20 June 2009

Sigma 8mm f4 Manual Focus Classic Fisheye Lens on A200

Brief encounter with this 8mm Sigma f4 lens (very very classic lens - almost 30 yrs old) tonite at puchong ... molested the lens for about 20 minutes and took a few shots ....

here is my fav shot of the nite .... and this is a typical photo example on how a photo taken with a 8mm SUWAL (Super Ultra Wide Angle Lens) will looks like.

Fav Pic of the nite!!! lol!

Whats the best application of this lens? ....

Chinese Sit down reunion dinner/wedding dinner of coz!!! can fit the whole table of ppl if stand high enuff lol! Such a great great lens!!!

LOL! ... and thats how I ended up shopping for a 8mm now in ebay!!!! God lemme find one pls!!!! .... Tenkiu for the poison Sifu Wong! LOL!


  1. ooooooooo! that shot. mauahahahah1

  2. How much for this lens?


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