25 January 2007

Ahbeng's Lifestyle : Valentine's Day Gift Part i - The Shopping Bag Bra

Since Valentine's Day is gonna be ealier than Chinese New Year I decided to fast fast capture the market first before its too late.

With barely less than 3 weeks to go Valentine's day celebration we in Rojaks Daily is working O.T. everynite to bring you the latest in trend, pehsyen wats hip and wats knots this Valentine.

First we would like to rekomen an ideal Valentine's Gift for Ahlians and alike, of coz we rekomending to Ahbengs lar! Niahma this is getting confusing! Lemme explain ...

No doubt the gift is for Ahlians but Ahbengs will hafta buy it for her wat? What you mean why izzit lidat? If you dont buy her gifts how to get laid la??!!!! Right anot Belle Belle?? *Wink Wink*

Anyway, we at Rojaks Daily would like to introduce to you the hippest Valentine's Day gift this season : The Shopping Bag Bra!!!

Lenglui in Shopping Bag Bra ... i wonder the panty can turn into anything anot? hmm..

This shopping bag bra is enviromental friendly and its made of recycled polywatwat, apart from being a bra its also can be convert into a shopping bag! This bra is also a part of eco friendly clothings concept that is suppose to be good for the enviroment also la.

This is how u turn the bra into a shopping bag!

So if Ahlians ran outta bag while shopping, she can always take off her bra and turn it inside out and VIOLA!! can continue shopping edi!!! YEAH!!! *make bimbo peace sign*

The actual reason they made this bra because they wanna reduce consumers dependant on plastic bags instead just use their bra only. But i think the actual reason is .... next time go Tesco shopping can use this bra to steal chicken also noone knows!!!

Anyway this Shopping Bag Bra got lotsa usage wan la! can use for majiam majiam task! but most importantly it looks sexy on chicks! So if you Ahbengs wanna get laid this Valentine's Day fast fast buy one Shopping Bag Bra to give to your chick la!!!

If you think I m bruffing u wan geh .... Here is a video about this Shopping Bag Bra to prove i no bruff you!

Hot Tips : Attention all Ahbengs! Dun say I no tell you! Who want get laid fast fast go buy The Shopping Bag Bra!!!

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  1. Anonymous3:14 pm

    LOL... I posted macam macam bra... now here Shopping Bag Bra pula... really can get laid ah? Lidat I wanna try lah... kekeke

  2. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Oh my god. I didn't even know I'm in the competition. Thanks for telling me. *_* Omg I'm gonna be last in the competition! I don't wanna be the last! *_* Hahahaha Thanks!

  3. Anonymous5:14 pm

    waaaah, really parctikal liao, got underwear shopping bag ah? Cheers!

  4. Anonymous7:23 pm

    very creative

  5. ewwuu all the fruit from the bag damn smelly liao...

  6. Anonymous10:00 pm

    wah... i think steal *two* chickens also no one know.. :P

  7. when they will invent shopping bag underwear? hahahaha

  8. leilowmei ... i tell u har ... i derno why i so lazy to reply komen nowadays!!! I think i mau quit blogging ledi la!!!

  9. Anonymous12:56 am

    Wuah!!! liddat my bra design kalah ledi la!!

  10. Anonymous9:23 am

    wingz..wOI! u quit blogging i SCOLD u wan hor!!! =P

    lkj!!! i wan shopping braaaaa! kakkak

  11. Anonymous10:05 am

    wingz, you're the man.. things lidis oso u can find.. i salute u lor...

  12. Wingz, that bra is made of poly ester. Try to listen to that news one more :)

  13. Wuahhh new trend of shopping bag. Sure laku manyak one if produced for sale.

  14. HumBug12:14 am

    Still, what is MTF?


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