rd spot and these are the photos that I managed to snapped.