17 October 2010

Elik the God Drawer

One day in a Christian kindergarden near you but mehnee mehnee yrs ago la! .... got a Tcher ask all the kindergarden kids to draw anything they want .... and among the kids got one yeediot call Elik wan.

So the Tcher will walk around n see what her students is drawing one, somehow the kindy Tcher stopped at Elik's desk observed him for a whuile then finally beh tahan n asked him :

Tcher : Eh Elik ... u drawing mud hai?
Elik : Wah lau eh ... i drawing god
Tcher : Elik ... we are christian, no one know how our god look like wan can?
Elik : U wait la! after i finish drawing edi they mai know lor!


  1. Hahahahaha must link mar I copyright the elik name liao okkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!

  2. Eric, your name is Eric. Not Elik. Cannot copyright. Kakakakaka


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