19 January 2013

Ancient Chinese Proverb

An organization is like a tree full of monkeys, all on different limbs at different levels. Some monkeys are climbing up, some down.

The monkeys on top look down and see a tree full of smiling faces.

The monkeys on the bottom look up and see nothing but monkey hindquarters.

AFOS 2011 Malaysia

8 January 2013

Blind AhBeng and his Powderful Nose

ahbeng is blind .... but he got spesel skill ... his nose is very the powderful .... 

one day he goto one nais retoren, found a table and sit down ... den the waiter kam ask him wat he wanna order. 

waiter : sir this is our menu .... 
ahbeng : soli ah ... i is blind one ... 
waiter : oh ... den how? u want me to read to you? 
ahbeng : oh no nid ... just bring me a chopstick from the last customer who just left
waiter : har???! chopstick? spoon can ar? 
ahbeng : spoon oso can la 
waiter : okok u wait ah 

3 minutes later ....

waiter : your spoon sir 

*ahbeng took the spoon and smell smell n den .... 

ahbeng : hmm ... your tong po yoke smells very nais ... i will have one pls
waiter : wah lau eh!!! got so terror anot wei!!! 
ahbeng : sai mat kong!!! faster bring me my ting po yoke la wei

after ahbeng finish his dinner he paid n left .... few days later ahbeng kambek to the same restoren again ... and the waiter dint recognise him and gave him the menu like the 1st time. 

ahbeng : harrow? rmb me? i was here few days ago? ayam blind wan rmb? 
waiter : oohhhh!!! its u! 
ahbeng : abuden? 
waiter : need a spoon/chopstick to smell anot this time? 
ahbeng : of coz la!!! 
waiter : ook wait ahh 

3 minutes later .... 

waiter : sir lu mia spoon ...

*ahbeng took the spoon and smell smell n den .... 

ahbeng : fuiyo!!! this meatball spaghetti i rike ahhh!! gimme one 
waiter : wah lau ehh!!!! yau mou lan ohhh? 
ahbeng : abuden? 
waiter : how u do it wan jek? 
ahbeng : dunwan tell u ah! 

as hard as it is for the waiter to briff ... but both times also ahbeng got it right .... n ahbeng so lansi the waiter kinda tulan him la ... the waiter wanna "prank" 9 ahbeng the next time he come.

ahbeng eats and leaves. He returns the following week ... but this time the waiter is ready for him ... upon seing ahbeng the waiter fast fast took a spoon n rush to the ktichen to find ah Huei ...

waiter : ahuei ahuei!!! 
ahuei : hamilan? 
waiter : I want jingu one basket customer ... can u help me? 
ahuei : how help lu? 
waiter : u take this spoon n rub rub your petpet there can? i blanja u sarkfin later
ahuei : ok set! 

after ahuei rub rub the spoon on her petpet she hands over the spoon to waiter n the waiter rush to ahbeng table 

waiter : oh hi!!! nice to see youa gain sir ... this time i am well prepared ... here is your spoon sir.
Ahbeng : wuahh ... few days no see .. suddenly so efficient edi wei!!! veli gud!! come lemme smell smell n see ...

ahbeng then take the spoon n take a deep breath n proceed to sniff the spoon ..... after like 10 seconds and alot "DAFUQ" look on his face ... ahbeng finally said ...

ahbeng : ahuei works here wan?

29 November 2011

How to send CODED message thru newspaper

You think we can send messages to Jib Kor with this method anot? LMAO!

28 November 2011

There are two kinda people in this world

You prolly know this but so far i havent seen this out on print lidis!

There are two kinda people in this world :

1. People who drives faster than you - Madmen!
2. Those who drive slower than you - Idiots!