16 January 2007

Love Thy Neighbour

Linpeh bought a new piece of land just next to his house and he planning to make a big swimming pool there all by himself - DIY (yala that farker dem kiamsiap wan).

Then one day he start digging the hole with a cangkul, dig baru 20 minutes his cangkul hit something solid in the soil he also goan pick it up and see what izzit la.

He found a sealed bottle with something funny inside, that fler thot its something valueable la so, he fast fast open the bottle, mana tau suddenly got one Genie pop out from the bottle, this Linpeh dem happy ledi lar ... he fast fast ask the Genie :

Linpeh : Eh ... you Genie hor? Can gimme wishes anot wan?
Genie : Wuah I notchet tell you ... you alredi know got wishes ka? -_-"
Linpeh : Oi i not ahbeng ok? I got watch tv wan of coz i know la!
Genie : Ok ok i give lu 1 wish la.
Linpeh : oi what 1 wish? you wanna con me ka? at least also 3 wishes la!
Genie : 3 wishes ka? I can give you 3 wishes but if you take one wish its easier la.
Linpeh : Why?
Genie : Because last week I receive one email from the Council of Genies telling me that they have new rulings ledi.
Linpeh : What rulings la?
Genie : To curb the greediness of mankind we only can give 1 unconditional wish, if want 3 wishes then we kena give with condition ledi.
Linpeh : What condition is that la?
Genie : Its lidis one geh ... if you take 3 wishes hor ... whatever you wish for your neighbour will get twice as much wan.
Linpeh : Wuah!!! but i farking hate my farker neighbour one wor!!!
Genie : Then its your call la! So? 1 wish or 3 wishes?
Linpeh : hmm gimme 5 minits to think can ar?
Genie : ok faster hor! After this i mau go party.

The man who lives beside Linpeh house is actually Cocka, Linpeh and Cocka boh ngam long long edi becoz last time at skool they both going after the same piao mei wan ... thats why even after they grow up ledi still boh ngam wan.

After Linpeh think think and think .. he finally got a plan! he fast fast tell the Genie :

Linpeh : Ok la! I think think ledi ... i dun mind to share my wealth with my neighbour la! I not greedy wan .... I take 3 wishes ok?
Genie : Fine with me ... BUT REMEMBER THIS, your neighbour will get double of what you wished for ok? .... so whats your first wish la?
Linpeh : Oh I know what i want ledi ... for my first wish i want you to change my house to a new 10 storey luxury hotel complete with swimming pool.
Genie : Your wish is my command


Linpeh's double storey house suddenly changed into a 10 storey luxury hotel like Mandarin oriental mia design lidat but at the same time Cocka mia house changed into a 20 storey mia luxury hotel also. Linpeh can see Cocka come shouting so sexcited outside his house telling everyone how nice is his house now .... Linpeh see this ledi dem tulan but he sabar first la ...

Genie : ok, whats your second wish?
Linpeh : For my second wish I want to have 50 most beautiful girls in the world to be my girlfriends!
Genie : Your wish is my ccommand!


Suddenly 50 most gorgeous women appeared before Linpeh and star calling him darling, but to his dismay Cocka is now surrounded by 100 women and those women are twice as pretty as all his girlfriends! At this time Linpeh is boiling mad ledi ... but yet he remain calm and wait for further instructions from Genie :

Genie : ok sir what is your third and last wish?

Upon hearing this, Linpeh gave out a very loud evil laugh and then walks towards the Genie and calmly say to him :

Linpeh : For my third wish .... I want to lose ONE(1) CHUNTOY(testicle) pulezz!



  1. Anonymous1:10 am

    Haiyor, my math not good, make me think and count so long baru get the joke. LOL.

  2. Anonymous1:43 am

    hehe..damn paria the ahpek. willing sacrifice his one ball. damn.

  3. Anonymous3:42 am

    knn! 200 pretty gals but no balls!!!! charmmmm
    wait..will the stick erect witout balls???

  4. Anonymous6:11 am

    Gua lau ay....

  5. Anonymous6:35 am

    wingz is back !!
    more lame jokes please !!

    btw..can still erect w/o balls..just no starch come out...

    gua study medik wan ar..

  6. Anonymous8:09 am

    Wuah Lin Peh realli evil hor!! Willing to lose one chun toi to make sure Cocka loses both his chun toi.. Got 200 pweety girls also no use la.....kakakakakaka..

  7. Anonymous8:56 am

    hahaha... lin peh so cruel...

  8. Anonymous9:06 am

    no chontoi oso never mind. got kukuciao enuf oredi!!

  9. Anonymous9:09 am

    Walau ah pek so wai tai willing to loose one ball ar??

    With one ball can erect ar? >.<

  10. Why u always go bocor my secret wan ? Tiu ! LOL!

  11. Anonymous12:58 pm

    200 girls?? i thought 100 only, for cocka ...

  12. Anonymous1:06 pm

    wahlau..so jin kak!

  13. Anonymous1:41 pm

    LoL, I wonder what happen next~

  14. Anonymous2:25 pm

    what is this lah...cocka even more shiok...can have it with the 100 girls without using condom. Meanwhile, LinPeh missing one ball but still got to use condom...WTF?? Was that the joke??

  15. Anonymous2:43 pm

    hua ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    this time cocka kena........

    oh yes helloo..........

  16. Anonymous3:26 pm

    no chun toi better leh....no need get vasectomy....can screw without conscience. no need condom samore...save more money...shud have said something like, linpeh want to lose 3 inches of his "stick" then cocka kena minus 6 inches....this one more dahsyat

  17. Anonymous3:46 pm

    wuahahaha..now someone become "tai kham" ledi.

  18. Anonymous7:18 pm

    clever limpeh. LOL

  19. Anonymous9:49 pm

    Wingz becum dan chun zai

  20. I tell u har .. man pantang ppl say he no chun toy wan ... no chun toy means no guts, dats why angmoh say "no balls" u guys pulak say no balls is good lol!

    kkc without balls is just like pistol without bullets .... u can pull the trigger but no bullet will come out LMAO!!! No bullets then how to climax la??!!!

  21. Anonymous7:05 pm

    Aiyah..this joke i heard when I was in standard 5 lah. Got any up to date jokes anot? Tiu....

  22. Anonymous10:29 pm

    ur joke hohliau...cocka dulan d say ur joke lame..lolx


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