29 October 2010

Proton Inspira Prank on Mitsubishi Lancer X Owner

How to prank a Real Original Mitsubishi Lancer /EVO X owner ( you can do this on modded Walan-lution also!)

  1. Buy urself a tube of Super glue : RM4.88
  2. Buy a Proton logo from car accessories shop : RM20 - RM30
  3. Stick the Proton logo on a an Original Mitsubishi Lancer with super glue and call it Proton Inspira : PRICELESS
Make sure you dont get caught ok? If u were caught .. pls dun mention anything about reading the prank here in my blog can?!!! Tis post will self destruct in 30 secs!

Gud Lark!!


  1. Hey Mista rojak,nice to meet you. I loike your blog.Keep on doin it.Todays post oso very funny one.hahaMy name is Keough.

  2. Awesome lah you! you win +90000 internet points sifuu

    p.s. i linked this on my FB. can ah?

  3. Poyo : cann! be my guest! :P

  4. Anonymous1:05 pm

    hahaha....nice try...buy evo 10 then put proton badge...hahah...

  5. Anonymous1:06 pm

    buy evo 10 then put proton badge...hahaha...nice one...
    no body excpect u drive an evo...


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