31 January 2007

Try to Remember

730 days ago I started this blog, And I have been blogging for 2 years already. From the day i started blogging, no matter how busy I am, I always tried my best to make at least 1 post a day. In doing so, I hope those who come to this blog looking for reliefs and comforts over their stressful life will find some sorta consolation in this lousy blog of mine.

Even me, during some of the stressful days will come here to find refuge and comfort. I still am able to laugh at my old jokes even tho I am the one who wrote it myself.

At times I do get some of my own jokes forwarded back to me with a message "I think you should blog about this! Its funny!" and I will then reply "Thanks for finding this jokes funny and here is the link to the jokes with all its pictures"

Once I had a small dream, I wanna spread happiness to as much people as possible, be it for only 5 seconds or 5 minutes a day. All I care is whether my jokes are able to make them smile after they finish reading it, I think I already achieved that .... infact I achieved even more than that, Unintentionally Rojaks Daily grown and became one of the few most read Malaysian blog liked and linked by bloggers and readers regardless of age or race.

For every action there would be an equal and opposite reaction, for every 100 people who like this blog there would prolly be another 100 who dislike this blog for the same reason, some labelled this blog as a rubbish low class ahbeng blog that will bring destructions to the civilisation of an entire country with its terrible Manglish, grammar and foul words. I m totally fine with that, afterall i believe in human rights.

Bloggers, they come and go, some of them whom I got to know during the early days of my blogging years were no longer around. I made lotsa friends blogging and also lost some in the process, I guessed thats just the way this world evolves, you just cant win'em all huh?

I sometime questions myself, how long more can I keep on doing this or perhaps just like everything else in life THE END is inevitable?

Maybe I should put 1-2 more extra hours into my sleeping time or perhaps to take up a new hobby instead of sitting here in my studies thinking of funny stuffs to blog about?

Or perhaps I had a crappy day today and Thats why I m freaking moody now?

Whatever it is ... Happy 2nd Annivesary to Rojaks Daily, I dont know whether there will be a 3rd one tho.

Tenkiu for reading and sorry for not being able to post a joke today.



30 January 2007

Woman with Hairy Armpit

Before we go further, Lemme tell u what does Ballerina means :

1. a principal female dancer in a ballet company.
2. any female ballet dancer.
3. a woman's very low-heeled or heelless shoe or slipper, made to resemble a ballet slipper.

In Short hor female ballet dancer is call ballerina la!

And this is the story :

Last time Ahpek used to lepak at one pub and get drunk. One day there is this woman with a very hairy armpit come into the pub and sits down besides Ahpek.

That time Ahpek alredi dem high also, then the woman suddenly raise her arm, exposing her hairy armpit signalling to the bar tender she wanna order a beer.

After a few round the bar tender is getting abit nausea looking at her hairy armpit and he told himself :

"Niahma so farking fugly lar her armpit! I see also kenot stand for one week! If she wanna order more beer I will say NO to her!"
Not even one minute after that, the woman with hairy armpit raised her arm again wanting to order more beer.

Hairy Woman : I want more beer!
Bartender : NO!

Then suddenly Ahpek stand up and said :

Ahpek : Niahma!!! Give this ballerina her beer!!!
Bartender : Ah? how you know shes a ballerina?!
Ahpek : Any girl can lift her legs that high hafta be a Bellerina!!!

29 January 2007

Your Monday Life Saver!

Cynthia got an extra ticket she wanna get rid of for the Little Britain Live show in Melbourne. Click HERE for more infos

Hello good mOAning! Its Monday and yea you dont need me to tell you that Monday is the suckiest day of the week right? If you got a doter and you named her Monday ... she will remain dateless for the rest of her life LOL!!! that is how bad Monday is!

Anyway, Today is your Lucky Monday! I got a treat for you guys! Guys only ok? Ok lar prolly Lesbo would like, who knows rite?

Anyway guys ... I found this super chun video and I think it should be Safe For Work (if you are not sure, show it to your boss 1st ok? then see whether he likes it anot. If he likes it then its Work Safe! If your boss is a woman then you are farkED! Well if your boss is really a woman you are seriously farked anyway so maybe you could watch this during lunch time la!)

OK OK ... back to business, Today we got this Pole Dance Video!!!! Who dun like pole dance wan??!!! Handsup!!!!

Which man with balls of steels DO NOT like pole dancing girls in skimpy outfits??!!! HANDSUP!!!

Nah hes the video for your sucky Monday!

Pole Dance Practice - video powered by Metacafe

Now that you are done watching the video, Your Monday still sucks anot? If it still do, then maybe you need to go to the toilet n TFK la!!! LOL!

27 January 2007

Smartest Woman Driver On Planet Earth!!!!

I derno bout you guys but I HAVE tremendous respects for women drivers. I really do! Just the other day i saw this woman driver, the way she drives reminded me of the Japanese suicide kamikaze pilot of WWII and I have lotsa respect for kamikaze pilot also!

You know most of us men misunderstood women, as a driver i mean. You see women driver is more adventurous than men driver. Thats explains why women drivers refused to get out of a junction when there are absolutely no car anywhere within the 300 meters radius but when you finally get into 5 meters radius THEN she only try to get out from the junction. That is challenging i tell u!!! that kinda driving requires both skills and braveness lemme tell u that!

So, the next time you see a women driver on the road .... smile at her and let her go first ... we men are just no match for them!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

You want more prove??!!! Then you watch the video below yourself la!

Stupid Woman Driver - video powered by Metacafe

To all women drivers in Malaysia, have a great weekend and pulexz dont wreck my car!!!

Kids are Dangerous! Dont Piss Them Off!!

Seriously, dont let your kids watch too much TV, make sure they arent watching anything they are not suppose to watch and make sure they dont get any violent movies also.

Seriously! take my words for it! if you dont start to control them at young age, then your kids will turn out exactly like how the potraited by the audio file below.

In the audio file below you can find this radio show talking about how this 8 yrs old kid called a demolition company and try to convince them to blow up her school and make sure all the teachers are in the school before blowing it up!

She is only 8 yrs old! and she hated her teachers and school so much just because they gave her lotsa homework on weekends! WTF wei!! Just imagine, what if thats your kid?! Today she wanna blow up the school maybe tomorrow she might kill both her parents because they scolded her! This is farking scary ok!!!

8 Yrs Old Making Prank Calls

Now you tell me, if thats your kid ... scary anot?!!!

26 January 2007

Five Favourite Malaysian Bloggers

Niahma!! My Febereet Loyar just tagged me with this meme (lucky he tagged me la! if not i also derno wat to blog bout tonite!), where I am suppose to name 5 of my all time favourite Malaysian bloggers.

Leilowmei! 5 only wor! how to pick lidis??!! I sked after i picked 5 then i kena diao kaw kaw by all the others bloggers!!!

But you all lucky la! I dont sue peeple for defamation one lar so no sked la! u diao me also i wont sue u wan! Worst worst i ask all my kakilangs to diao you bek then i ask Linpeh go rape your dogs only!!!

Ok la dunwan tok kok ledi la go bek to business!

My Favourite Malaysian Bloggers of the Year 2007 Awards goes to :

1. Sifu Doc. Liew
I always tell ppl wan, No Doc Liew, No Wingz! infact all my idea also i learn from my sifu wan! In chinese there is one saying that goes lidis "Yat Yart Wai See Chung Sang Wai Tou" which means once a sifu always a sifu la! Dats why hes my Fav blogger lor!!

2. My Seejeh ChanLiulian!
Last time i start blogging that time we not ngam key wan! We everyday also gaduh! lol!! buden one day derno which one of us suddenly Sot Plug ledi and bcome good frend! By now my Seejeh alredi accomplished alot more than i have in this blogsphere. Shes now a household name in the blogsphere with her own empire of blogs while i m still the low klass ahbeng blogger. Thats why shes also my Fav Blogger also!

3. Linpeh & Limpeh (Linpeh is the sifu and Limpeh is the toudai)
Niahma this Linpeh is really my Lan-heng-lan-tai! this farker also belongs to the same ahbeng's blog group like me wan! so same ahbeng must sapot each ader mah rite anot?!! Lately he got one new toudai (Limpeh) this Linpeh everyday also compliment him in front of me ask me kasi plomote sama his Toudai! But i also dem suka Limpeh mia writing style! got Ahbeng mia influence also!! Long live Ahbeng's Blogs!!!

4. FrenzRSS.com
This one is actually not a blog la ... its related to bloggging and blogs one, its actually a summary of all our friends mia blogs. 5xmom is actually the brainchild of this project, i just tumpang glamour only! lol!

So, If you reads Rojaks Daily and you are not afraid to admit it (some ppl dun dare to admit they are reading Rojaks Daily bcoz they sked ppl label them Ahbeng!!!) or Chanlilian.net and you have a blog(s) then you are welcome to submit your blog details to us and get listed in FrenzRSS.com for FREE ... FREE u no??!! Good deal lidis MANA MAU CARI??!!!! FREE WOR!!! NIAHMA!!! FAST FAST GO REGISTER LA!!!

5. Your Blog(s)
Yea YOU! the fler reading this! I actually read too many blogs everyday (I got no frends one mah remembered?) till it is kinda impossible to list them all out here! But if you have a blog and you commented in Rojaks Daily before OR your blog(s) are listed in FrenzRSS.com the chances are I might had read your blog(s) before. There is no bad blogs really, its just different perspectives of looking at the same article.

I am suppose to pass this thingy to 5 farkers of my choice to keep this going and the nominees are :

1. Ahpek
2. Kenny Ng
3. Earl the Kuku
4. Lisan
5. AHuei

25 January 2007

Ahbeng's Lifestyle : Valentine's Day Gift Part i - The Shopping Bag Bra

Since Valentine's Day is gonna be ealier than Chinese New Year I decided to fast fast capture the market first before its too late.

With barely less than 3 weeks to go Valentine's day celebration we in Rojaks Daily is working O.T. everynite to bring you the latest in trend, pehsyen wats hip and wats knots this Valentine.

First we would like to rekomen an ideal Valentine's Gift for Ahlians and alike, of coz we rekomending to Ahbengs lar! Niahma this is getting confusing! Lemme explain ...

No doubt the gift is for Ahlians but Ahbengs will hafta buy it for her wat? What you mean why izzit lidat? If you dont buy her gifts how to get laid la??!!!! Right anot Belle Belle?? *Wink Wink*

Anyway, we at Rojaks Daily would like to introduce to you the hippest Valentine's Day gift this season : The Shopping Bag Bra!!!

Lenglui in Shopping Bag Bra ... i wonder the panty can turn into anything anot? hmm..

This shopping bag bra is enviromental friendly and its made of recycled polywatwat, apart from being a bra its also can be convert into a shopping bag! This bra is also a part of eco friendly clothings concept that is suppose to be good for the enviroment also la.

This is how u turn the bra into a shopping bag!

So if Ahlians ran outta bag while shopping, she can always take off her bra and turn it inside out and VIOLA!! can continue shopping edi!!! YEAH!!! *make bimbo peace sign*

The actual reason they made this bra because they wanna reduce consumers dependant on plastic bags instead just use their bra only. But i think the actual reason is .... next time go Tesco shopping can use this bra to steal chicken also noone knows!!!

Anyway this Shopping Bag Bra got lotsa usage wan la! can use for majiam majiam task! but most importantly it looks sexy on chicks! So if you Ahbengs wanna get laid this Valentine's Day fast fast buy one Shopping Bag Bra to give to your chick la!!!

If you think I m bruffing u wan geh .... Here is a video about this Shopping Bag Bra to prove i no bruff you!

Hot Tips : Attention all Ahbengs! Dun say I no tell you! Who want get laid fast fast go buy The Shopping Bag Bra!!!

[Pic Source]

How to Get Free Beer

The super kukujiao man is gonna go down south again to help the Johor Flood victim again, if you got a few bucks to spare please give it for good cause ok? Details of the donation can be found HERE

One day two drunk flers were lepaking around the stretch of pubs in Bukit Bintang, not being able to get high enuff one of them suggested to the other fler :

Fros : Oi jom! lets go drink again!
Ace : Ok! Come!!

Fros then reached into his pocket and digged out RM 2.20 only.

Fros : How much you have? I left RM2.20 only
Ace : Err ... i erly erly alredi pokai la!
Fros : Diu! lidat how to mabuk?
Ace : Hmm ... I got this trick that might work! ... its lidis one .. jejejum jejejum yada yadayada
Fros : Yea that might work!

Fros then take his RM2.20 goto 7-11 buy one hotdog and put it into his pants.

Fros : Ok Ace kautim ledi! come lets go!

They went into one pub and begin drinking like no tomorrow lidat untill one point the bar tender tell them :

Bar tender : excuse me sir ... but can you please pay your bill first before your order more beer?
Upon hearing this Fros unzip his fly and pull out his "hotdog" then Ace fast fast kneel down and start sucking it passionately. The Bar tender saw this ledi fast fast ask boucer to kick them out before they scared off all the other customers.

Both of them kena throw out into the street but they are happy and satisfied to get free beer. So they went to bar after bar using the same trick to get free beers and byt he time they are totally wasted they just sit at the side of the street feeling high.

Ace : Mch!!! this is best man!!! My hot dog trick is the best!!! Lets do this again tomorrow!!! *HIC!*
Fros : Yea ... actually i forgot to tell u, at the second bar i suddenly farking hungry and I ate the hotdog!

24 January 2007

Why Birth Rate So High?

There is this small kampung in the middle of no where, what so spesel about this kampung is this kampung have the highest birth rate in the whole of the country.

All the professors and scientist also dem curious as to why this kampung have the highest birth rate in the whole country, so they came in groups with all their equipments and cameras and sensors and begin to set it up trying to detect some special aura believed to be influencing the birth rate in that little kampung.

After a few weeks of research and they still found no trace of any special "forces" or aura that might be influencing the high birth rates in the kampung. The project director, Cocka is kinda frustrated with the whole thing and decide to take a break from his reseach work.

That afternoon Cocka goto lepak at the kopitiam near his reseach center and he begin to chat with the taukeh of the kopitiam, Linpeh :

Cocka : Taukeh! Kopi jit pui!
Linpeh : Kopi Jit pui Laaaiii!!!!

*Linpeh bring kopi come edi ....*

Linpeh : Taukeh why you look so tulan wan? releks la!!! you in our kampung now .... no more in city, you must learn to releks abit wan la.
Cocka : After so many weeks of research untill now also no answer!!! how to releks??!!
Linpeh : You come here do hamik research la?
Cocka : I been told that your kampung have the highest birth rate in our country, so my boss asked me to come here and do research to see why your kampung got so high birth rate la!
Linpeh : Then what you found out har?
Cocka : We found nothing!!! wasted 2 weeks and found nothing!!! If i cant come out with any answers soon i think I will kena fire ledi la!!! die die ....
Linpeh : haha! WTF you peeple doing one la? u spent 2 weeks here and still kenot discover anything???
Cocka : We tested everything in your kampung, from the air to the water to the soils and the plant and we even tested all the chicken shit!!! We found nothing!!!
Linpeh : HAHA!!! you looking at the wrong place lar! dats why!
Cocka : You know where to look??? you know the answer??
Linpeh : ok la ... i see you so hansem i help u lar *wink wink*
Cocka : Please tell me the reason why your kampung got the highest birth rate!!! pulezz!!!
Linpeh : Actually its lidis wan la ... it got nothing to do with the supernatural power, air, water or chicken shit wan la!
Cocka : Then ?

Linpeh : Thanks to this bloody train that comes thru here everyday la!
Cocka : Train?? Why train??!!!
Linpeh : Neh ... there is this cilaka train that comes through our kampung everyday at 6am in the morning and press his horn loud loud waking everyone up in the kampung la!
Cocka : Then?
Linpeh : At 6am right .... its too early to goto work and its too late to go back to sleep ler ... so we all increase the birth rate lor!!!


23 January 2007

London WC1 Superloo Toilet Empire in the Making

If you derno yet, we malaysia is boasting our self cleaning toilet that charges the desperate user RM1 for every 15 minutes of usage. Claimed to be self cleaning and have very powerfool computer built into the to process the amount of human waste and feces this cubicle cost abour RM400k a piece!

But if you think that is grand enuff ... think again!

Now there is this newly opened Superloo situated in London called WC1 this concept superloo is the result of a frustrated woman when she went looking for a clean toilet during one of her shopping trip.

This is what they are offering inside the WC1 Superloo :

Welcome WC1, the world's first ever multi million-pound ladies only ultra-luxurious powder room, loo and retail retreat, designed and dedicated to providing a first class convenience for discerning women looking to relax, revitalise and indulge.

A revival of the old Victorian powder room concept, this glamorous boutique haven, found on London's Oxford Street, has been created with impeccable cleanliness and the pursuit of beauty in mind.

Now, women of all ages can escape from the hustle and bustle of the UK's busiest high street and enjoy five star facilities and discreet and attentive service in a stunning environment. In addition, products are available for purchase from high end beauty brands such as Aromatherapy Associates as well as WC1's own ‘Rescue' range of emergency products.

Whether shopping, polishing up after work or simply taking five minutes to relax between meetings, WC1 provides all that a woman needs to transform herself from the inside out at any time of day.

Unlike anything ever seen before, this sleek urban sanctuary features a luxurious powder room with deep seating, large mirrors and considerate lighting. Ambient lounge music creates a relaxing atmosphere while fresh flowers add a dash of sweetness to the air. In addition, there are oversized, air-conditioned loo cubicles big enough to comfortably change from a suit to an evening dress. Sterilised and sealed after every visit, each cubicle also comes equipped with soft white towels and premium soaps and hand creams.

The ultimate powder room destination, WC1 celebrates the requirements of women everywhere, providing her with a home from home environment and enabling her to polish and preen to perfection in the way she is naturally accustomed - total, unadulterated luxury!

WC1 costs £5 per visit (with £2 redeemable on product purchases over £10 for a limited period) and is found at 439 - 441 Oxford Street (opposite Selfridges), London W1C 2PW. For further information visit www. wc1.co.uk. Opening hours are from 8am until 9pm from Monday to Saturday and from 12 noon until 6pm on Sunday.

At RM35 (£5) bucks a pop .... it somehow made the RM1 per entry Msia self cleaning toilet looks like a small toy la! KAKAKAKA!!!

Too bad WC1 is only open for women ... i wonder if i pretend to be ahkua will they lemme go in anot?? hmmm ..... it might work you know? You dont belif you ask Ahuei la!! shes claimed to be ori ahkua so she sure knows wan!! LMAO!!!

Welcoming The Year Of The Golden Pig with Pig Race

Who would have thought of doing pigs races would be a hit during pig's year huh? Needless to say when there is races there will be wagers involved also one la. Chinese are the founding father of gambling you know? lol!

Yea this world is really one crazy place! People in China is doing Pig's races and pig's diving performance to welcome the upcoming Year of the Golden Pig.

You think we could have something similar here to welcome the Chinese New Year also?

We select a few pigs and let them race la ... the winner gets to live till after CNY and the loser ... erm ... we take and make Siew Yoke (Roast Pork)!! leng mou??!!!

Ok la ... pigs race is not really something spectacular la .... i know! i know .... but hold on ... what about diving pigs in skin hugging sexy revealing bikinis??!!! You never seen that before right??!!! hahaha!!! Mahai u all dun so binthai can anot??!! Whois into animals one here??!!! faster handsup!!!

Pigs in a race

Pigs jump over a hurdle during an event to greet the New Year of the Pig at a forest park in Nanjing, east China's Jiangsu province. The upcoming 2007 will be the year of pig according to the Ancient Chinese calendar.

Diving pigs in bikinis!!!

How? the pigs sexy anot??

Visitors watch pigs dive at a zoo in Nanning, south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The diving performance was presented in the zoo as a new year gift of the upcoming 2007, known as the Year of the Pig.


22 January 2007

Somewhere Over The Rainbow in KL

Took this pic today in Cheras on my way to my mum's house, notice the rainbow? Lucky i got enuff time to fire up the Oh-so-slow N73 and captured this moment.

Nice isnt it? .... just wanna put this pic up and remind myself that life isnt always sucky ... :)

You Know Chinese New Year is Around the Corner When ...

Just a collection of photographs I took over the weekend which keeps reminding me that Chinese New Year is fast approaching :

21 January 2007

Bride Carrying Marathon in China

There is this weird marathon in Hainan province celebrating the coming of new year, Its the Bride Carrying Marathon where the groom will carry the bride and run some distance while carrying the bride.

A very Interesting race indeed!

Here are some photos

Aww ... so Hang Fook innit?

Come we run together-gether with our wife behind our back.

Grooms carrying their brides run during a mini marathon celebrating the New Year in Sanya, south China's Hainan province

Very heart warming photographs innit? Anyone wanna do it here?

I reckon this would be a good exercise and also its to let the groom feel how it is to be married also ... because in real marriage the guy would hafta carry the bride on his "shoulder" for a very long and UNforeseeable time!!! lol!!

: If after looking at the photos above you starting to get dellusional or beginning to have some funny ideas about marriages or your suddenly have this urge wanna get married .... please seek professional advice ok?


20 January 2007

Let The War Begin! See You In Court!

If you still derno what is happening yet, then please google for it, there must be 1,678,537 blogs that talked about this issue prior to my post here.

I am more worried about the aftermath or rather the judgement of this law suit. If the big guys won this round then you all better be sked!!! Be very very sked!!!

You see, most bloggers are individuals and if you compares the size and wealth between a blogger and a big corporation its like comparing an elephant to a bacteria. They can turn our life upside down with just one sneeze. Lidat how to fight right anot?

In Chinese we got a saying that goes lidis one "They bring Chickens no problem, we bring soya sauce also can die"

From now on it will be more and more difficult to be a blogger already, everytime you mentioned something that someone dont like they will send you loyar letter.

It really doesnt matter whether you are telling the truth anot as long as they boh song, even if its your personal opinion but they will claim that your personal opinion destroyed their goodwill and they will sue you for defamation.

Lets say u goto this fast food restaurant and you tried their new barger then after that u go home and blogged bout it "This new barger by XXX sucks!" Thats your personal opinon rite? WRONG! Why? Because they BIG la! they got morney to employ loyarssss!!!! Blow ah?!!

Blogging just got alot harder ..... maybe its time to quit huh? perhaps look for a new hobby like keeping goldfish and become a Goldfish Uncle ....... Lisan would prolly loves that idea! ... rite anot Lisan?!!!

19 January 2007

Funfair Weight Guesser

If you are as "ancient" as me or cocka or Linpeh, you would definitely know what Weight Guesser are. In case you dunno yet ... lemme explain abit, Weight guesser works in a funfair one .. their job is to guess your weight before you step up to the weighing machine. If they get it right then u kena pay for for the weighing service la but if he didnt get it right then he will give u a prize back. Normally the wager involved in the process is only about RM1-2 per game only.

So happen that last time Linpeh first time date a girl he bring her to this funfair in KL, to protect the innocent I will name her Lulu la.

Linpeh and Lulu werent that close, actually they both rarely know each other before that night ... its like some kinda blind date arrange by Linpeh's frend in hope to help him get rid of his virginity before he reach 20 yrs old la lol!

So, there he was at the funfair with a girl he barely know ... Linpeh trying to start a conversation with Lulu :

Linpeh : So, here we are .... what would you like to do first?
Lulu : I wanna get weighed
Linpeh : Ok .. that sounds fun ... lets go

then bring Lulu to the weight guesser and have him guessed Lulu's weight.

Weight Guesser : hmm .. lets see ... 45 kilograms!

Lulu then step on the weighing machine to verify her weight, the scale is showing 48 kilograms so Linpeh won a prize. After claiming their prize Linpeh took Lulu go ride the Ferris Wheel, while in the Ferris wheel Linpeh ask Lulu again :

Linpeh : After this what you wanna do?
Lulu : I wanna get weighed
Linpeh : har? get weighed ar? err .. ok ok lets go again after this.

So, they went back to the weight guesser and since they were there before .. this time the weight guesser correctly guessed Lulu's weight so this time they didnt get any prize.

Linpeh then bring Lulu go play merry go round and when the ride is done Linpeh once again ask Lulu :

Linpeh : erm .. so what you wanna do next?
Lulu : I wanna get weighed
Linpeh : What??!! AGAIN???!!! err ...

At this point of time Linpeh knows this girl dem blardee weird ledi ... he fast fast think of a way to end this trip and go back home.

Linpeh : I think you must be tired after all that rides ... lemme fetch u home ok?
Lulu : Sigh ... ok

When Lulu arrived home her housemate, Laura asked her :

Laura: hey Lulu hows the date with Linpeh?
Lulu : Oh Waura! it was WOUSY!!!

If only Linpeh knew Lulu have a bit of problem with her speech one ... LOL!

18 January 2007

Breakfast at OldTown White Coffee Sungai Long Kajang

There is this newly opened OldTown White Coffee tiam in the new township located in Sg. Long and this morning i decided to drop in after i made my despatch trip to EON bank.

This Kopitiam Is still rather new and they are definitely understaffs too! Service is slow and they dont even notice i walked in as nobody gimme any menu till i asked for it.

The shopfront of OldTown White Coffee

Noticed how the photos are not aligned properly?

I like the typical Old skool type of stools and marble top table they are using, it kinda reminded me of the time i ride on the back of my grandpa's oldcow bicycle and goto the kopitiam with him.

Nice comfy and relaxing interior, nothing too complicated.

Err ... what are they saying anyway?

Order Form closeup

OldTown White Coffee in typical old skool kopi cup

If you are one of the local kofi sapoters, you will like their kopi wan! ... very aromatic and nice kopi character with bitter-ish end note!

OldTown Signature Toast - Nothing so "signature" bout this toast.

Fire-Ice Polo Bun

Ima great fan of Polo Bun, I know what kinda criteria a good polo bun should have and trust me .... I have taste better Polo bun than this one found in OldTown kopitiam!

I thot i tried their polobun before ... maybe i got mised up or izzit different branch got diff method of making polobun wan?

Anyway, its a relaxing place to be (for now) having breakfast in, for Sg. Long folks like us ... we just got ourself another place to lepak in!

Tomlo will be breakfast in Secret Recipe opposite this OldTown kopitiam! Anyone wanna join me there?

Secret Recipe, Sungai Long

17 January 2007

Malaysia Carey and Whitney Hussin

After the instant success of Back Dorm boys from China, Lip sync duo is popping up everywhere just like wild mushroom growing after sunny rain lidat.

Of course being one of the BOLEH country, we in Malaysia also must also follow the trend la! And after months of searching we finally found 2 gifted female candidates to fight the China Lip sync duo with!

These 2 are really talented in lip sync-ing and not only they are good in lip sync-ing, they also good in dressing up as angmoh also!!! Dun pray pray ok!!! Mawi also no fight!!! itu suma akademi fantasial also can pigi main jauh jauh ledi!!!

Ladies and genitalmen, I presents to you ... Malaysia Carey and Whitney Hassan Malaysia Lip Sync Duo and their no.1 Hit in Malaysia : When you belif!!!

Lyrics :
When you Believe

Many nights we prayed
With no proof anyone could hear
In our hearts a hope for a song
We barely understood
Now we are not afraid
Although we know theres much to fear
We were moving mountains
Long before we knew we could, whoa, yes
There can be miracles
When you believe
Though hope is frail
Its hard to kill
Who knows what miracles
You can achieve
When you believe somehow you will
You will when you believe

In this time of fear
When prayer so often proves in vain
Hope seems like the summer bird
Too swiftly flown away
Yet now Im standing here
My hearts so full, I cant explain
Seeking faith and speakin words
I never thought Id say
There can be miracles
When you believe
Though hope is frail
Its hard to kill
Who knows what miracles
You can achieve (you can achieve)
When you believe somehow you will
You will when you believe

They dont always happen when you ask
And its easy to give in to your fears
But when youre blinded by your pain
Cant see the way, get through the rain
A small but still, resilient voice
Says hope is very near, oh
There can be miracles
When you believe
Though hope is frail
Its hard to kill
Who knows what miracles
You can achieve
When you believe somehow you will
Somehow you will
You will when you believe

Thanks to Ahuei for the link to the MTV, btw these 2 are actually frends of Ahuei. I seriously think they are very talented!

16 January 2007

NEP aside, We are all still Very United !!!

Malaysia done it again! but this time as the laughing stock of the world when "some" bad eggs begin to accuse "certain" races for dominating the economy when there is really nothing left to be dominated by the accused race.

Nevertheless its was the joke of the year when, instead of thinking how to improves the situation our country is currently in, all they ever care is how the country's wealth are supposed to be distributed.

Actually, us Malaysian already accepted the fact that there are 3 major races in the country and everyone is living in peace without much hassle as to how many % of the economy a particular race is dominating at the current time.

This can be clearly seen in this letter written by a Malay comrade to the New Straits Time Newspaper in regards to what she learnt during the flood in Johor.

Flood relief: Help came from ordinary folk
10 Jan 2007

MY relatives were directly hit by the recent floods phenomenon in Kota Tinggi, Johor. While the media were showing photographs of officials and VIPs smiling with babies and such, my relatives told us a different story.

Everyone we met said that the centre where they were taking refuge did not have enough food.

They were thankful that they received a bun each for dinner, but for breakfast the next day, a plate of plain fried rice was given to feed a family of five or six. At 2pm that e same day, there wasere no sign of lunch.

Frantic parents were told that there wasere food at a hall a few kilometres away, being prepared in abundance there in preparation for the visiting dignitaries.

Help came when you least expected it. At Taman Kota Jaya, the worst hit area was the low- to medium-cost housing area. The majority of occupants there are were Malays.

Chinese neighbours came in their personal capacity, droveiving around in personal cars handing to hand out bread, biscuits, drinking water and blankets.

The temple in Taman Kota Jaya quickly organised help; no distinction of race was made.

When the waters started to recede, Chinese doctors made free house to house calls offering services at no charge.

The MCA handed out clothes to everyone. Even the opposition Islamic Party members managed to hand out food. These people will always be remembered for giving help from the heart, no reporters trailing them, no TV camera to record their deeds.

To all of you who helped my relatives when they were hungry and cold, I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. You know who you are.

My faith in other fellow Malay- sians, regardless of race and creed, has increased a thousand fold.


Now ... this is how us, the commoner lives .... we dont have any keris wielding drama down here wan!

Johor Flood Victims Charity Dinner

This little lenglui blogger is gonna organise a charity dinner to aid Johor Flood Victims, details as below :

Lisan, one of the organiser ... she got a blog too!

This is what she said :

Venue : Royale Bintang, Damansara ( The Curve )
Date : 27th January 2007.
Time : 7pm - 11pm
Tickets : RM50. will be sold on that night itself.

Targeting at students lah.
email me? at this email add = ylisan@hotmail.com for more info and all.

urm. what else arh.

This is for the Johor Flood Victims and a few of the BRATs ( From Star
Paper, Star Metro ) is organising this event.

need sponsors.
many many sponsors.
many many many many sponsors.

If you have a few bucks to spare, head on to the Royale Bintang a The Curve on the 27th January 2007, Its all for a good course!

Love Thy Neighbour

Linpeh bought a new piece of land just next to his house and he planning to make a big swimming pool there all by himself - DIY (yala that farker dem kiamsiap wan).

Then one day he start digging the hole with a cangkul, dig baru 20 minutes his cangkul hit something solid in the soil he also goan pick it up and see what izzit la.

He found a sealed bottle with something funny inside, that fler thot its something valueable la so, he fast fast open the bottle, mana tau suddenly got one Genie pop out from the bottle, this Linpeh dem happy ledi lar ... he fast fast ask the Genie :

Linpeh : Eh ... you Genie hor? Can gimme wishes anot wan?
Genie : Wuah I notchet tell you ... you alredi know got wishes ka? -_-"
Linpeh : Oi i not ahbeng ok? I got watch tv wan of coz i know la!
Genie : Ok ok i give lu 1 wish la.
Linpeh : oi what 1 wish? you wanna con me ka? at least also 3 wishes la!
Genie : 3 wishes ka? I can give you 3 wishes but if you take one wish its easier la.
Linpeh : Why?
Genie : Because last week I receive one email from the Council of Genies telling me that they have new rulings ledi.
Linpeh : What rulings la?
Genie : To curb the greediness of mankind we only can give 1 unconditional wish, if want 3 wishes then we kena give with condition ledi.
Linpeh : What condition is that la?
Genie : Its lidis one geh ... if you take 3 wishes hor ... whatever you wish for your neighbour will get twice as much wan.
Linpeh : Wuah!!! but i farking hate my farker neighbour one wor!!!
Genie : Then its your call la! So? 1 wish or 3 wishes?
Linpeh : hmm gimme 5 minits to think can ar?
Genie : ok faster hor! After this i mau go party.

The man who lives beside Linpeh house is actually Cocka, Linpeh and Cocka boh ngam long long edi becoz last time at skool they both going after the same piao mei wan ... thats why even after they grow up ledi still boh ngam wan.

After Linpeh think think and think .. he finally got a plan! he fast fast tell the Genie :

Linpeh : Ok la! I think think ledi ... i dun mind to share my wealth with my neighbour la! I not greedy wan .... I take 3 wishes ok?
Genie : Fine with me ... BUT REMEMBER THIS, your neighbour will get double of what you wished for ok? .... so whats your first wish la?
Linpeh : Oh I know what i want ledi ... for my first wish i want you to change my house to a new 10 storey luxury hotel complete with swimming pool.
Genie : Your wish is my command


Linpeh's double storey house suddenly changed into a 10 storey luxury hotel like Mandarin oriental mia design lidat but at the same time Cocka mia house changed into a 20 storey mia luxury hotel also. Linpeh can see Cocka come shouting so sexcited outside his house telling everyone how nice is his house now .... Linpeh see this ledi dem tulan but he sabar first la ...

Genie : ok, whats your second wish?
Linpeh : For my second wish I want to have 50 most beautiful girls in the world to be my girlfriends!
Genie : Your wish is my ccommand!


Suddenly 50 most gorgeous women appeared before Linpeh and star calling him darling, but to his dismay Cocka is now surrounded by 100 women and those women are twice as pretty as all his girlfriends! At this time Linpeh is boiling mad ledi ... but yet he remain calm and wait for further instructions from Genie :

Genie : ok sir what is your third and last wish?

Upon hearing this, Linpeh gave out a very loud evil laugh and then walks towards the Genie and calmly say to him :

Linpeh : For my third wish .... I want to lose ONE(1) CHUNTOY(testicle) pulezz!


14 January 2007

FRESH FLESH in Johor Baru

Even tho some part of Johor is now terribly flooded but i still thinking of moving to JB to stay!

Why you may ask bcoz despite all the risk involved there is still hefty rewards if I were to stay in JB ... what is the rewards??!! FRESH FLESH la!!! Chun chicks from 13-15 of age looking for hansem guy like me to ONS (wan nite stand) with!!!

MCH!! 13 yrs old only you know??!!! mana mau cari??!!!

This is what gonna happen if you parents always too busy for your children!! Too busy looking for money and at the end of the day whose fault izzit?

So now, you got money ledi .... also u got this ONS doter .... are you happy?

Spare yourself one minute and think about this before its too late .... if this what you want for your children? or rather is this what you children want from you?

You make the call!

Schoolgirls competing to be No.1 in sex game

A GROUP of female students in a secondary school in Johor Baru are said to be competing among themselves to be the one with the highest number of one-night stands, Nanyang Siang Pau reported.

Each of the 10 students in the group, aged between 13 and 15 years old, would fork out between RM50 and RM100 to be in the game.

The student with the highest number of sex partners within a month would get a “reward”, which ranged from between RM500 and RM1,000, said the report.

Usually, a student would need between 13 and 15 sex partners to claim the “reward”.

It was learnt that the school had expelled some students involved in the activity, but the report added that it was still going on.


13 January 2007

Lindungilah Kemaluan Anda

Are you a bloggers? Have you read Frenzrss.com yet?
Are you a blogs readers? Have you been to Frenzrss.com yet?

Frenzrss.com where friendly bloggers meet.

Was blog hopping when I arrived at Lokter Maverick mia blog which features a photo from Malay Mail and how the whole story of how this "obscene" billboard which is located along Jalan Raja Chulan came about.

The actually billboard reads "XXX Insurance ... Melindungi Kemaluan Anda!"

It reads : XXX Insurance ... Melindungi Kemaluan anda

WUAHAHAHAHA!!! this is a good one wei!!! i hope more company can make advertisement lidis!!! LMAO!!!

Note : IF you are like "someone" and you also dint know what "kemaluan" means ... "kemaluan" is in Bahasa Malaysia and it means "Private Parts"
Melindungi means To Protects
Anda Means You

[Pic source]

Cerana Restaurant Batu 7 Kajang

Its getting really early now ... 3:48am ... later only write what is this all about ok? in the mean time just enjoy the photos ler!