13 April 2010


You know when you get invitation to events .... most of the time la ... they will give u a goody bag. Innit u can find craps like stickers .... lanyard .... crappy keychains ... pens ... silicon wrist band. On a good day you could prolly get a thumbdrive! or a t-shirt! BUT a freaking cool headset??? This is the first time lor!!!

This is what i got from the iTalk WHOA! Bloggers party!

Here pls feel free to drool at my WHOA! headset! hahaha!

The bling bling chun WHOA! headset!!! Limited edition wei!

Everyone alo dem stim after they took a peek into their goody bag! dun briff u ask them n see! lol!

And this is where the iTalk WHOA! bloggers party happened! Bornea Rainforest Sunway!

Participants lining up for their goody bag!

I met so many familiar faces! some long lost bloggers also there! I like this kinda party whereby there is no boundary and everyone can attend. Its almost as good as the independant bloggers party lidat ... not only confined to certain groups of bloggers in general.

SO when bloggers get together .... what they do? they camwhore!!!!

Kristine and Xiang

Jason, Joshua, Jessica and William

The crowds

Mr. Jeremy of TMNET opening speech

Do you know that iTalk WHOA! is all you need to login to all your fb, Y!, MSN, twetter, Gtalk, Gmail, Yahoomail, hotmail (soli ah! no ahbeng frendsters serbis yet ah! ... who in the world would use frendsters anymore huh?) i no shit u wan! All that in one portal!

Sommo ah! can send sms and make cheap CHEAP phone calls to all over the world TOO!!! its like one Portal rule them all lidat! (you got watch lord of the LING b4 anot?) All that services available in iTalk WHOA!!!

Right after which is Glutton Time!!! The selection of food is ... WHOA!!! ... the most extensive i ever seen in any bloggers party! Big tenkiu to the organiser of the party!

Tak habis makan sial!!! majiam majiam ada!!! suma chun chun mia!!! makan sampai sakit gusi chewing! lol!

Q&A session by TMNET big shots :)

more camwhorings

n games

n more camwhorings

n Bunkface's mini concerts!!!


n more camwhores

n more camwhores

and one more for the road!!

Honestly ... that nite really enjoyed kaw kaw!!! met so many fwens n tok so many koks ... n took so many pikchers!!!


12 April 2010

AhBeng go Slimming at My Body Secrets!

I m fat! there i said it! ... but my doc prefer to think otherwise. According to my fam doc turned fwen ... he said to me "You is not fat ... you is just not tall enough jek! If you are 7ft tall your weight is just ideal!" I dunno about you but i think he got a point there! (Yea .. i know my fam doc is abit siao one lol!)

But the thing is ... i m long over puberty edi and for me to grow from the current state to 7ft tall that is almost as impossible as asking the pig to fly! LOL!! So its very obvious edi ... either i grow taller or i slim down! I opted for the latter!

Age catching up ledi .... even tho my fam doc (that siao lokter) always jeles of my heatlh (becoz he dem jeles i tarak high cholesterol, tarak high blood pressure, tarak diabetic, every freaking engine parts is working well apart from being overweight ... and i m more healthier than he is lol!) but as age catches up, engine parts begining to wear out and if i continue being fat lidis ... sooner or later i will kena masuk workshop for a complete overhaul! To prevent that .... i hafta do something la! (takut mati kenot ah?! ... acherly also pressure kambing from bini also la ... always kena nag beh tahan man! kakakaka!)

And here is where i ended up in after being Kaw-kaw-ly recomended by a few fwens of mine.

My Body Secrets, Kota Damansara

At first i thot of escape also la ... mahfulat! Mahlatlow go slimming wor! Abit malu ler ... shy leh! Buden think think back ... which one more scary? Shy or masuk workshop overhaul? I think i no nid tell u also u know the answer la!

So i thicken my face and walked in lor!

Wuah! you wont briff the place lor! Once u step in there ... your shy shy all gone wan!

Then got 2 lengluis welokam u at the counter with sweet sweet smile ... wuahhh!!!

Since its my first time there at MY BODY SECRETS, Ms. Ruby actually spent more than 1 hour talking to me explaining to me how the whole program works and what kinda benefits my body will be getting plus all kinda nutritional advices. Very professional i must say! She made me felt at ease knowing they knew this kinda stuffs very well.

The good news is ... i m not beyond cure! ... the bad news is ... i gotta lose at least 30 kgs!!! tiga puluh kilos!!! Thirty kilos!!!! Samsap kilos ah!!! .... eat la! eat sommo la! Sigh ... nvm! I can doit wan!!!!

There is one thing you must try tho ... this is rose water .... its not something you get to try everyday. Its all natural derived from real rose one! Complimetary of MY BODY SECRETS

This is where the conversation took place, very relaxed environment.

After the consultation session i was asked to do this (like what Cheryl is doing in the above pic) this machine will actually measures the body fats n weight and all the other stuffs they need to know in order to be able to tailor a special program that will suits your requirements.

After they taken down all the details, i was asked to change and get ready for my first session. Yes! imediately without further delay!

Ms. Cheryl is preparing for my 1st slimming session

Ms. Cheryl begin attaching wires on me, getting me ready for my 1st round of slimming program!

I sspend about 30 minutes on this treatment (i wished it was longer because it is actually felt really really nice wan! just like message lidat!)

I did not weight myself after my 1st session ... but heck I already felt lighter by a few kilos already!!! Healthy body Here I kambing!!!

11 April 2010

Malaysia FAILED Pagoda Peanut Packaging!

Packaging and Marketing company should be really careful when using taglines/mottos thats involved chiuren and young peeples. Particularly if its involving nuts and youngsters! You dont wanna sound like a pedophile company do you?

So let this be a lesson to all companies in mareysia ... Dont create tagline like "YOUNG NUTS ARE BETTER NUTS!" and show photos of young kids on your packaging like the photo below ok?!! Dem Malu wei!

I think they might as well change their name to Kacang Pedo? LOL!

Source : failbog.org

Car rammed into kedai Select in Shell petrol station!

I think i saw the car got a yellow colored plate number .... u think its a Singapoh's car ar?

Those kepohchee dem idiotic la ... some nearly kena run over by the reversing car! after that sommo dare to stand in front of the car! Super smart! (looked like banglas la! in blue clothings one)

Any Ahbengs can confirm this is Singkapoh car or wat?

First Sony Alpha DSLR Pro Shop in Malaysia

Good New for all Sony Alpha DSLR users! Sony recently opened a Pro shop in Kuala Lumpur (Pudu Plaza to be exact) to cater for all Alpha users in Klang Valley.

I was very grateful to be invited along with other Sony Alpha DSLR Enthusiast to the launching of the first Pro Shop in the Region.

I am also grateful to Mr Chin (The owner of Sony Pro Shop) for allowing the few invited bloggers cum Sony Alpha users to be the first few to experience the newly renovated Sony Pro Shop before the crowds grow too large.

If you are a Sony Alpha user, Mr. Chin is a name you would never missed ... primarily because Mr.Chin price is one of the best in town and his service is top of the line. So whenever we wanna buy anything, the first person we would be calling is Mr. Chin fro Alpha Pro Shop!

Details n contact information of Sony Alpha Pro Shop will be available at the end of this post. We shall now let the photos do the talking ok?

We arrived early in the morning n found Sony Alpha Pro shop's staffs is already there waiting for our arrival.

The front entrance of the shop is still blocked by buntings from the time we arrived so to keep the suspense feeling right up till the time of official opening.

Guests start registering their arrival.

Complete Lens lineup from all 3 categories, The Carl Zeiss lens category, The Sony G lens category and the Alpha SAL n DT lens category.

Mr, Chin talking to a buddy of mine (Irwan) answering his questions about this concept flagship Sony Alpha Pro shop.

Sufficient stocks of Sony mount DSLR lens for the launch.

Part of the Alpha Blogger team that were given the opportunity to visits the Sony Alpha Pro shop before the official launch.

Mr.Chin posing with Sony ALpha DSLR Gift Hampers

Wide shot of the whole Sony Alpha Pro Shop, as you can see, the items in the shop is really extensive.

Wide shot of the whole Sony Alpha Pro Shop, as you can see, the items in the shop is really extensive.

Mr. Chin officially opened the first Sony Alpha Pro shop in the region it his loyal customers.

Group Photos of all the happy customers cum Sony Alpha DSLR users.

So, whatever you are looking for, from studio lightings, to UV filters and bags and radio triggers etc etc. This is the place to be! I been making purchase from Mr. Chin since as long as I can remembered and I keep going back there! Isnt that some kinda testiment already?

Here is Sony Alpha Pro Shop contact infos. as promised :

Sony Pro Shop
Telephone no.:03-21455186/012-2913886
Location:Pudu Plaza
Staff Name:Mr.Chin or Ah ling
Shop Opening Every Day From 10a.m To 9p.m