10 January 2007

Back Dorm Boys Lips Sync Duo Fro

I discovered this lips sync duo Back dorm Boys from China in 2006, after that on and off i have been following their progress also to see if they released any new lips sync MTV or not.

Browsing thru some of the video hosting sites I found a few of their new work and since some of it are quite funny also I thot you guys might wanna see it too.

Here izzit :

Nigger Rap - Dont lie, this lip sync is not perfectly done. I think they should have stick with chinese songs or easier english song instead.

This is the first time i seen them doing chinese opera in full chinese opera costumes. Not bad!

is still french or Italian? Nevertheless this one is blardee funny and refreshing!

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  1. Wonder whether they are gay partners...


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