31 March 2007

Light and Easy Weekend Photos

Some of the interesting photos i got in my inbox :

I think you should know this Warner Brother, which is actually a movie studio/company, but the blacks have anoder way of pronoucing it. And since in Amadika the blacks are closely associated with crimes then they made this t shirt for the blacks ... it says

Free Cat, anyone?

This is just so wrong!

This is Ray Charles the Blind singer ... pls dun luff ok? he cant see wan!

The simplest weather station.

PHILIPS, its so good even darth vader also use it in his light saber!

haha! How to tell is there is a terrorist at the airport!

Don shoplift! this is why!

smells like u got pirated VCD in there!

I belif they are atually trying to read the CD ... lol

Enjoy your weekend and give your folks a call ok?

30 March 2007

Girls! New Toy for Your Handphone

Annoucement : the availability of my newest domain --> rojaks.com!!! but of coz when u typed rojaks.com in your browser you will still end up here la! buden rojaks.com is so much more easier to remember can?!!

These days ... Handphones are not only a communication device but they are considered as a fashion icon also!

I seen Ahbengs that cant tok no shit yingrish but they using Dopod! Mch! I am dem 9 sure he derno how da fark to use that thing also. Nvm that Ahbeng ... anyway today we wanna tok about women and their handphones.

Now mia handphones can do majiam majiam rite? Can take piktures la, can play miusik la, can go online la, can play games la ... macam macam ada la!

So lately there is company that created a products that can enhance the ability of your handphones and its made specially for women wan! (altho guys can still use it but ... i dun wanna know the details ok?)

What kinda products can this be? haha ... see for yourself la!

Handphone Dildo/Vibrator! No nid additional batteries one leh!

The western market recently had one kind of feminine handset self-consolation(masturbation).

From the contour looked it has not certainly distinguished with the general self-consolation(masturbation), its best feature is that you may slot your handset onto the product, when you adjust the handset to "vibration" mode, it became a motion(vibrator) at your convenience the self-consolation(masturbation).

Invention of this kind of self-consolation merchant to say their product enables the person to be allowed "to obtain the pleasant sensation", this is "in the natural history revolution."

Translated Descriptions taken from HERE

This is actually a good product ok? It fits most handphones for one and those who are in long distance relationship should really get one! (for the girl la! not for the guy!)

This is because most handphone only start vibrating when the phone start ringing rite? So u can make a long distance call and give her that "self consolation" kinda pleasure la! Altho you are not physically there ... but hey thanks to you she is now alot more "fulfilled" LOL!

So, the next time your bf/hubby/kanfu went outstesen/oversea for business then you still can get him to call back and give you that twinkling sensation still!!! Its like he never left home! In some case its even better than him being there himself!!! HAHAHAHAHAA!!!

If you asking me .. I would definitely say that this product is a must buy! (for girls only ok? do not attempt to use this products on guys pulez!!!)

Now ... who wanna join me for a bulk purchase??!! ( eh i buy not for my own use one ok? I m buying for someone else geh! LMAO!!)

This is anoder community message by the management of Rojaks Daily.

P.S. : Thanks to ah huei for the link.

29 March 2007

Niahma You Dont Bruff!!

Ahbeng just rob a convinient store and he got away with it, unfortunately he was rounded up by the police later as a suspect.

The police brought him back to the station and lined him up together with other suspects for identification purpose.

Then later one Ahlian were brought into the room, Ahlian walked up and down several times and she still dint managed to positively identify the culprit.

Ahlian then walks to the Inspector and said :

Ahlian : that time was kinda dark ler and it happened so fast, i couldnt really see his face.
Inspector : Har? u dint see his face??!! then why you tell us that you could recognise him if you sees him again?
Ahlian : Ya ler ... i could recognise his voice ma!
Inspector : His voice? hmm ... okok maybe this could work! What was he saying when he was robbing you that time?
Ahlian : errr... I think he said "SUMA LUIT ANGKAT MALI! IF NOT I SHOOT 9 LU!"
Inspector : You sure thats what he said?
Ahlian : Yea ... pretty sure.

Suddenly Ahbeng move out from the line and shouted at Ahlian :

Ahbeng : Niahma! you dont bruff!!! I dint say lidat to you!!!

28 March 2007

OMFG!!! Ribena What??

Updates : It appears that GSK Malaysia has made an official statement : giving assurance that Ribena in Malaysia has sufficient Vitamin C - LINK

Have you heard? Ribena does not have Vitamin C innit!! [source]

I practically grow up drinking ribena and so does my kid! So you can imagine how furious I m! I felt like a sucker now ok?

I mean all these years ... and its not cheap too ok?!!! niahma! If i knew i would have just bought cordial and prolly save lotsa money in the process.

Here are some of the related news :
Multinational drugs group GlaxoSmithKline was fined 217,000 New Zealand dollars (£79,500) for misleading advertising yesterday after students found its blackcurrant drink Ribena contained no detectable vitamin C, contradicting its claims that the prediluted children's drink, Ready to Drink Ribena, contained more of the vitamin than orange juice.


Another one reported :
The case followed tests on Ribena by Anna Devathasan and Jenny Suo, from Auckland, as part of a science project in 2004 when they were 14.

Their results came to the attention of the New Zealand Commerce Commission and forced the firm to admit that its cartoned, ready-to-drink Ribena had no detectable Vitamin C, despite claims that it had seven milligrams per 100 millilitres.


Anyway .... i think I will let the below pics tell u what i wanna say :



So .... you get the picture yet?

Updates : Apparently in the latest statement released by GSK Malaysia, assuring the level of Vitamin C in Ribena sold in Malaysia is sufficient. So looks like we are all not affected!!!


GSK Malaysia has conducted thorough laboratory testing of Vitamin C levels in Ribena. This testing has confirmed that Ribena in Malaysia contain the stated levels of Vitamin C, as described on product labels. GSK would like to reassure its consumers in Malaysia that the issues discussed with the ACCC and NZCC only affects certain Ribena products in Australia and New Zealand.

Click Here to read the full statement

Erm .... ok i dont feel cheated after all ....

Interesting Piktures from around the world

You know ... photographs really do make a great post! They makes your entry looks interesting not to mention they add colors to the whole blog making it alot live-lier!

The best thing is ... a picture is worth a thousand words ... in that case I will be putting about 8,000 words in this entry alone!! Hows that?! (yala! i memang lazy to type lar! dats why i used piktures! )

Ok lar i dun wanna keep crapping ledi la! Go enjoy the piktures ok?

Yea ... shes pretty bcoz of the amount of money you spend on her you moron!

This bicycle is actually worth more than you think! hence the LOCKS!!!

If i were to get a tatoo ... this would defnitely be it!!

Oh great! now Nike air comes in japs slippers too! Obviously made in China of coz!

Now this is what i call TEAMWORK!!! Die also die together gether!

AH! so, this is how the inside of a vending machine looks like!!!

This is one toilet I wouldnt mind wash my hand long long!!

Miss, thats one big a$$hole you got!!! LOL!

I counted ledi .. thats a total of ... 8235 words!

P.S. : Thanks to my piktures pusher ahnel for his endless supplies of interesting piktures!

5xmom kena molest!!

Ok la Ok la! she dint really kena molest la! but there is this self proclaimed HOLE-ly fler sent 5xmom one hamsap email with a pikture of man with the longest kukuciao innit!

Then nevermind you know! thats not all yet! he then proceed to call her aunty wor!! MCH!! of coz See Jeh sure naik api lar!!!!

Below is a caption taken from 5xmom's blog :

You are the farker who sent me that disgusting photo of a naked man. Fark you, calling me aunty, sending me religious stuffs and sent me that gross photos without due warning and respect to me. Take a mirror and look at yourself before calling me aunty, ok, pervert?

Link to this article HERE
You wanna send porno to ppl also u choose who la! Send ledi sommo still pretend to be not guilty wor! ok la ok la u win lar ... its not porn la! its just a picture of a naked guy showing his long long kukuciao and its for biology lesson one rite?

Lidis next time i go send someone anthrax and claim that its not my intention to kill him wan! I merely wanna study what kinda impact will anthrax have on a human body only!

Niahma la!! bruff cock meh lu uncle?!!! KAKAKAKAKAKA!!! KNN! This world hor ... majiam majiam ada!!!!

What say lu? Guilty anot?!!

P.S. : Seejeh i counted ledi ... this post ngam ngam 229 words (excluding this para, since we so geng this para i throw in FOC la!) , my regular charges (calculated based on the popularity and influences of this blog) is USD35 for 150 words! so now u owed me USD53.43! kakakakaka!!!

26 March 2007

Ahbeng ScrewED

At the age of 25 Ahbeng is still a virgin, that is why his friends wanna prank 9 Ahbeng. They send him to this house and tell him that he can get spesel service there :

Ahock : you see that house anot?
Ahbeng : Yea ... and?
Ahock : Well they got provide spesel service wan and they can help you get rid of your V.
Ahbeng : Sure anot?!
Ahock : Sure la!
Ahbeng : Then what do i hafta do to get this service?
Ahock : Easy oni! you goto that house and knock on the door.
Ahbeng : Then?
Ahock : Then if got ppl come open door ask u what u want, u tell them "I wanna get screwed" and he will tell you what to do next.
Ahbeng : So easy only ar? ok ok i go now ....

Image Source : eatingasia

Ahbeng knocked on the wooden door and one Aunty come open the door :

Aunty : What lu want?
Ahbeng : I wanna get screwed.
Aunty : How much you got?
Ahbeng : I got RM35.80
Aunty : ok Gimme all RM35.80 now.

Ahbeng digged all his money out and handed them over to the Aunty, Aunty took the money ledi fast fast close the door leaving Ahbeng waiting outside.

Ahbeng wait har wait har alredi half an hour standing there ledi .... derno what else to do Ahbeng knocked on the wooden door again. Not long after that the same Aunty come n open the door.

Aunty : What you want now?
Ahbeng : I wanna get screwed!
Aunty : HAR??!! AGAIN??!!!

Moral of the story : Sometime you kena screwED ledi but u are too blur to realised it! lol

Why UPS is the best compares to others?

Competition is good because it gives us consumer more choices as in who should we give our business to.

I mean lets face it, by the end of the day we will hafta use their products or services and the company that can offer the best package will get our money rite?

Since its Monday ... so perhaps you wanna know why UPS is better than others courier company?

Oh la la~~~

Come come lemme help u~~

Are you sure you dont wanna work for me?

Bend Just alittle more ...

Lau bei huet edi~


Knock Knock!

ALO! ALO!! kambek!!! its still monday ok? Go Bek To Work!!! Mana mau lari??!!!!

Lets all hope n pray that DHL is gonna follow this trend soon!!!

P.S. : Thanks to Ahnel for the supplies of the above pics

25 March 2007

Dengue Fever on The Rise!

Got a call from aceone at approximately 1:17pm telling me that Lehbit was hospitalised bcoz of dengue fever, the conver is something lidis wan :
Ace : alo where u?
Me : at home lar
Ace : Just wakeup ar?
Me : No lar just got back from brunch only
Ace : I just wakeup only la .. yesday watch football
Me : oh ... wassup?
Ace : You know Lehbit go in factory ledi ?
Me : I dunno wor ... what happened?
Ace : Kena denggi fever
Me : When kena wan?
Ace : A few days ago kena ledi but yesday only masuk factory.
Me : Oh shit ....

Apparently Lehbit did mentioned in one of her previous post :

Rabbit said...
aceone: We've already have like.. 9 cases of dengue near my house here. No need to wait till it spreads from subang till here lor. Kaka!
Please be more aware of your surroundings! Make sure there are no stagnant water in empty container around your house and clear all the rubbish. Spray lotsa n lotsa insecticide if there are any mosquitos in your house. Better be safe than sorry ok?

Now, lets all pray for this Lehbit to fast fast recover ok?

24 March 2007

Good News From Nuffnang

I got this piece of exciting news which I would like to share with all of you, Not only for me but I reckon this also could benefits most Malaysian bloggers in general ... especially those who are learning how to make money through their blog(s).

I got an email from nuffnang.com's marketing team yesterday and the content is as below :


An advertiser has chosen to advertise on http://rojaks.blogspot.com

The advertisement details are as follows.
Advertiser: EBiz Gold Large Rectangle
Campaign Date: 25-Mar-2007 until 07-Apr-2007
Ad Unit: Large Rectangle

Please do not remove the mentioned Ad Unit from your blog in this period of time or you will not be paid the full amount of the ad.

Thank you.

The Nuffnang Team

, blogging just got alot more interesting isnt it? So, you register ledi anot?

The Bedsheet for Lonely Souls - Single's Bedsheet

Its Saturday today and this is when you will get to see lotsa weekend couple spending time together .. yes that includes sleepingover at their bf/gf house.

But they will sure be those who are still single and available yet they do not have any companion to sleep with just yet.

So, If you are single and you dont have a girlfriend just yet, plus the fact that you dont like to sleep alone either, then this might be just the bedsheet sepcially designed for your kinda peeple!

The Single Bedsheet

Look on the bright side ... she wont nags, she wont wake you up to bring her out for blekfast, she wont ask you to go shopping and she wont have PMS too! hahaha!

Thanks to huei for the pic.

23 March 2007

A$$hole wrapped in plastic

Dont feel too good now ... lotsa ppl getting ill lately .... I need lotsa sleep

I seriously need to catch up on my sleep, so i'll do a short one today

This is an actual story and I dint make this up one! The other day i asked this fler a question ....

Me : Have you ever seen an a$$hole wrapped in plastic?

She : Err ... Nope ...

Me : Ok! Just look at your drivers license!

She : $%^&*@#$!!!

Driver's Pic taken from : goldpolkadots.blogspot.com

22 March 2007

Together Gather in NST

Thank to yothemans for the tip off, I managed to get myself a copy of the NST and scan the whole newspaper for the article. I actually read the whole THE STAR and dint managed to find anything that talks bout it so my guess were the article should be in NST.

Below are the article and 3 photos from the party were also published, Page 9 IT section NST.

Click on the above image to enlarge.

nah here are the bigger n clearer pics that they used in the article, of coz these pics are courtesy of kidchan.

And there is this pic which i stole from lenglui cely ... from Intech The Star (no article tho)

Pikom Chairman Mr. Lee Boon Kok Receiving a momento from m.. *cough cough* at the Party

21 March 2007

Another Jungle Treking Adventure

Linpeh, Dale and Ahpek went on a jungle treking adventure in Taman negara when come upon a river.

Linpeh fast fast bring out his digital thermometer (to show off) to test the water temperature .... he dipped the thermometer into the river and seconds later take it out and said :

"The temperature of the water is 20 degree celcius"

Dale see Linpeh show off ledi he behsong, he also take out his more canggih infrared Thermometer, points it at the river for a few seconds and after a "beep" is audible from the device he announced

"The exact temperature of the river should be 20.531 degree celcius"

Upon seing this Ahpek who knows nothing bout all this advance advance gadgets, took out his "lil brader" and dipped it into the river for a few sconds and then put his "lil brader" back into his pants and said :

"I derno whats the temperature of the water ... but i do know that the depth of the river is exactly 1 foot and 2 inches deep!"

Of women and menses

Warning : I think its better that you read this post with an empty stomach .... unless you are kinda fond of throwing up ok? You been warned, proceed at own risk!

I derno whats wrong with me or that women just love telling me that they are having their period! So, now i m the period expert ledi izzit?

Just yesday, I got 3 of them telling me they got period and the way they described it was totally new to me!
The first one said :
This month mine is kinda different than usual ... It looks like Hung Tao sar (red bean paste) just a little bit darker!

Then the second one told me this :
I think I m gonna die of excessive blood lost! I went to toilet just now to change my pad and after I m done with it ... it looks like the scene of a mass murder!

The third one is even better! She even told me a story! She said :
Last time when I kena dengue fever ... I was so sick that I need to do blood transfusion, so my bf gave me lotsa his blood to save me.

After I recovered, I found out that this bastard has been cheating behind my back, so i dumped that bastard and refused to meet him nor take his calls. Then one day he mailed me a note saying :

"Since you refused to forgive me and take me back, I demand that your returned my blood that i donated to you"

Then I send him back a package, in the package I include a bloody sanitary pad of mine and a note saying :

"Dont worry! I will pay you back in monthly installments!!!"

Erm ... anyone wanna take over the position of the period expert from me? I really should just stick to jokes you know?

20 March 2007

When your memory is failing you ....

Write it down!

How many times you heard peeple telling you this huh? such an economic solution to a not so economic problem.

If you dont write it down .... then things lidis is inevitable

You and your wife alredi very old and alredi have problems remembering thing but u both die die also dun wanna write it down becoz u both dem lazy la! .... then one day while watching Wah Lai Toi on astro you got up from your chair and :

Her : Where you going?
U : Go kitchen get something to eat
Her : Can make me maggi mee anot? put hotdog and egg.
U : ok
Her : you better write it down ler ... if not later u will forget one!
U : No lar! I can remember one! trust me!
Her : watever! Just make sure you dont forget to put egg ok?
U : You dont trust me izzit??! you want maggi mee with hotdog n egg rite?
Her : Yar la yar la ... u very panai la!
U : See? I remember wan! I dont need to write it down ok?

Then you walks into the kitchen ..... 20 minutes later u emerges from the kitchen and ...

U : Nah! your peanut butter roti with fry eggs.
Her : Nabeh!!! Where is my kaya?? I told I want kaya in my roti right??!!!

So if you are as forgetful as me .... next time please write it down ok?!!!

18 March 2007

The Kidchan Effects

Note : If you wanna use any of the below photos at your blog/site please give credit mention back to kidchan and/or link back to his blog tenkiu.

To those who want a copy of the cd can get in touch with me for further details ok?

We managed to get our Together Gather Party Photographs CD from Kid yesterday and today we fast fast upload some of the pics for your viewing pleasure. The actual CD are loaded with 270+ high quality photographs!

I would like to thank Kidchan and Voon for all these wonderful photographs of the Party and here are some of it.

Fireangel, Yvonne and The snark

Golfnicks, sotong, Frostier and CKYEO

Most photographed chicks at the party

Lets eat!!!

Teiji filling her plate

Matthew, sam, dylan and others

Hongkiat, Kenny Lee and Liewcf lining up for their food

SEE??!! We Bloggers are civillised peeple ... we Q up wan!

Lengjais united : splashmilk, jason mumbles, fattien, ahboon and ahkwong.

Jeff Ooi, Ming and Stewie


Uncle Goldfish and Kenny Lee

Jason and Penny

Pikom's Chairman Mr. Lee Boon Kok

Kenny Lee, Sam & Golfnicks

Zeo (PR7 man) and his gf


Earl Ku, JJ and Cincau

Charles the runner up of a reality show of What She wants aired on TV8

Clare, Teiji and Friends

Fireangel and Minishorts

Laundryamah, sasha and err .... (kenot tell wor!)

Lengjai Daniel (chinese name Tah Niu)

Hot Chicks Camwhoring!

Zewt & gf

Heres the prove that the underwear mia kenny sia signature is genuine one!

And kidchan got it!

Another pic to prove the second boxer is indeed wore by Kennysia before!

And this one were won by Zeo ... and I thot I told them to give to girls oni .... -_-""

Matthew won the Ipod

Ahpek's Angels

The Hawt Jessbabe, Yatz & gf

Earl Ku & Penny

Mr Goldfishman is cheering!

Jeff Ooi and Bryan (HK star look alike!)

5xmom stalked by fanss

ShaolinTiger, Kimberlycun, Jeffooi, Kidchan and Suanie

Laura, James, Beestunglips all lining for gifts

Jeff Oii and Mini (please ignore the barger in the middle ok?)

Ready ... Steady ... SHOOT!

ShaolinTiger busy giving autographs to his fansee

Laundryamah giving autographs to her fansee

Kidchan giving autographs to his fansee

Sasha's Victory Pose

Earl Ku's Million lollar Smile!

Ahkwong ... lemme take pikture of your "Tool" - Ahboon

Liewcf on stage

Brian on stage

Party's angels : Huei, Janicepa, Kimchi, Ladyboss and Belle

Group pic!

Erm ... i'll leave this to your own imagination ... but pls take note of the james bond pose guy on the top left ... so yeng rite?! (niahma this Jamesbond uncle say kenot show his face wor! "ask" me to blur his face wor! mch! but in ahuei blog got his face big big can la! diu! Betul betul Jamesbond uncle la!!)

Of coz there is more photos in the cd and it is kinda impossible to put all 280 photographs in this post rite? So, send me an email if you wanna get hold of the CD ok?