4 January 2007

Zambian Roulette

Both Kilikuloo and Igor were representing their country in an United Nations meeting. Kilikulu is from Zambia and Igor is from Russia.

They staying in the same hotel and their room is just next to each other, so ngam in UN they also sit next to each other, so they became good friend.

One day Igor abit bored so he called Kilikuloo to goto his room to drink vodka and to tok kok. Derno how suddenly this Igor start toking about Russian Roulette, at first Kilikuloo dint quite understand how this Russian Roulette works so Igor took out his six shooter, loaded it with just one bullet and then showed to Kilikuloo how the game suppose to be played. Kilikuloo like playing Russian Roulette very much, to him its very exciting and cheekik.

A few days after that the meeting is over liow and Igor and Kilikuloo have to go back to their own country. By now both of them very frend ledi and Igor promised to goto Zambia to visit Kilikuloo also. Kilikuloo then told Igor this :

Kilikuloo : Igor my frend! one day you must come to my country and try our Zambian Roulette!
Igor : I plomise to you i will come wan!!

A few months after that Kilikuloo got an email from Igor telling him that he will be arriving a few days later. Kilikuloo went to the airport to welcome him and bring Igor to stay in his mansion. After Igor settled down in Kilikuloo's mansion Igor said this to Kilikuloo :

Igor : My brader! I came to try your Zambian Roulette!
Kilikuloo : I know my brader! follow me ... everything is ready for your arrival.

Kilikuloo later bring Igor to a room and in that room there is 6 african women standing there buck naked.

Zambians Lengluis

Igor : Brader ... why is there so many naked ladies here?
Kilikuloo : Brader, they are here to play our Zambian Roulette with you.
Igor : And how is that?
Kilikuloo : You see brader ... its very simple really. All yuou have to do is to pick any woman randomly and she will give u a blowjob.
Igor : My brader ... if she gimme blowjob then where is the kick? where is the excitements? where is the danger?? Lidis no fun leh!
Kilikuloo : AHH!! brader ... dun worry! I havent told you about the fun part yet!
Igor : What fun part?
Kilikuloo : The fun part is ...... One of the lady in this group is from the Man eating Cannibal tribe from the jungle.


  1. Anonymous1:46 am

    Hahhahaa!! The kkc risked kena bitten off liao! LOL

  2. Zambian lengluis blowjob where got syiok wan.

  3. bellevella2:42 am

    how wan? as she suck she bite and chew?
    really like hotlog lo.

  4. Anonymous2:54 am


    happy new year ya wingz!

  5. Anonymous9:11 am

    kilikulu goin to have No Kuku liao ... hahahaha....

  6. Anonymous11:38 am

    Hahahahahh try Zambian roulette kukujiao also will be gone la.... Good one this one...

  7. Anonymous12:47 pm

    wah lao! excided game!

  8. Kilikuloo still got his or not? If he played too much Zambian Roulette, chances are his wang gonecase alrdy. XD

  9. Anonymous9:43 pm

    mai. this joke hao xiao. i like!

  10. Anonymous6:32 am

    wahahaha...this one is really funny ^^

  11. so funny wan...^^
    got other rouletes?

  12. hahahaah...damn good one man! keep 'em coming


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