28 March 2007

Interesting Piktures from around the world

You know ... photographs really do make a great post! They makes your entry looks interesting not to mention they add colors to the whole blog making it alot live-lier!

The best thing is ... a picture is worth a thousand words ... in that case I will be putting about 8,000 words in this entry alone!! Hows that?! (yala! i memang lazy to type lar! dats why i used piktures! )

Ok lar i dun wanna keep crapping ledi la! Go enjoy the piktures ok?

Yea ... shes pretty bcoz of the amount of money you spend on her you moron!

This bicycle is actually worth more than you think! hence the LOCKS!!!

If i were to get a tatoo ... this would defnitely be it!!

Oh great! now Nike air comes in japs slippers too! Obviously made in China of coz!

Now this is what i call TEAMWORK!!! Die also die together gether!

AH! so, this is how the inside of a vending machine looks like!!!

This is one toilet I wouldnt mind wash my hand long long!!

Miss, thats one big a$$hole you got!!! LOL!

I counted ledi .. thats a total of ... 8235 words!

P.S. : Thanks to my piktures pusher ahnel for his endless supplies of interesting piktures!


  1. really interesting pics ;) haha

  2. i bet u everyday oso washing ur hands at the sink!!

  3. Anonymous10:33 pm

    die also wanna die together ..
    lol funny...
    Lesbian also will washing at that toilet everyday

  4. interesting picture, especially that gal bath with alot of Big Note


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