6 March 2007

Itinerary Together Gather Bloggers Party 2007

If you're not registered, then you don't know what a great party cum dinner you're missing out on! We told you earlier it'll be a great deal, RM35?

Even your doorgift itself is worth over RM35 already! You're definately getting back more than what you've paid for!!

Quick, register while you can, while those who haven't paid, to those who has registered, you'd better pay now before my Ladyboss strike your name outta list!

Some of the Q&A before we show u the itinerary :

Q : What Door gift?
A : Kenot tell you yet! But the door gifts alone is definitely worth more than RM35 already!

Q : Where to Park your car?
A : Low Yat Plaza @ RM4 flat rate (pls remember to get your ticket chopped at the reception counter)

Q : What time start ?
A : Registration Start at 6:10pm

Q : What should I wear?
A : Smart Casual - jeans n colar t shirt should be fine ... no singlet cap pagoda n shorts n slippers pls!

Q : Why You want me to come early early?
A : Because .... its free seating! You come erly erly to chop place la! then ... we have limited numbers of door gifts ... if you late and we ran out of door gifts then sorry la!

Latest update, here's the itinerary for the night.

Make sure you come by 6:10pm, door gifts are based on a first-come-first-serve basis, if you come early, maybe you'll get to kao some zai or kao some lui!

Here's what you'll be missing out on if you don't come...

9th March 2007
6:10 pm Registration
7:20 pm Introduction
7:45 pm Speech by Guest of Honuor
8:15 pm Buffet Dinner

- Games

- Entertainment

- Lucky Draw
11:00 pm Good Night!


If you have any more questions, please feel free to post it in the comment section ok?

3 Days and Counting!


  1. Woi! so early macam mana? I all the way kambing from SHAH ALAM! u no wait for me AH!

  2. can wear star wars storm tropper suit and mask onot?

  3. Still need to do write up or not ar?

  4. Anonymous7:01 pm

    Yah why so early wor, people got work on Friday you know, some more in the middle of KL during RUSH HOUR.

  5. ck:
    Lin Peh heard many peeple looking for u. Wanna CHAM 9 you. You better wear mask (Star wars kah, ultraman man kah, cicak man kah...all can)!

  6. Anonymous7:30 pm

    OI!! PLEASE LA!!! Save 1 doorgift pack for me la (n sasha n laundryamah)....sure jam one..I sure confirm late one!!!!!

    I kambing from old klang road - sungai besi la....please la...please la..PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

    Ok..that didn't work.

    *flutter flutter flutter eyelids*
    *high pitch sweet tone*
    AHEM!cough cough cough..

    "Pwetty Pweeeeeeeeease???"

    "tee hee hee....."

  7. ok set!!! I wear storm tropper mask !!!
    Nobody dare to mess with storm tropper

  8. Anonymous10:10 pm

    can't make it to this event...sad :(
    but helped on promoting :D ENJOY on that night!

  9. Whois guess of honour leh?hehehe

  10. Anonymous9:28 am

    yalor... Ah Pek travelling from PD u know. somemore dunno the way. where can guarantee on time?

  11. Wah reserve-reserve not fair la. I oso wan reserve too if like that.

  12. Anonymous5:33 pm

    Is it too late to sign up for this party? I really want to attend!!

  13. I wanna join too...!
    If still available, quick quick give me the info at kennyL1692@yahoo.com or drop me a msg in my blog...pleaaseee!

  14. I wanna join too...!
    If still available, quick quick give me the info at kennyL1692@yahoo.com or drop me a msg in my blog...pleaaseee!

  15. Can still register? Sorry lah - I forgot about the date... can email me please?? Thanks!


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