15 March 2007

Mama! I want buy Bra!

This is a true stroy that happened to one of my weird Frend quite some time ago ... that time this fler still a teenager and you know how we turn from a kid to a teenager, i mean the process .... the puberty process la!

So there is this Frend of mine who are abit diff and one day that Frend of mine had this conversation with the parent.

Frend : Mama can i ask you something?
Mum : Can ah! come come! tell me what you wanna ask?
Frend : Mama ar ... I alredy 14 year old rite?
Mum: Yar ... and?
Frend : I think its time to get one lor
Mum: Get one what ar?
Frend : I want buy bra ler mama.
Mum: What??!! NO!
Frend : but my nipples are alredi very obvious and i think everyone can see them ledi ....
Mum: NO u cant!
Frend : But mama ... I m aredi 14 yrs old wor!
Mum: I said no wor!!!
Frend : But mama! all my frends are wearing ledi wor!!!
Mum: LINPEH!!! how many times mummy hafta tell you that bras are only for charbohs??!!!


  1. no wonder lah! I thought his chest was being supported by something last week!!

  2. so i guess linpeh got big tits now!

  3. Anonymous8:24 am

    First ... yay!

    Limpeh would want to go for boobjob next.

  4. Anonymous8:48 am


    kakakakakaka...perfect for a day starter....LMAO

  5. nyeahHAHhaHAH

    lkj..tampons r for charboh onli oso..not for nosebleed or lau sai!! kekeke =P

  6. hahahaha... i read this story b4.. but it sound so much better whn you put linpeh's name there.. hahaha... superb !

  7. Anonymous10:55 am

    i think linpeh now can buy liao la, look at his logo... the niples so obvious liao!!!

  8. *laffing at linpeh's comment*

  9. Anonymous10:57 am

    lin peh: I think the bra will fit your belly :)

  10. Man can wear if they wan but don't lar buy those tai tai lap one lor eg 40C.Hahaha. Sports bra should be ok kua. You can consider them too. Hehehe...........

  11. Lin Peh went for implant ka? Okay, lin peh, mama dowan buy for U I buy for you!!!! Leng mou? Err!! Lin peh...you wear what cup ar??Muahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. well lucky he didnt say this. "mummy i want to buy that one, that one got lace one!!" =P

  13. wah u really kenakan that guy teruk teruk

  14. LOL... linpeh again, kesiannnn

  15. Anonymous4:00 pm

    haha...linpeh is the best..and rojaks too..

  16. Anonymous4:02 pm

    hehe.. funny.

  17. Anonymous4:03 pm


    long time din read jokes lidat adi!
    i wan more!!

  18. Anonymous5:42 pm

    WAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAK *falls down the chair*

  19. kakaka...linpeh 14yrs old onli.

  20. condemn kao my sifu?????!!!!

    GOOD JOB!!!

  21. wa ka ka ka ka

    linpeh if you shy shy to buy bra go tomy link there can buy online wan....


  22. eggy : wuah kanneh u go kap linpeh ka that nite?

    wuching : hahaa after the implant la u mean!

    toxicle : i thot he already did that?

    alex : niahma come kl also no call me!

    huei : tampon not for nosebleed??? u sure??!!! omfg!!!

    waikor : u luffing at linpeh ka? die lar lu!!! he sure revenge sama lu wan!

    linpeh : Waikor Luff 9 u la!!

    janicepa : u die la!! linpeh sure kam find u wan!

    ahboon : kakaka niahma u also kap linpeh!!!

    sasha : u dare to luff at linpeh??!! mei sei kor!!

    erinalaw : men can wear bra?!! eewwww!! your hubby got wear one anot??!!

    ace : hahaha u ask linpeh let u measure his cup size la!!!

    lehbit : how u know linpeh like lace wan geh??!!!

    pookyma : kakaka this is not kenakan one la!! this is true story!!!

    kenny ng : linpeh dem happy now everyone knows bout it ledi!

    sasuke : u also best la!

    nicole : tenkiu wor!

    belle : u want more kena buy ticket ledi la!

    chapree : niahma u luff till so sexcited one!

    pisang : u go buy for linpeh la! he shy ler! kakakakakaka


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