27 October 2009

Wrigley's Extra Professional Mint, Powderful!

You know which is the tastiest part of our mouth is? Our tongue lah! Becoz it's the thing that kasi u the taste, n also the place where all the rubbish u eat goes through! Imagine if you have to kiss your gf after you eat all the crap and your tongue is white from all the left over… u dun briff you goan taste your gf’s tongue n see … u sure like it wan!

Seriously la … I tell you why izzit so impotent to habe clean tongue ler … clean tongue will minimize the bacteria count in your mouth one … lower bacteria count means more clean and fresh mouth feeling and cleaner and fresher mouth means more hansem!!! Hansem then can sap-sap-sui get chicks la!!!

Ok la lets say you alredi mehlid like me and dunwan get additional headache by having more chicks in your life and your wife don’t like frenchie one … but u still habe very valid reason on why you should keep your tongue clean ok? Have you sometime experienced the food not tasty enough but yet your other half who is having the same kinda food is saying that the food taste great? You know whats the problem is? You got dirty tongue that why!!! Your taste bud are covered with those white goey stuffs and that actually reduce your taste bud sensitivity .. hence your taste buds is not as sensitive as the other person whose got a clean tongue.

So what can you do to make sure your tongue is always clean? … last time the only way is either to scrap it or to brush your tongue when you brush your teeth … but I don’t like the idea of scrapping my tongue or brushing it … got this kinda gross feeling when brushing my tongue and its pretty vomit inducing one too!

So what other option do I have? Well … The other day got this my brader introduce to me Wrigley's Extra Professional Mint, damn shiok wan leh! This mint got come with ridged thingy on one side of the mint hor, you can suck suck n it can clean ur tongue for you automatically wan leh! So before you French kiss your gf … go suck first la!

Anoder funny reason on why you should have clean tongue is … have you ever seen vege stuck between someone’s teeth? … do u have the urge to actually dig it out for him or her? Now with a super clean tongue … I bet your gf would actually let u dig that piece of vege out of her teeth with it!! I kid you knot wan!! Dun fake fake ok? I know u got the same fetish as me wan!!! Admit it la!!

Why Extra Professional Mint? Because it is not just a mint. It got job to do wan, every biji of mint can clean your tongue clean with the dissolving microgranules. Achterly hor, what dissolving what micro thing also nebermind la, you just make the ridged part face your tongue, then you mai scrape your tongue against it lor. When at night and you hungry, pop 1 biji and start scraping your tongue, got some left over food for you as supper! Samo processed by your saliva for whole day ledi good for digestion, dun nid werry get fat!

Got 2 flavors wan, my favourite Peppermint and Forest Berries, must try, I like berries wan! The packaging veli convenient too, in a handy tin, I say hor, just throw to your gf n ask her put in her beg la, your pocket is to put manly things wan! Samo, the RM3k Burberry beg you pay wan leh! Time to make use of it! She will be happy also. Kasi Ah Lian eat ledi she can camwhore n show tongue, last time got white white stuffs, make people very suspicious what she had for supper, now pink pink ledi like baby skin you see also wana suck...the mint.

It is a sugarfree mint so if you have a weak set of teeth, then good for you lah! can suck as many as you want and won't rosak gigi. Just don kam to me with no teeth n kompren can ledi! I got good teeth wan!!

Ok lah, you get the picture, jung ji, eat ledi damn shiok. Maybe can throw away your tongue scraper that I bet u dun use wan. But lets cut the crap and start being as professional as the mints and help people scrape their tongue clean. Actually, it is to help remove food leftover from people’s tongue by playing this game.

I know it may look like the owner of the tongue is vomiting out the cute food, but it's not ok, it's the food that will get onto the tongue, so you kena kill them by rubbing a mint on them till they die and you get score. Rabba the food icon with the mint at the edge of the tongue to get bonus score. Why you wana help peeple clean their tongue? Because you stand a chance to win a Sony netbook!! So just put the mint at the edge of the tongue to get more scores lor!
Samo, if you play the game, can win a Sony netbook leh! Damn simple only, kam, Wingz Taikor teach u

1. First, you goto http://www.extratongueskater.com to learn how to play.

2. Get as high score as you can

3. Register and submit your score

4. And you’re on your way to winning the prizes!

So Easy! Mana Mau Cari?!

26 October 2009

Little Devil learn how to Order Roti Canai in Mamak

We train our kid about democracy from young age. We do lotsa things by voting one but of coz I kena inject some realism into the so called democracy by having the veto rights also la LOL!

Last sat nite i suddenly got this urge to eat roti canai so i asked both my wife n kid "Who want go yumchar?" immediately Lil Devil raise his hand and said "ME" ... but my wife not so keen she said "I dun wanna eat la .. i on diet!" but too bad ... its 2 against one ... we won! lol

Our regular mamak is not really far from our house, during the ride there Lil devil pop me a question ...

Lil Devil : Ahpa ... the roti canai with eggs is call what? I want that.
Me : Its call roti telur .. T... E...L...U...R gedit?
Lil Devil : TE -te LUR-lur telur ... roti telur .... roti telur .... roti telur *keeps repeating*
Me : Ok you know roti telur ledi later u go find the mamak uncle and order yourself ok?
Lil Devil : ok! roti telur ... roti telur *still repeating*

As we arrive at our fav mamak it was kinda crowded so me n wife go look for an empty table n fast fast "chup" it while Lil Devil seems to be looking for his fav mamak uncle to order his Roti Telur with him ... after looking high n low for the mamak uncle while mumbling he managed to catch him at the kitchen. From where we sit we can see that the uncle bend down to hear what Lil Devil gotta say and moment after that he burst out in very LOUD laughters!!! VERY VERY LOUD ONE till whole restoren can hear!!!

After awhile the Mamak uncle holding Lil Devil's hand and bring him to our table still giggling when he reached our table .... the mamak then said :

Mamak : boss lu mia anak manyak kelakar la *giggles*
Me : apesal aneh? ape dia cakap sama lu?
Mamak : Dia cakap dia cari saya suma tempat tarak jumpa ... die takut die lupa apa dia mau order la.
Me : Dia ade cakap sama lu dia mau order apa ka?
Mamak : hahahaha!!! ada! ada! boss ape maciam lu ajar die la?
Me : ape? die order apa sama lu?
Mamak : Dia cakap lu ajar die order ROTI TOYOL!!!

21 October 2009

Something All Malaysian Car Drivers Should Know

I frend of mine got into a little accident with a motorbike this morning while fetching her kids to skol. She was at this traffic light waiting for it to turn green, and so the light turned green and she stepped on the pedal and out of no where there is this motorcycle with a whole kamoung onnit (minimum 4 person on a bike, 3 chewrens without helmets + 1 adult) jumped in front of her like he got a lisen to go first and expect cars to give way to him lidat.

Too bad there arent enough time to brake and lucky for the bike the car were oni begining to move only, thus the momentum isnt enuff to send everyone on the bike flying tot he middle of the busy road ... still enuff to trip the kapcai and everyone onnit onto the side of the road. Lucky enough no one was hurt other than a damaged paria kapcai.

the bike owner demand compensation from the lady driver and not the one who broke the law the lady driver refused to pay the bike owner and in the end both party agrees to make polis report.

Now, in your eyes ... who is victim in this scenario? who is the guilty one? I'll make this easier for you guys ... i'll give u an option and you choose the answer ok ?

a.] Bike owner la! bcoz the barger no follow law ... over load + no helmets
b.] The car owner la! for obstructing the bike owner from doing his daily stunts n make everyone missed his show.
c.] Town planner la! who ask the barger never make spesel road for overloaded law breaking motocycle?
d.] JPJ la! who ask them issue lisen to these kinda motorbike drivers? (this is not applicable if the motor owner tarak lisen ok?)
e.] All the above!
f.] none of the above!

be honest with your choice ok ... what you gonna find out later will shocked the shit outta you wan!!!

I acherly discussed this topic in my facebook (thats why its wise to "fwen" me in your facebook bcoz i do lotsa crazy stuffs there wan lol) prior to this post in my blog.

These are the responses i got ... ignore some of those incoherent one ok? Igot lotsa looney fwens in fb wan! lol

Question : Someone told me ... if u involved in an accident with a bike rider /mat rempit .... doesnt matter if its not your fault ... u will still be on the wrong side?! Anyone got experience in this? Lidis kalo still got law meh?

David V : what law? UM-law?

Michael K : u r alone, they r in a grp . . .how ?

Wingz -> Micheal : not only mat rempit ler ... i mean motobike in general ... if they fler langgar u also kira ur fault wor

Kenny Y : if mat rempit alone, then you can fight back. but if a bunch, you are DEAD WRONG!

Wingz -> kenny y : not specifically mat rempit ... i not so much bother about mat rempit also bcoz most of the either takde lisen or moto curi ....

Sasha : they say if u bang motor no matter what u wrong. dun care rempit or not.. u wrong.

Kenny N : If you involve road accident with Arabs in Meddle East, for sure you are the only person fault no matter how.

Michael K : well . . . heard if bigger vehicles is always in the wrong

Wingz -> sasha : if motor wrong also I kena saman? he no lisen also i wrong?

Wingz -> kenny n ... we toking msia lar ... u out of topik ledi ... kambek kambek

Kenny Y : yeah. but try to stay out from their way. cos they might just want your car instead.

Kenny Y : yeah i am talking about malaysia la. deng!

Wingz -> kenny y : wat toking u?

Clare : Korek korek korek korek korek! There is this knock-for-knock law in insurance that states along the line that if you are driving a car and you knock into a motorbike, even if you are not at fault, the motorbike rider can claim your insurance for bodily injury apart from his repair and make you lose your NCB!

Wingz -> clare : yalor mch lidat mana fair? pkm!!! whois the victim here? those motor luan luan drive wan .. tarak follow law then accident edi ... the car driver also suffer. WTF LEH!

Clare : Their insurance cheap cheap only. Bike also cheap cheap. That's why cincai zoom here zoom there lor.

If they knock you, you kena saman. If they suddenly spasm and swerve into the path of your car also you kena saman. I wonder who pass that fucked up law hor. #$%^!

Besides, you seldom see people driving BMW and Merc or Ferari luan luan drive wan. It's all those cheap car/motorbike driver luan luan drive wan I tell u :P

Wingz -> clare : sigh .... which idiot pass this law wan?!!! its LAW like this that created MAT REMPITS!!!

Tan : Mat Rempit = Mat Cemerlang = National Treasure = National Pillars.

Ms Ong : Yup, heard my dad say it is.

Steve Austin : Hit them... then run like hell!!!

Trius Blades : can alwiz claim self-defence

C. Goh : it is.. sad sad reality... happened to my own folks.. :S
the blardy rempit tried to escape a road block ahead by making a u-turn and it hit my folk's car.. had to compensate the blardy idiot..something which i really don't understand..

There! I told you rite? the results will be shocking one!! You get penalised even tho its not your fault! Malaysia Boleh?! ... who made this kinda rules one? this is the reason why Mat Rempit is so daring! This law directly encourages Mat Rempit activities!

What say you?

20 October 2009

Jacky Cheung - Lee Heong Lan

Was browsing youtube for something that can calm my raging mood down and I stumbled upon this classic song by Jacky Cheung, Lee Heong Lan ... superb superb performance by the legend.

Suddenly got this urge wanna go sing karaoke lol!! got any Jacky Cheung fansee wanna do Jacky Cheung nite out anot?!

16 October 2009

Sony Alpha a550 7 fps Sample Shots

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Another question I got asked alot is ... how is the 7fps speed priority mode in the Sony Alpha a550 performs.

Prior to that i wish to make tell you that the IQ in the below images dropped by alot after the JPEG to GIF conversion. I think the GIf animation would be the most suitable method of showing what this 7fps Alpha a550 can do and not so much on the image quality (IQ) of the alpha a550.

To be able to shoot 7fps first you gotta enable it. By enabling the 7fps speed priority mode your will be disabling some of the Sony Alpha a550 features while you are at it. Focus point and exposure will be locked.

Thats means if your object moved closer or further from your camera then you will get blur images. The camera will only remember the focus distance and aperture and others settings from the first image and apply that to all the images that you shot until you let go of the shutter release button.

The below animated GIf is a animation of 32 images taken inside the gondola of a cable car in Langkawi during the Sony Image3 media Tour.

Impressed yet? Sub RM3k DSLR body that can do 7fps .... you be the judge ok? :P

Sony Alpha A550 ISO Performance - Indoor Low Light

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I received a few requests from fler alpha users to post the sample photos of the Sony Alpha a550 ISO performance is low light situation.

In my previous post here I post sample photos of the Sony Alpha a550 ISO performance in a place where light is abundant and therefore it is kinda difficult to gauge how well does the new Exmor Cmos sensor will perform if light is not as abundant, after all higher ISO number is all about balancing the lack of light in your enviroment rite?

Click on the above image to see the larger version.

Initially I wanna put all 7 images separately but i thought that would defeat the purpose and arranging them side by side would actually makes the comparison easier.

There is 7 choices of ISO level in the Sony Alpha a550, it starts from ISO200, ISO 400, ISO800, ISO1600, ISO3200, ISO6400 and ISO12800. Thats how the images are arrange, the lower you go, the higher the ISO gets.

Before we go any further I would like to say that i m not much of a pixel peeper myself, I believes that when an ordinary person looks at an image, he do not zoom into certain part of the image to look at how are the pixels constructions for that particular image.

When a regular normal person look at an image ... we just see the image as a whole and what kinda story / feelings we can gain from the whole image itself.

Ok back tot he above images, from what i noticed all images from ISO1600 and below is perfectly fine. The presents of noise in the image is close to none, which also means that if you owns a Sony Alpha a550 you could use up to ISO1600 anytime without hesitation! the only questions will be, do you need ISO1600 in the enviroment you are currently in.

Grains/noise started showing up @ ISO3200, just a little its probably not even noticeable if I didnt tell you about it. To a photographer like me, the ISO3200 photos is still very acceptable and i would rather bump up to ISO3200 (70%) of the time rather than grab the big ass flash guns from my bag and rely on it for lights.

@ISO6400 its still bearable, if i do not own any f58/f42 flash guns I would gladly switch to ISO6400 and get the photos that i want.

@ISO12800 ... seriously ... do all dslr cameras do this? the last ISO is always almost un-usable. Not unless you wanna turn your object from a still photos to oil painting like image! would like to call this phenomenon the Oil painting ISO.

This exist in most of the DSLRs i get my hands on, try this out yourself! Try this yourself, borrow your friend's dslr and switch it to the highest ISO and take a photo in low light condition (indoor) and take a look at the image you just captured .... it seriously looked like an oil painting!

In a nutshell, I think the Sony Alpha A550 ISO performance is pretty awesome. I been using the Sony Alpha a200 and anything higher than ISO800 will result in getting oil painting images. Same goes to a buddy of mine whois using the D80 "photos started to show grainy effect @ISO1000 and above" he said.

So there you have it, Sony Alpha a550 sub RM3k body that gives you great images @ higher ISO range! Really a bang for your bucks!

13 October 2009

Sony Alpha a550 HDR and DRO Explainations with Sample Photos.

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If you asked me ... I would tell you that ... the two of the major selling points of the all new Sony Alpha a550 would be :
  1. 1. HDR
  2. 2. DRO


So... what is HDR? In short HDR stands for High Dynamic Range imaging, right up to now HDR images have to be manually produce with the help of image editing softwares like photoshop and others. Here is a link on how to create a HDR image manually.

Right up to now, there are no other DSLR camera that can do inbody HDR (well except for one but it takes forever and you gotta need a tripod for it .. so that dont counts.) but with the Sony Alpha a550 you can take Auto HDR photos while holding the camera with your barehands and still producing stunning images!

How or what made this possible? this is how ...

With the help of the all new Exmor CMOS sensor and New Bionz processor it is now possible to get your Sony Alpha a550 to take Auto HDR images!

Under-exposed + Over-exposed + Autostitch = AUTO HDR

How does this HDR works anyway? .... Actually its something fairly simple .... the camera will takes 2 photos. The 1st photo will be at a darker settings and the second photo will be a brighter settings, afterwhich these 2 photographs are then stitched together automatically by the camera (thanks to the super fast new Bionz processor) and viola!! The whole thing is done in less than 2 seconds!

Why HDR? So you will have the best of both world! ... you see, in an underexposed photo you can see alot more details wherelese in an overexposed photo you can see alot lesser details (and no shadows of coz but you will have plenty of lights innit) so to have the best of both world i.e. to preserve details and to ensure brightness + contrast HDR is your best bet!

Sample images :

This image were shot with DRO off and flash fired

This images were taken with HDR with no flash fired ... do you notice the different in the amount of details in both images? the one uses HDR managed to preserves the more details while maintaining the right amount of lights in the photo.


DRO stands for Dynamic Range Optimization, simply put ... if u standing with your back to the blazing sun and someone took a photo of you (without using a flashgun) your face will appear dark while your background will be overexposed.

This is because to the camera metering system which measures the amount of lights available, there is actually more than enough lights in the frame and therefore the camera will automatically compensate by increasing your shutter speed (if you are in A mode) and gives you a dark face of the subject.

So to counter this problem All sony DSLRs came with this DRO features which can be disabled and enabled according to your needs. On the Sony Alpha a550 this feature is further enchanced by enabling users to choose either AUTO DRO or any one of the 5 level available.

Take the below photo as example .... the stingray face would be alot darker than it is now if the DRO is switched off

But since my DRO on my Sony Alpha a550 are turned on ... you can see that the Stingray's face were not really affected by the lightings that came from the top of the aquarium. For some reason this is one of my favorite photo and it was taken in Langkawi under waterworld during the Sony Image3 media tour there.

Now the questions is ... Since both HDR and DRO also will helps give better brighter photos ... which one shall I use?

Look at below images for further illustrations :


Where DRO gives u brighter images they also gives you less details while they are at it and on the other hand, HDR give you better detailed low noise images as compares to DRO.

But HDR is still consider at its early stage of developement. So therefore people @ Sony came out with a chart telling you how to further utilise the HDR and DRO features built into every Sony Alpha a550.

Click on the above image for a larger version

In a nuthsell HDR is not recommended on moving object .... why? bcause the camera will takes 2 photos and stich it together, if you used HDR to shoot moving object .. your photos will end up looking something like this :

Photo taken by : Albert

So unless your object can remain perfectly static then its more advisable to turn to DRO instead of HDR.

Here are more examples of HDR photos I took a few days ago :

All these marine creatures is either slow moving or stationary subject thus shooting them in HDR mode is possible. The use of flash is strictly prohibited inside the aquarium, therefore i solely relied on either the camera's HDR or DRO features. If you look carefully these images are not without flaws because no matter how still they stayed ... some of their body parts will still be moving.

Later I met this handsome fler who keep moving everywhere in the aquarium ... i knew HDR will be useless on this little fler ... i switched to the DRO and I got this images of him.

Ok i m done! ... are you impressed yet?! The waiting list for the Sony Alpha a550 is getting longer by the day! If you wanna get your hands on one better make it fast!!

Sony Alpha a550 DSLR launched in Langkawi Malaysia

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Note : no prices were mention @ the launch ... it would be safe to assume the price of RM3,299.00 with kit lens and sub RM3k for body only.

My first encounter with the Sony Alpha a550 was a couple months back when the unit just arrived in Malaysia, initially i do not have big expectation for the cam and I thought this would just be another "upgrade" as in ... different clothing but same shit underneath kinda upgrade and boy! Am I wrong!!!

Sony Alpha a550 with vertical grip.

I spend a couple hours with the Sony Alpha a550 and i placed an order for it at the end of my review. Thats prolly the first order for A550 they ever received lol!

The Sony Alpha a550 with battery grip removed.

The ergonomic part of the camera is simply stunning! The moment i pick it up I never really felt akward ... you know the feeling of picking up a new camera rite? but not with this one .... the grip is made of rubbers so its good ... non slip and comfy.

another profile shot of this handsome guy

Side by side comparison between an Sony Alpha a200 and the Sony Alpha a550

a Basket shamelessly camwhoring with a Sony Alpha a550

The Sony Alpha a550 is just about 10-20% bigger than the Alpha a200 but weight wise .... i could not really feel any differences between the 2, I been running around Pulau Langkawi with the sony Alpha A550 for 2 days and still I did not notice any different in weight. So i think the 60+ grams wont be a problem to most people anyway.

Heck ... even a piece of hotdog is heavier than 60 grams!

Sony Alpha a550 Control buttons for MF check LV, D-range, Drive mode, ISO and live view.

Do me a favor ... stare the photo above for a few good secs ... tell me what you see! yes D-Range and MF check LV switch! Yep!!! That were the MAIN feature is on ... HDR and DRO man u gonna love it! Will blog bout HDR and other features in the next post. I reserve this one strictly for the body itself and the next one on the types of stunning images u can get from this baby!

This is where the rest of the buttons are located ...

Another major improvements of the Sony Alpha a550 is the relocation of most of the "most used" buttons as compares to the a200 and a300 series ... those "most used" buttons is now more accessible and reachable with by your thumbs and making switch mode and WB tweaking so much easier.

The Sony Alpha a550 On-Off switch is somewhat similar to the ones on the new Alpha A230, A350 and A380.

The location of the dial were moved to further front as compares to the position of the dial in my Alpha a200. this will takes a little getting use to, prolly 1 day at max and after that you will be shooting like a pro already, little thing like this do not devalue a GREAT dslr camera!

The Sony Alpha a550 AF-MF switch, remote control, mini usb and HDMI ports

Dual card slot, this baby can either take SD card or SDHC card giving you another reason to shoot more and wont be running short of memory.

Too bad I cant use my Cf cards with the sony Alpha a550, but on the bright side .. 2 slots is better than 1! Gimme 2 slots anytime!

Sony Alpha a550 comes with a DC-in port just in case you decided to do most of your heavy duty shooting indoor.

VG-B50AM vertical battery grip for Sony Alpha a550

At a glance the VG-B50AM vertical battery grip is almost identical to the VG-B30AM used in the a200-a300 series.

Built in flash of the Sony Alpha a550 ... GN12 ADi enabled

built in flash height were improved, I am sure there will be no more shadow occuring in the photos at this height, like what i used to experience in my A200. At first i thot there is a kid ghost following everywhere and i caught the top part of his head in my photos! Its that scary!

Tilt screen were improved too! The new tilt screen can do more degree than the one on the A300 series. For those who havent got the chance to use tilt screen before (those from a100 and a200 series) the tilt LCD screen will open a whole new world of creativity for you! Mark my word!

New GUI on the high res LCD

Face detection

Everything is so much more accesible compared tot he a200 and a300 series.

7 fps high speed mode!


MF check LV ... 14x digital zoom ... its a macro head dream!!!

Another interactive GUI which helps you to understand the realtionship between shutter speed and aperture plus the fact how this 2 thing will effect your photos outcome.

And this is a comparison on the ISO performance on the all new Sony Alpha A550!

In case you dont really know what I am babbling about (lol!) here is a list of cool stuffs about the Sony alpha a550!

  1. 1. A550 comes with Exmor Cmos sensor with built in noise control .. freaking awesome!
  2. 2. New Bionz processor ... yes its newest Bionz processor n freaking fast too!
  3. 3. Built in HDR (the ability to take 2 pics of differect exposure and combined them into 1 pic. Never before this feature were made available in a dslr body ... this is the first one! Setting a new standard in the DSLR cams!
  4. 4. 7fps .. yup a 7 frame per secind sub RM3k cam ... where the hell u can find such a cam with this kinda bargain price?!
  5. 5. Dual Live view sensors - U can use the fast live view sensors or the actual exmor cmos sensor! both serve different purpose and no other dslr can do this neither! Macro head will go gaga over this!
  6. 6. High Res Tilt LCD screen FTW!!!
  7. 7. 14x in body digital zoom for macro photography
  8. 8. Smile detection .. yup u heard me rite ... and the response is freaking fast ... it will start snapping the moment it detects a smile no matter how small a smile lol! Its proven!
  9. 9. face detection ... this is not the ordinary kinda face detection ... while detecting a face it also do all kinda adjustment to your cam to make sure u captured a natural looking face and not a ghost like image! LOL
  10. 10. 3D face tracking (visible thru live view) .... move your cam around after u locked on to your subject ... the focus will follow your movement as long as the face remain in the screen la.
  11. 11. Max ISO @ 12800 need i say more?
  12. 12. DRO - from auto to lvl 5 this feature is simply a stunning to have ... u will now no longer be getting dark faces/photos just because the sun is shinning at your cam directly.
  13. 13. Go get one for yourself and tell me what i missed OUT!!! LOL!
Ok now back to boring shit ... the specs ... i hope u can make some sense outta reading specs bcoz i m not cut out to read specs wan! lol

Model:Alpha A550
Date Announced:2009-08-27
Sensor Format, Size:23.4 x 15.6 mm APS-C
Sensor Type:CMOS
Automatic Sensor Cleaner:Yes
Total Pixels:14.6 million
Effective Pixels:14.2 million
Image Area (pixels):4592 x 3056 (L)
3344 x 2224 (M)
2288 x 1520 (S)
Max. Frames Per Second:7 frames per second
Video Mode:None
LCD:3.0 TFT Xtra Fine LCD, 921,600 dots, Auto Brightness Control, Manual settting in 5 steps
Shutter Type:Electronically-controlled, vertical-traverse, focal-plane Shutter
Shutter Speeds:1/4000 to 30 sec., bulb
ISO Range:ISO 200-1600
Extended ISO 200-12800
Storage Media:SD/ SDHC
Memory Stick Pro Duo / Pro HG Duo
Storage System:RAW (.ARW), JPEG
Exposure Modes:Programmed AE (Auto, Flash off, P)
Aperture priority AE
Shutter priority AE
Scene Selection (Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Sports, Sunset, Night view/portrait)
Metering System:Multi-segment (40 segment Honeycomb pattern), Center-weighted, Spot
Metering Range:EV 2 to 20 (Multi-segment / Center-weighted)
Exposure Compensation:-2.0 to +2.0 EV in 0.3 EV steps
Exposure Lock:AEL Button, Half Press Shutter Release
Exposure Bracketing:Single or continuous bracketing, 3 frames, 0.3 or 0.7 EV steps.
Shutter Release Modes:Single-frame, Continuous, Speed-Priority, Self-timer (10 or 2 sec)
White Balance:Auto, Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Flash, Color temperature/filter (2500 - 9900 K), Manual (Custom)
White Balance Bracketing:3 exposures, Hi / Lo level selectable
White Balance Fine Tuning:Preset WB: -3 to +3
Fluorescent WB: -1 to +2
Color temperature WB: G9 to M9 (Magenta to Green)
Live View:Yes, 90% Frame Coverage
Interface:USB 2.0 Hi-Speed, Remote Terminal, HDMI, AV Out (NTSC/PAL)
Lens Mount:A-mount
Compatible Lenses:Sony Alpha lenses (also compatible with Minolta and Konica -Minolta AF lenses)
Picture Angle:1.5x Compared With 35mm Film
Viewfinder:Eye-level fixed optical glass pentamirror
Magnification approx. 0.80x
95% frame coverage

Eye-relief 19 mm from eyepiece, 15 mm from frame
Focusing Screen:Spherical Acute Matte focusing screen
Depth-of-field Control:No
Autofocus System:TTL CCD line sensors (9-points,with center cross sensor)

EV 0 to 18 (ISO 100) detection range

Predictive focus, Focus Lock AF area selection

Wide AF area
Spot AF area (center)
Focus area selection (any of 9)

Maximum Autofocus Areas/Points:9
Focus Modes:Single-shot AF
Continuous AF
Automatic AF
Manual focus
Focus Lock:Yes
Picture Control:Standard, Vivid, Portrait, Landscape, Sunset, B&W
In-Camera Image Editing:Contrast (-3 to +3)
Sharpness (-3 to +3)
Saturation (-3 to +3)
Noise Reduction
Built-in Flash:Guide number 12 (ISO 100/m), Angle of coverage 18 mm (35 mm equiv.)
X-Sync Speed:1/160 sec.
Flash Sync Modes:Auto, Fill Flash, Rear Sync, Slow sync, Wireless/High Speed Sync.
Flash Control:Flash Bracketing: 3 exposures in 0.3 and 0.7 EV steps
Flash compensation: -2.0 to +2.0 EV in 0.3 EV steps
External flash (optional):
  • Sony HVL-F58AM
  • Sony HVL-F56AM
  • Sony HVL-F42AM
  • Sony HVL-F36AM
Accessory Shoe:Yes
Self-timer:10 sec, 2 sec
Battery Life:950 Shots (CIPA)
Approx. Dimensions:137 x 104 x 84mm (5.5 x 4.2 x 3.9 in)
Approx. Weight:599g

Note : some of the photos above were taken by Albert with his Alpha A900

10 October 2009

Why Langkawi? A Video+ Photography Assignment

Being in Langkawi, naturally we were given an assignment that entitled :

Why Langkawi? ... watch n see la!

This is a Video + photographs presentation that was made by utilising all the below products :
  1. Sony New CX520 Handycam,
  2. Sony Alpha a550,
  3. Sony Cybershot TX1
  4. Sony Cybershot WX1.
All most prominent feature of each products were used in the making of this short "FUN" film such as Sweep Panaroma on the cybershots, super clear slow-mo on the handycam CX520, DRO, HDR and high ISO ability of the A550 Exmor R cmos sensor on the Alpha a550.

This video also won the best video assignment prize in Sony Image3 Media Tour Langkawi.

A huge thanks to my wonderful, fun and crazy teamates :

1. Alicia Mak - T3 Mag
2. Khairul Azhar Ramli - Advance Images
3. Benjamin Liew - Juice Mag
4. Elson Lock - Sony
5. Ah Kum - Sony 1U


8 October 2009

Sony Launching Alpha A550 in Langkawi

Sony Image3 Media Tour Langkawi will be held @ The Andaman Langkawi and for the first time Medias reps will be able to get their hands on the all new Alpha A550 and take it for a test run!

Fortunately I was given the opportunity to attend the event so to those who have questions about he A550 feel free to post it here and if time permits (and the availibility of WiFi) i shall try my best to answers all your questions bout the A550.