14 January 2007

FRESH FLESH in Johor Baru

Even tho some part of Johor is now terribly flooded but i still thinking of moving to JB to stay!

Why you may ask bcoz despite all the risk involved there is still hefty rewards if I were to stay in JB ... what is the rewards??!! FRESH FLESH la!!! Chun chicks from 13-15 of age looking for hansem guy like me to ONS (wan nite stand) with!!!

MCH!! 13 yrs old only you know??!!! mana mau cari??!!!

This is what gonna happen if you parents always too busy for your children!! Too busy looking for money and at the end of the day whose fault izzit?

So now, you got money ledi .... also u got this ONS doter .... are you happy?

Spare yourself one minute and think about this before its too late .... if this what you want for your children? or rather is this what you children want from you?

You make the call!

Schoolgirls competing to be No.1 in sex game

A GROUP of female students in a secondary school in Johor Baru are said to be competing among themselves to be the one with the highest number of one-night stands, Nanyang Siang Pau reported.

Each of the 10 students in the group, aged between 13 and 15 years old, would fork out between RM50 and RM100 to be in the game.

The student with the highest number of sex partners within a month would get a “reward”, which ranged from between RM500 and RM1,000, said the report.

Usually, a student would need between 13 and 15 sex partners to claim the “reward”.

It was learnt that the school had expelled some students involved in the activity, but the report added that it was still going on.



  1. Anonymous2:49 am

    .... cheap........ =_=

  2. wat on earth is happening to teenage girls nowadays :(

  3. Anonymous11:50 am

    oh my.. >.<" *shake head*

  4. Everibodi!!!! Listen to Rojakz! Time is what our kids need, not money.

  5. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Cocka will be happy if he know it... *run away*

  6. Anonymous7:52 pm

    YeSh! WTH!!
    Wingz...be good la..u donate some money to them, so they dun haf to do stupid thing! =P

  7. Anonymous11:03 pm

    lets all move to Johor and play flood water... oh wait, i think got better things to do there.

  8. which school is this ar?

    i wan to enrol ...

  9. belle2:12 am

    chi 9 lan sin

  10. Walao, kids nowadays really super geng hor.. WHAT?? sex at 13? ons somemore..
    the world is definitely changing..

  11. Eh, brader - You gone down to Johor satu malam berdiri issit? Mana lu pigi?

  12. Too fresh flesh for me! Very dangerous, after hv to go jail

  13. Anonymous8:12 pm

    soli taikor i din call u while in kl, too damn busy! hehe

  14. wah like this, small kids can become pimp already. wtf!

  15. OMG. Those f*cking school expel the "trouble" student instead of counseling them. I feel sorry for those lazy parent that rely everything on school to feed their(not educate) children.


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