26 October 2009

Little Devil learn how to Order Roti Canai in Mamak

We train our kid about democracy from young age. We do lotsa things by voting one but of coz I kena inject some realism into the so called democracy by having the veto rights also la LOL!

Last sat nite i suddenly got this urge to eat roti canai so i asked both my wife n kid "Who want go yumchar?" immediately Lil Devil raise his hand and said "ME" ... but my wife not so keen she said "I dun wanna eat la .. i on diet!" but too bad ... its 2 against one ... we won! lol

Our regular mamak is not really far from our house, during the ride there Lil devil pop me a question ...

Lil Devil : Ahpa ... the roti canai with eggs is call what? I want that.
Me : Its call roti telur .. T... E...L...U...R gedit?
Lil Devil : TE -te LUR-lur telur ... roti telur .... roti telur .... roti telur *keeps repeating*
Me : Ok you know roti telur ledi later u go find the mamak uncle and order yourself ok?
Lil Devil : ok! roti telur ... roti telur *still repeating*

As we arrive at our fav mamak it was kinda crowded so me n wife go look for an empty table n fast fast "chup" it while Lil Devil seems to be looking for his fav mamak uncle to order his Roti Telur with him ... after looking high n low for the mamak uncle while mumbling he managed to catch him at the kitchen. From where we sit we can see that the uncle bend down to hear what Lil Devil gotta say and moment after that he burst out in very LOUD laughters!!! VERY VERY LOUD ONE till whole restoren can hear!!!

After awhile the Mamak uncle holding Lil Devil's hand and bring him to our table still giggling when he reached our table .... the mamak then said :

Mamak : boss lu mia anak manyak kelakar la *giggles*
Me : apesal aneh? ape dia cakap sama lu?
Mamak : Dia cakap dia cari saya suma tempat tarak jumpa ... die takut die lupa apa dia mau order la.
Me : Dia ade cakap sama lu dia mau order apa ka?
Mamak : hahahaha!!! ada! ada! boss ape maciam lu ajar die la?
Me : ape? die order apa sama lu?
Mamak : Dia cakap lu ajar die order ROTI TOYOL!!!


  1. Ahahahahahaha.....pity your son lah. He sure damn blur one.

  2. haha..i think next time the mamak will have new menu....
    roti toyol....but the egg will be rotten or bad egg...

  3. i thought he say some thing nasty


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