16 January 2007

NEP aside, We are all still Very United !!!

Malaysia done it again! but this time as the laughing stock of the world when "some" bad eggs begin to accuse "certain" races for dominating the economy when there is really nothing left to be dominated by the accused race.

Nevertheless its was the joke of the year when, instead of thinking how to improves the situation our country is currently in, all they ever care is how the country's wealth are supposed to be distributed.

Actually, us Malaysian already accepted the fact that there are 3 major races in the country and everyone is living in peace without much hassle as to how many % of the economy a particular race is dominating at the current time.

This can be clearly seen in this letter written by a Malay comrade to the New Straits Time Newspaper in regards to what she learnt during the flood in Johor.

Flood relief: Help came from ordinary folk
10 Jan 2007

MY relatives were directly hit by the recent floods phenomenon in Kota Tinggi, Johor. While the media were showing photographs of officials and VIPs smiling with babies and such, my relatives told us a different story.

Everyone we met said that the centre where they were taking refuge did not have enough food.

They were thankful that they received a bun each for dinner, but for breakfast the next day, a plate of plain fried rice was given to feed a family of five or six. At 2pm that e same day, there wasere no sign of lunch.

Frantic parents were told that there wasere food at a hall a few kilometres away, being prepared in abundance there in preparation for the visiting dignitaries.

Help came when you least expected it. At Taman Kota Jaya, the worst hit area was the low- to medium-cost housing area. The majority of occupants there are were Malays.

Chinese neighbours came in their personal capacity, droveiving around in personal cars handing to hand out bread, biscuits, drinking water and blankets.

The temple in Taman Kota Jaya quickly organised help; no distinction of race was made.

When the waters started to recede, Chinese doctors made free house to house calls offering services at no charge.

The MCA handed out clothes to everyone. Even the opposition Islamic Party members managed to hand out food. These people will always be remembered for giving help from the heart, no reporters trailing them, no TV camera to record their deeds.

To all of you who helped my relatives when they were hungry and cold, I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. You know who you are.

My faith in other fellow Malay- sians, regardless of race and creed, has increased a thousand fold.


Now ... this is how us, the commoner lives .... we dont have any keris wielding drama down here wan!


  1. Gua plug sama Tan Silly Latuk Rojakz.

  2. Anonymous6:16 am

    touch touch touch

  3. Anonymous9:56 am

    haiya.. all the while, chinamen where got anything against anybody?

    they only say we have only.

  4. Such a heartwarming story! I'm glad my friend pointed me this way to read it. You're right...we're actually all friend-friend and happy-happy down here.

  5. belle5:06 pm

    NICE ONE! i like!
    i hope with this..we can atleast unite..

  6. Anonymous7:30 pm

    veli nice-le..

    the url u posted as "Source" cannot jalan-le... NST repot 404 Not Found error liao. Mebbe NST blok blok??


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