29 October 2010

Proton Inspira Prank on Mitsubishi Lancer X Owner

How to prank a Real Original Mitsubishi Lancer /EVO X owner ( you can do this on modded Walan-lution also!)

  1. Buy urself a tube of Super glue : RM4.88
  2. Buy a Proton logo from car accessories shop : RM20 - RM30
  3. Stick the Proton logo on a an Original Mitsubishi Lancer with super glue and call it Proton Inspira : PRICELESS
Make sure you dont get caught ok? If u were caught .. pls dun mention anything about reading the prank here in my blog can?!!! Tis post will self destruct in 30 secs!

Gud Lark!!

22 October 2010

Proton Inspira Taxi

Some talented fler came out with this illustration, but its about time actually! Almost all proton models were made into taxi all these while, why would the Proton Inspira be spared?

Since its an unavoidable disaster, why not we get train ourself to get used to it by looking frequently at the below photos? I mean tourist from other country will start saying

"WOW! In Malaysia they using Evo X as Taxi man!!!"



Ladies, Genitalmen and Party Animals!

I got good news and great new for you!

The good news is XPLAY SHOUT Award Party is back!!! In case you too noob to know what is this XPLAY SHOUT Award is all about then lemme tell you la …

XPLAY SHOUT is a pre-show party to celebrate the nominees of the SHOUT! AWARD and there will be performances by all the 2009 SHOUT! Award winners! Here is a list of the performers that will making an appearance at the XPLAY SHOUT 2010.


The GREAT NEWS is! ITS FREE!! YUP! You heard me! Its freaking free! All you need to do is goto www.facebook.com/xpaxfb and register yourself!

This is wat you gotta do :

1. Join as fan and click on the XPLAY tab
2. Register for a FREE invitation
3. 1st 150th registrations on Xpax facebook will get free drinks as well! (if you are Xpax or U.O.X. member you will get 2 DRINKS!!!)

I hear also my legs itchy edi wanna dance! That is not all ok? XPLAY SHOUT is just the Pre-show party, the real big one is the SHOUT AWARD!


The Shout! Awards - it is an entertainment award show, yes it is THE award show - created to celebrate the Malaysian entertainment industry. The award recognizes people of music, television, film and radio industry - hehehehe scroll down and you'll know more on who I mean; as well as the overall entertainment industry. That - would be happening on the 20th November 2010!!!

If you are interested to go to the SHOUT AWARDS wan, this is how :

You goto www.channelx.com.my and download 3 call me tones of the mobile content award 2010 nominees and then u will stand a chance to win free passes to attend the SHOUT! AWARDS on the 20th No. 2010!

Just tat simple!!! So fast fast registered yourself for the XPLAY SHOUT first and then go download call me ring tones to be in the run to win free passes to SHOUT! AWARDS la!

Wait wat wait?

Yet Anoder Mitsubishi Lancer Vs Proton Inspira Parody

Found this "fan made" parody of Mitsubishi Lancer Vs Proton Inspira. Based on the "shameful" level of our national car maker, my guess is more of these will surface and ever more frequent after the first batch who ordered the car got their hands onnit!

Have you heard about the Proton Inspira X

Proton Developing Inspira -X? big joke right? Niahma! ppl got EVO X edi .. take n rebadge la! waste wat fark money to develope Inspira X? not like u never do before also! WTF! Laugh 9 die me! LMAO!

While this may be true, there are also rumours that Proton's own tuning division has something up its pipeline as well. Race, Rally, Research, or better known as R3 is said to be working on what we know as the Inspira-X.

There are no further details on this but considering that R3 has already been working on its own turbocharging system for a while now, and the equipment list on the Satria Neo Lotus Racing Edition is enough to make any hardcore Japanese enthusiast envious, the Inspira-X, if it ever happens, could just turn out to be the icing on the cake for Proton.

While we wait around and hunt for more information, here's a little something that Tom whipped up when we asked him how he thought the Inspira-X may look like, the man prefers to let his pictures do the talking, we hope he's right because that could just be the best looking Proton in a while.


21 October 2010

Ford Fiesta 1.4L & 1.6L Sedan Sport with PowerSHIT!

Hehe tis is too funny not to be shared! ... saw this in fb today .... Ford Fiesta full page promo n under the selling features they mentioned

"6 speeds double cluth PowerSHIT!"


click on the above image to enlarge

or if you are lazy i alredi done that for u :P

Maybe they doing this on purpose to get free attention? u be the judge la lol!

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence by Ryuichi Sakamoto Trio 1996

This song changed my life ... I wanna share it with the whole world and i hope it change yours too :)
Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (Japanese: Senjō no Merī Kurisumasu (戦場のメリークリスマス, Battlefield Merry Christmas?)), also known as Furyo in many European editions) is a 1983 film directed by Nagisa Oshima, produced by Jeremy Thomas and starring Jack Thompson, David Bowie, Tom Conti, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Yuya Uchida, and Takeshi Kitano.

It was written by Oshima and Paul Mayersberg and based on Laurens van der Post's experiences during World War II as a prisoner of war as depicted in his works The Seed and the Sower (1963) and The Night of the New Moon (1970). Sakamoto also wrote the musical score and the vocal theme "Forbidden Colours" featuring David Sylvian, which was a hit single in many territories.

The film was entered into the 1983 Cannes Film Festival.[1]


19 October 2010

Parody of Proton Inspira by Hitler

This is classic ok?!!! U must watch!!! gerenti you luff till your fader n mader oso kenot recognice u want! .... if u sikap pls go orsee 1st ... later u crap in your pants dun blame me! KAKAKAKAKAKAAKAKAKA!!!!

*note : actual video is below ... the one at the side is just for FB purpose only

*Note : Proton WALAN derives from the word Waja+Lancer

17 October 2010

Wo Zhen De Shou Shang Le - Jacky Cheung

vehlee soli for the crappy sound .. recorded with a handphone out of boredom and high fever lol!

Elik the God Drawer

One day in a Christian kindergarden near you but mehnee mehnee yrs ago la! .... got a Tcher ask all the kindergarden kids to draw anything they want .... and among the kids got one yeediot call Elik wan.

So the Tcher will walk around n see what her students is drawing one, somehow the kindy Tcher stopped at Elik's desk observed him for a whuile then finally beh tahan n asked him :

Tcher : Eh Elik ... u drawing mud hai?
Elik : Wah lau eh ... i drawing god
Tcher : Elik ... we are christian, no one know how our god look like wan can?
Elik : U wait la! after i finish drawing edi they mai know lor!

16 October 2010

When Mitsubishi Lancer Meets Proton Inspira

Saw this simple but freaking funny conversation between Mitsubishi Lancer and Proton Inspira, which actually represents the voice of many many REAL Mitsubishi Lancer owner. How they feeling now? hehe ... scroll down n read ler! kakaka!

*p.s. : This are not done by me .. its made by someone by the name of Ethan Leong in facebook, all credits goes to him.

15 October 2010

TAKERS The Movie

Fancy an action packed bank robbery kinda movie? i think it has been quite sometime since i last watch this kinda movie already. Kinda hungry for a movie that shows how crimical minds work especially in a bank heist.

If you oso feeling the same then welokam to the club nigga! There is this new movie kambing soon to a cinema near you that is about bank heists wan! All kaw kaw mia jobs and all perfectly executed wan!

Cinema is gonna start showing prolly around 28th Nov but if you cant wait that long OR you are a sucker for free movie tixs like me ... well i got gud nius for lu!

You can now win a pair of tixs (pair means 2 la! u can bring ur boypren or gerpren go so u wont be ronely ma!) by doing tis : (ok tis is where i exprens the mechanics to you ... so listen carefully ok?)

1. Goto the Movie website HERE and take the Quiz to determine whether your balls is big enuff to be one of the Takers (like the one i did ... they said i m the gunman ... i couldn't agree more! I m born with a gun and will definitely die with a gun also lol!)

2. Blog about your favorite Takers Character with all your creative juices and submit your published entries to contest@sirens.my before 21st of October 2010!

3. You will not only win free movie tixs ... but the 3 most creative blog entries will be receiving awesome Taker's goodie bags to bring home.

4.That's not all! They actually have 2 Sony Walkman W Series (NWZ-W252/W) MP3 Player to give away as lucky draw prizes!!!

Now how the Eff you can say no to that huh?

Screening details is as follows :

Screening Details:
Date: 25 Oct (Monday)
Time: 9.00pm
Venue: GSC Mid Valley

For more information on this contest please logon to http://www.sirens.com.my/

Here's the movie trailer for TAKERS just to keep u stim while u typing your contest entry post :P

Good lark!

13 October 2010

The Other Guys the movie

Dunch werry ... no spoiler wan!

It actually been ages since I last been to any cinema, but tat doesnt mean i m not a movie buff ... i just prefer to watch dvd at home at my own free time, preferably half nekid lol!

Well yesday i finally decided to be abit less anti social and went to the premier show of "The Other Guys" ... the primary reason would be, i watched the trailer before on youtube. (maybe there is something you all dunno yet ... in facebook they nicknamed me Wingztube coz i shared so much videos I think i must have watched close to couple millions videos alredi lol) so yea ... it was the trailer that attracted to me attend the premier show wan.

Nah! see? i no bruff u wan! the tixs to the premier show!

n since i plomised lu all no spoiler .. i wont tok bout the movie but instead i will sum it all up for u.

Was the movie gonna worth ur tixs $? YES! the movie was so good tat i will wait for them to release the DVD n watch again! Intense non stop UNLAME freakingly outta tis world kinda comedy thruout the movie!

Dun say i no tell u!