20 March 2007

When your memory is failing you ....

Write it down!

How many times you heard peeple telling you this huh? such an economic solution to a not so economic problem.

If you dont write it down .... then things lidis is inevitable

You and your wife alredi very old and alredi have problems remembering thing but u both die die also dun wanna write it down becoz u both dem lazy la! .... then one day while watching Wah Lai Toi on astro you got up from your chair and :

Her : Where you going?
U : Go kitchen get something to eat
Her : Can make me maggi mee anot? put hotdog and egg.
U : ok
Her : you better write it down ler ... if not later u will forget one!
U : No lar! I can remember one! trust me!
Her : watever! Just make sure you dont forget to put egg ok?
U : You dont trust me izzit??! you want maggi mee with hotdog n egg rite?
Her : Yar la yar la ... u very panai la!
U : See? I remember wan! I dont need to write it down ok?

Then you walks into the kitchen ..... 20 minutes later u emerges from the kitchen and ...

U : Nah! your peanut butter roti with fry eggs.
Her : Nabeh!!! Where is my kaya?? I told I want kaya in my roti right??!!!

So if you are as forgetful as me .... next time please write it down ok?!!!


  1. really lou mong tong ledi. -_- wingz kor kor! i want egg tarts! faster go bake for me! Egg tarts u know!! Not tan kung know! Ngiahaha!

  2. Both also forgetful... at 1st she wants Maggie with egg n hot dog, then he made roti... she pula said no kaya... *shake head*

  3. Anonymous12:45 am

    deng!! hahahahaa... both also so forgetful.. how lehh.. hahaha..

  4. sky keep lou yeh....

  5. rabbittt..call him wingz unker..he old liao cannot remember..no more kor kor!! =P

  6. no kaya...give her myonnis with roti la


  7. Anonymous1:29 pm

    haha, seems like u are going to approaching to that age soon~


  8. Anonymous1:30 pm

    20 minutes!!!???

    Hahahahahaha. I think 10 minutes is used to recall the purpose.

  9. HAHAHa....hahhaa.. i like this joke! wingz..! u win this time! i laugh out loud now.....

  10. ma foo lat! make up ur mind lah. u want which one!!

  11. lehbit : wuah! 1st wor!! egg tarts ar? u come my houz la! i make for u! tan kung u kena ask ace korkor to make ledi!

    kenny ng : hahaha next time if we lucky enuff to live till so old we also kena one la! lol

    cincau : kakakaka niahma u dun worry la! u still got a long way to go yet!

    ckyeo : niahma u skolding your sifu ka?

    huei : niahmaaaaa!!! louyeh is linpeh la!!!

    sotongking : aloo! mayonix kering liow lar at that age!

    cely : kakaka niahma u dun luff 9 me ok? u also will arrive there one!

    moo_t : hahaha u been there b4 ka?

    patrick : niahma now only u luff ka? last time u never luff at my jokes before one la?!!

    waikor : niahma i want maggi la!!! wheres the eggs?!!

  12. eh how u noe wan?!

    u got 6th sense ar?!

  13. Niamah, I heard this joke before but how come when you write it, it become funny again.

  14. life is full of funny funny things , thats what makes us keep going on by laughing on our sillyness. u got me, heehee, & i think blog idol good idea la, anybody 1 to organise? i'm your no 1 fansee ma, sure i sapot u 1

  15. Anonymous8:50 pm

    magge is code for roti
    and telur is code for kaya...
    I shall remember it...><"

  16. 5xmom : bcoz when u read it u think of my fugly face ... then u luff la!

    lil'd : u my fansee??!! wuah i finally got one fansee ledi!!! ONE! well one is a number too right? lol

    sasuke : i think u dint get it la!!! kaya is hotdog la!!! not telur! lol

  17. DIU!! fahnee. but of course we never make fun of the elderly.

  18. Anonymous4:08 am

    WAKS! kakaka..both senile liao..~


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