19 November 2009

Lesson for Ahbengs - How Women Fake an Orgasm!

I tell you hor ... i think most Ahbengs kena bruff white white ledi by their Ahlians also derno one. the truth is every Ahlian is doing this .... Why they wanna fake "happy ending"? ... got many reason wan u know?

  1. You got small kachang (dick) n she dem not song ... so dunwan waste time she fake fake kam and faster get rid of u.
  2. You farking fugly lor! see ur face oni kenot kam edi! buden u die die also dunwan kautim ... so she faking it lor!
  3. She alredi ajakED her fwens open table play mahjong and she is alredi late! ... so fast fast kautim fast fast sau kung la!
  4. Isetan/Zara got pre-sales ... u is delaying her ... no choice she kena get rid of you fast fast lol!
  5. Her Fav TVB series is about to be aired n this peisode is the finale! Die die must watch bcoz the hero might die!!! LOL!
Ok now Ahbengs ... now you know the reasons behind why your Ahlian faking it ... now i will teech lu how they fake it!!! You all kena learn this bcoz nx time if your Ahlian wanna fake 9 u ... u can detect n dun ngong 9 9 lidat kena bruff ok?

Watch this video n learn how they fake to bruff us la!!

OK!! now we dem smart edi (after watching the video) do you think we should now learn how to fake it also n bruff them back?? ... who volunteer to act in the video wei? kam kontek me!

1 comment:

  1. married men will not be cheated . . .if they have children la. . .seriously . .without an actual BIG O - no way to get bb naturally . . .lolz


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