9 March 2007

Its TODAY! Together Gather Bloggers Party 2007

Yes!!! Its finally here!!! Tonights the night!!!

After countless meetings, uncountables numbers of msn messages and of course countless arguements it is finally here!!!

Before that We would like to address some issues which were brought up by the comittee yesterday :

1. Smoking - No smoking in the skyroom, the only designated smoking area is around the Lift lobby.

2. Care for your belongings - if you are bringing digital camera or notebook computer etc etc. Please take good care of your items, we hope no one will lost anything during the party.

3. Parking issue : get your parking ticket chop at the reception counter

4. Urgent Issues : If there is any issue arised that required urgent attention, please get in touch with our Emcees.

5. Security : To avoid any unwanted troubles, you are required to keep your ticket and sticker with you all the time, in case someone need to confirmed whether you are a registered guest.

6. Party Crashers and non registered guests will be charged RM150 per pax, that is if you still wanna join the party of course. However we strongly discourage Party crashers and non registered guests because not only they will not be given any door gifts but also due to the preparation of the party that has been finalised, party crashers and unregistered guests will also be excluded in alot of activities also.

Please find below the list of confirmed guests as per our latest listing issued by our ladyboss :

Aceone 1 http://aceone118.blogspot.com/
Ahpek 2 http://ahpek.com/
Alvin Chong 1 http://blog.alvinchong.net
Angel 1 http://angelestrix.blogspot.com/
April Ng 1
April Yim 1 http://www.vervesincomposition.com/
Arif Sanchez 3 http://www.myarif.info
Arsyan Ismail 1 http://www.arsyan.com/
Boss Stewie 4 http://timothytiah.blogspot.com/
Bryan 1 http://sapiensbryan.com/
Cely 3 http://www.chingling.net/blog/
Chanlilian / 5xmom 3 http://chanlilian.net/
CKYEO 1 http://skykeepyou.blogspot.com/
Clare 1 http://clarenic.blogspot.com/
Cocka 1 http://cock-a-doodle.blogspot.com
Cutiepie 1 http://www.cutiepi3.blogspot.com/
Dale 2 www.hizecool.com
Dominique Wong 1 http://pixart.com.my
Earl Ku 1 http://www.kukujiao.com/
Edmund / Swifty
endroog 1 http://endroog.com
Egghead 1 http://littleskywalker.blogspot.com/
FireAngel 1 http://fireangelism.com
FL Sam 1 http://www.flsam.blogspot.com/
Golfnick 2 http://golfnick.com/
Huei 1 http://huei0522.blogspot.com/
James 1 http://loopymeals.blogspot.com
James Yang 1 http://www.friedbeef.com/
Janice Looi 1 http://ladydummy.blogspot.com/
Jason KL Podcast 1 http://www.klpodcast.com/
Jess Chong 1 http://flippingskirt.wordpress.com
Jason Mumbles 2 http://jasonmumbles.com/
Jiun Jie 2 http://www.jiunjie.com/
Josh Lim 4 http://redesignmalaysia.com
Kenny Lee 1 http://onegigspace.blogspot.com/
Kenny ng 1 http://kenny-ng.blogspot.com
Kidchan 1 http://www.kidchan.com
KimberlyCun 1 http://www.kimberlycun.com/
King's Wife 1 http://simplyhantam.wordpress.com/
Kwong 1 http://blog.ahkwong.com
Laundry Amah 1 laundryamah.wordpress.com
Liew Cheon Fong 1 http://www.liewcf.com/blog/
Liew Mun Tien 1 http://www.arch-lancer.com
Linpeh 1 http://tok3tok4.blogspot.com
Lisan 2 http://lisansscribbles.blogspot.com/
LMF 1 http://kylielmf.blogspot.com/index.html
Mae 1 http://powderpuffmae.blogspot.com
Matthew Kang 1 http://itsadurianlife.blogspot.com
Mei Yee 1 http://waicrapocrapzbel.blogs.friendster.com/belindaf/
Mikel D.Lian 1 http://splashmilk.com
Ming 1 http://nuffnang.blogspot.com
Mott ( + sasha) 2 mott.blogsome.com
Paul Tan 1 http://paultan.org
Pennypupz 1 http://pennypupz.blogspot.com/
Desmond Wong
1 http://nine3nine4.blogspot.com/
Wingz 1 http://rojaks.blogspot.com/
ShaolinTiger 1 http://www.shaolintiger.com/
Shireen 1 http://shiryen.blogspot.com/
Silencers 1 http://www.thesilentroom.org
Simon 1 simontalks.com
Suanie 1 http://www.suanie.net
Teeji 3
Teoh Sui Lynn 1 http://www.beestunglips.wordpress.com
Titahpah 1 http://tihtahpah.blogspot.com/
The Snark 1 http://www.huntingthesnark.net/
Vicky Au Yong 1 http://vickyay.com
Yatz 2 http://jenkinyat.blogdrive.com/
Yvonne 1 http://www.yvonnefoong.com/
Zeo 2 http://zeo.unic.net.my
Zewt 2 http://zewt.blogspot.com/

I'll be leaving for the venue is a while, So ... try not to be too late ok? Dont do like chinese wedding dinner lidat! start at 7pm but 9pm only get to eat! This is not a wedding dinner la!!!



  1. oh well, i guess i won't be much of a guest tonight if i decided to attend since the rules are obviously stated that no party crasher is gonna be 'nicely' welcomed.

    just a shame for me tat, i didn't notice abt this event earlier...

  2. looks like it's going to be quite the event. have lots of fun and take lots of pics!!!!!

  3. Too bad I can't be there. Will only be back in Malaysia on the 23rd. You guys take more pictures ya

  4. ... how come the URL of my blog is left blank?

  5. Anonymous5:53 pm

    Hey hey!!!

    Wish those attending Together Gather -HAFFA great time and take loads of pix ok? Looking forward to hear everyone's account of the story...kekek!!!


  6. Hey, so sorry I couldn't make it. There was a sudden family emergency. Wanted to call you but don't have your number.

  7. 1st on wingz!!!

    have fun everybody, and wingz, come back with more jokes niama

  8. Anonymous9:20 am

    niapoh where is LocKee or Ahboon leh!? :p

    anyway realy thanks for your big effffort organising this big party!

    you've done a GREAT jooob!

  9. VERY VERY SORRY!!! I miss this meeting is my most lost in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!ARRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! IF HAVE another gathering then please told me! I wanna join!!!!!

  10. *clap hand*

    LKJ seng
    LKJ yeng
    LKJ mou tak teng!!

    Last night was a great success! now everyone will look forward to the many more bloggers party to come!!

    GOOD WORK LKJ! without you this wouldn't have happened!

  11. Anonymous11:16 pm

    Was great to meet you - thanks for organizing :)


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