12 April 2010

AhBeng go Slimming at My Body Secrets!

I m fat! there i said it! ... but my doc prefer to think otherwise. According to my fam doc turned fwen ... he said to me "You is not fat ... you is just not tall enough jek! If you are 7ft tall your weight is just ideal!" I dunno about you but i think he got a point there! (Yea .. i know my fam doc is abit siao one lol!)

But the thing is ... i m long over puberty edi and for me to grow from the current state to 7ft tall that is almost as impossible as asking the pig to fly! LOL!! So its very obvious edi ... either i grow taller or i slim down! I opted for the latter!

Age catching up ledi .... even tho my fam doc (that siao lokter) always jeles of my heatlh (becoz he dem jeles i tarak high cholesterol, tarak high blood pressure, tarak diabetic, every freaking engine parts is working well apart from being overweight ... and i m more healthier than he is lol!) but as age catches up, engine parts begining to wear out and if i continue being fat lidis ... sooner or later i will kena masuk workshop for a complete overhaul! To prevent that .... i hafta do something la! (takut mati kenot ah?! ... acherly also pressure kambing from bini also la ... always kena nag beh tahan man! kakakaka!)

And here is where i ended up in after being Kaw-kaw-ly recomended by a few fwens of mine.

My Body Secrets, Kota Damansara

At first i thot of escape also la ... mahfulat! Mahlatlow go slimming wor! Abit malu ler ... shy leh! Buden think think back ... which one more scary? Shy or masuk workshop overhaul? I think i no nid tell u also u know the answer la!

So i thicken my face and walked in lor!

Wuah! you wont briff the place lor! Once u step in there ... your shy shy all gone wan!

Then got 2 lengluis welokam u at the counter with sweet sweet smile ... wuahhh!!!

Since its my first time there at MY BODY SECRETS, Ms. Ruby actually spent more than 1 hour talking to me explaining to me how the whole program works and what kinda benefits my body will be getting plus all kinda nutritional advices. Very professional i must say! She made me felt at ease knowing they knew this kinda stuffs very well.

The good news is ... i m not beyond cure! ... the bad news is ... i gotta lose at least 30 kgs!!! tiga puluh kilos!!! Thirty kilos!!!! Samsap kilos ah!!! .... eat la! eat sommo la! Sigh ... nvm! I can doit wan!!!!

There is one thing you must try tho ... this is rose water .... its not something you get to try everyday. Its all natural derived from real rose one! Complimetary of MY BODY SECRETS

This is where the conversation took place, very relaxed environment.

After the consultation session i was asked to do this (like what Cheryl is doing in the above pic) this machine will actually measures the body fats n weight and all the other stuffs they need to know in order to be able to tailor a special program that will suits your requirements.

After they taken down all the details, i was asked to change and get ready for my first session. Yes! imediately without further delay!

Ms. Cheryl is preparing for my 1st slimming session

Ms. Cheryl begin attaching wires on me, getting me ready for my 1st round of slimming program!

I sspend about 30 minutes on this treatment (i wished it was longer because it is actually felt really really nice wan! just like message lidat!)

I did not weight myself after my 1st session ... but heck I already felt lighter by a few kilos already!!! Healthy body Here I kambing!!!

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