1 January 2007

Lower Road Tax Beginning 1st Jan 2007

I laughed out when i learnt about this piece of what suppose to be a good piece of news : Reduced Road Tax

Then in an unrelated incident, I overheard this conversation at pasar this morning :

Ahbeng : Alo Muthu! I tell you har, cooking oil will increase RM5 per liter from today onwards!

Muthu : Aiyoyo! taukeh mana boleh ini majiam??!! Saya jual goreng pisang hali hali mau pakai cooking oil wan!

Ahbeng : Eh Muthu calm down!!! dun worry! I got good news for you! Not everything go up wan la! got something i reduce plice also wan! dun worry!

Muthu : Dei! what thing you kasi reduce plice?

Ahbeng : Eh from now on if you buy a new wok .... I give you RM10 discount wokeh?!

Muthu : Dei! Farkiu la!! My goreng pisang wok i used 10 yrs ledi also no change you gimme 50% discount also no use la!

Ahbeng : Eh dun say lidat la .... i give u this RM10 discount on my new wok i rugi RM2.5k every year you know?!

Muthu : Dei! U think i derno how to count one izzit? You rugi RM2.5k on your wok but you untung RM250k on the cooking oil hike! You really think i stupid ka? Kluar sikit Poket kiri, manyak manyak masuk poket kanan!

Sigh* .... study high high also no use bcoz we "dunno" how to count wan!


  1. Oi lanjiao u kutuk my favorite government u know, nia sing they increase the petrol by 50 cents only u know but they reduce RM10 for the car road tax ...

    and they will compensate all the toll concessionaire wan when they lose money ... see my goverment know the toll boss also got family wan, so when they suffer losses the gov will help them wan ...

  2. LOL, like this everybody buy motobike laa...petrol cheap, roadtax cheap, no toll and can rempit so fast vroom vroom vroom!

  3. invisibleghost11:49 am

    hahahaha, good 1 rojak

  4. Dei!, use palm oil la!

  5. petrol got increase meh? last time my yamahai fill 5 ringgit, today i go and fill my yamahai, oso 5 ringgit oni wat.

  6. Undeniably undeniable. =)

  7. This rojak is chun lah


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