17 November 2009

Macho guys with beer bellie and hairy balls is in demand now!

Metro sexual guys can now take their makeups and facial products n go play with yourself in the korner edi!!! Chicks now digs macho man more!

Fair smooth face with clean shaven balls farktards have to begin dating their left ... or right hands again on sat nite! LOL!

I know what u thinking! ... U thinking this fat fark is making story put so he can feel better and makes u guys jeles! But u dun worry lor coz i m not the one who say this ok?

This is acherly the results of a survey being done in UK, which of coz this trend will be spreading to msia sooner than u think! :P

Women prefer guys with hairy chests, beer bellies

A new survey has revealed that women regard 'manly men' complete with hairy chests, messy hair and beer bellies.

Hairy chest and beer belly attractive and prefer them to so-called metrosexuals.

The study, which was carried out by Lion Bar ice cream in the UK, found that eight out of 10 females no longer go for the tall, slim, feminine look.

Relationship expert Peter Spalton, said: "The metrosexual look has gone too far and that has contributed to turning women off.

"Women like to be treated like women. They don't want to compete with a man for that territory"


Now you briff me alredi?!! So start ditching your ahkua make ups and start scratching your balls and dig your nose in the public can?!!! Lidat chicks only like wan!! kakakakaka!


  1. eh like that you become chick magnet ady .. hehe :P

  2. Sure boh??? How cum I got 'rambutan ball' & very big pot belly, still no chick attract 2 me???

  3. you make me damn malu lah. my bf has hairy chest and beer belly. but no messy hair lah, cos he botak. but guys with chest hair more manly mah... no meh?

  4. Adeh ... like this also can eh? Kes kes kes ... how long can this quality survive ah? 70s punya bulu out date or not?


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