28 November 2009

Trouble With Honda City Cobra Alarm After Battery Changed on the Remote and How to Solve This.

Met some fwens at Damansara uptown yesday to yumchar and while walking to Star-Bark kopi i saw this shop selling clocks n wacthes one.

I been wanting to change the batteries to my Car alarm for sometime now because the range is beginning to shorten to almost 2 feet alredi! ... I walked in the shop and asked the uncle to change the batteries to the Cobra Alarm remote.

The whole process was over in less than 5 minutes and I did not even bothered to test the remote after that, simply because my car were about 5 minutes walk away from where I am. Thinking everything is fine I proceed to meet my fwens in Star-Bark kopi and spend about 4 hours there.

Lemme tell you this ... not checking whether your car alarm remote control is working properly or not after battery change is a BIG MISTAKE! It almost cost me a tow from Damansara Uptown all the way back to Ampang and on a weekend I reckon that would prolly cost about 300 buxs?

I walked back to my car and begining to test the remote range and see if i can get the door open from a distance ... there is simply no reponse from the car alarm at all! The LED light on the remote is blinking fast but the car alarm is not responding. I walked all the way to the car holding on to "Button A" and yet i did not get any kinda response saying the alarm adknowledged the signal from the Cobra alarm remote.

Not wanting to create havoc and to make myself look like a car thief I decide to lepak at a kopitiam nearby and use my phone to go online to search for ways to solve this problem. I also smsed a few frends asking for help but all my efforts were futile as no one ever encountered such a problem before. Online search do not return any website that teach how to solve this problem as well. I m sitting duck! Stuck in Damansara Uptown and its still raining!!!

I then made a call to the Honda salesman who sold me the car and asked for help. (I dont know why i never thot of doing that ealier!!) lucky my wife got his number saved on her phone, if not ... I also derno how to die lol!

The Honda Sales person said this kinda problem is pretty common and there arent any manual that teaches the user what to do in case of alarm remote just had a battery change. He guided me on the phone and I managed to "reset" the alarm and had it working as usual!

I then decided to blog about it so that if anyone who faced a similar problem with Cobra car alarm system (I m not sure which model is this but a call to my fwens confirms even his Honda 08 model is also using the same kinda Cobra alarm system, so I assumed its the same model as well) could easily google about this article and solve the problem without having to run around like a headless chikin seeking for help.

This is how :

There is 2 buttons on the Cobra Alarm remote, the big one is known as "BUTTON A" and the small one is known as "BUTTON B" and this is what you need to do in the event of battery changed on the Cobra Alarm Remote :
  1. Stand next to your car, this is because your remote control will have to send some kinda signal to the car alarm telling it the he just had a battery change LOL! (or something like that)
  2. Press both BUTTON A and BUTTON B simultaneously (together) and hold them down, you will get fast blinking LED light. Hold both buttons until the LED light stop blinking.
  3. Press BUTTON A twice and wait for response from the Car Alarm. You should be able to unlock your door or get some kinda response from your car alarm at this point.
  4. If all those abiove doesnt work ... you prolly need a new remote control or a new sets or car alarm!
At least it worked for me tho! Good Luck!

23 November 2009

What happened if you Pay Peanuts ....

Its Monday .. the day where every-effing-things dont turn out right!!! Its also a day to kompren about things!

I m gonna show u a video that proves the fehmes quote "Pay peanuts to get monkey" if you would show this to your boss and demand a raise ... i think this video would be vehlee helpful lor!

Smell my balls! or Ass ... whichever you preferred LOL!

I dare to bet you ... that basket is still drunk or high wan! LOL with medic lidis ... i think no players in the match would wanna play rough anymore! KAKAKAKA!

19 November 2009

Lesson for Ahbengs - How Women Fake an Orgasm!

I tell you hor ... i think most Ahbengs kena bruff white white ledi by their Ahlians also derno one. the truth is every Ahlian is doing this .... Why they wanna fake "happy ending"? ... got many reason wan u know?

  1. You got small kachang (dick) n she dem not song ... so dunwan waste time she fake fake kam and faster get rid of u.
  2. You farking fugly lor! see ur face oni kenot kam edi! buden u die die also dunwan kautim ... so she faking it lor!
  3. She alredi ajakED her fwens open table play mahjong and she is alredi late! ... so fast fast kautim fast fast sau kung la!
  4. Isetan/Zara got pre-sales ... u is delaying her ... no choice she kena get rid of you fast fast lol!
  5. Her Fav TVB series is about to be aired n this peisode is the finale! Die die must watch bcoz the hero might die!!! LOL!
Ok now Ahbengs ... now you know the reasons behind why your Ahlian faking it ... now i will teech lu how they fake it!!! You all kena learn this bcoz nx time if your Ahlian wanna fake 9 u ... u can detect n dun ngong 9 9 lidat kena bruff ok?

Watch this video n learn how they fake to bruff us la!!

OK!! now we dem smart edi (after watching the video) do you think we should now learn how to fake it also n bruff them back?? ... who volunteer to act in the video wei? kam kontek me!

17 November 2009

Macho guys with beer bellie and hairy balls is in demand now!

Metro sexual guys can now take their makeups and facial products n go play with yourself in the korner edi!!! Chicks now digs macho man more!

Fair smooth face with clean shaven balls farktards have to begin dating their left ... or right hands again on sat nite! LOL!

I know what u thinking! ... U thinking this fat fark is making story put so he can feel better and makes u guys jeles! But u dun worry lor coz i m not the one who say this ok?

This is acherly the results of a survey being done in UK, which of coz this trend will be spreading to msia sooner than u think! :P

Women prefer guys with hairy chests, beer bellies

A new survey has revealed that women regard 'manly men' complete with hairy chests, messy hair and beer bellies.

Hairy chest and beer belly attractive and prefer them to so-called metrosexuals.

The study, which was carried out by Lion Bar ice cream in the UK, found that eight out of 10 females no longer go for the tall, slim, feminine look.

Relationship expert Peter Spalton, said: "The metrosexual look has gone too far and that has contributed to turning women off.

"Women like to be treated like women. They don't want to compete with a man for that territory"


Now you briff me alredi?!! So start ditching your ahkua make ups and start scratching your balls and dig your nose in the public can?!!! Lidat chicks only like wan!! kakakakaka!

10 November 2009

Miss Hypertune Semi Final

Thanks to Photographer Pass sponsored by the collaboration of Sony Xplod Car audio system and Sony Alpha, a group of sony Alpha photographers were given the opportunity to photographs Miss Hypertune Semi Final that were held at The Mist Club last Wednesday.

The mist club is seriously not a great place to take photos and I would not really rate the environment as camera friendly, lights are not abundant and ceilings are black! Flash bouncing is close to impossible therefore you can either push your ISO to a ridiculously high level or fire your flash direct, of coz both will not give optimum results. Worst would be during the bikini shots ... a few of us were camping up at the 1st floor overlooking the stage and yet our presence there are not felt by models hence none of them actually looked up to us ... the results is dark face with no eye contacts at all. Its all pretty frustrating i must say.

Anyway, heres the photos I took that night ...

Emcee of the day Ms. Sarah Yap

Some of the Finalist

Some of the Finalist

Group photos

Group photos

The Final will on this Saturday at the Mist club also .... this time i m gonna be well prepare!!! Let your horse come!!!

9 November 2009

How to Make Sweet Potatoes?

Most of young city girls cant cook ... n its a fact. It so happen that there is this newly wed Ahlian who wanna start learning about how to cook "properly" for her hubby and when it comes to cooking my fwens will normally ask me for help one.

So one day my fwen asked me out for yumchar and at the same time asked me to teach her a thing or 2 about cooking one la .... at the mamak i asked her this

Me : You know how to cook anot?
Ahlian : simply simply one like maggi and hard boil egg can ler
Me : errm ... whats your husband's favourite food?
Ahlian : Oh he like sweet potatoes one! I been having problem with that!
Me : Sweet potatoes? thats interesting! How you cook it?
Ahlian : Oh! that one simple oni ... i just boil it in water only.
Me : Thats all?!!
Ahlian : it might be easy for you bcoz u so good in cooking n all ... but after a few tries i still unable to cook a perfect sweet potatoes for my hubby ler!
Me : WHAT?!! ok ok ... pls elaborate to me what kinda trouble did you face when making the boiled sweet potatoes for your hubby?
Ahlian : You see ah .... I made 2 time edi ... 1st time is a disaster! its nothing like sweet potatoes at all! then 2nd time i managed to make them sweet edi ... but untill now i still derno how to make them turn oren color!
Me : You used normal potato to make sweet potato ah?!!!
Ahlian : Yar ... not lidat one meh?!