5 January 2007

What is FrenzRSS.com About?

FrenzRSS.com is a joint project by by a bunch of bloggers, spearheaded by 5xmom FrenzRSS.com is something like a blogtal but this one does not require you to ping to it manually.

Everytime you update your blogs, FrenzRSS.com will automatically capture your title and post it in the front page together with a small part of the content and link it back to your blog! Pretty convinient huh?

Well we figured this would be a cool feature for bloggers as they do not have to remember to ping their post everytime they finish a new entry. New features is under developement as we speaks and soon FrenzRSS.com will be more versatile than before giving you more options as you choose your contents.

So what are you waiting for? Go and get yourself register! Click HERE!

Of coz its FREE wan! Fully sponsored by 5xmom because she is making so much money from the internet lately ... its kinda like a way to give back to the blogsphere lidat la!

If you need help in registering, do feel free to drop me a note ok?


  1. Tai Kor PR6 Tai! Happy Niu Yea! How to "properly" register there ar? I tried but nothing came out leh...

  2. taikor worry not i hekp u register

  3. Once register already can unsubscribe ?

  4. i tried too.don't know why or what went wrong in the process


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