19 January 2007

Funfair Weight Guesser

If you are as "ancient" as me or cocka or Linpeh, you would definitely know what Weight Guesser are. In case you dunno yet ... lemme explain abit, Weight guesser works in a funfair one .. their job is to guess your weight before you step up to the weighing machine. If they get it right then u kena pay for for the weighing service la but if he didnt get it right then he will give u a prize back. Normally the wager involved in the process is only about RM1-2 per game only.

So happen that last time Linpeh first time date a girl he bring her to this funfair in KL, to protect the innocent I will name her Lulu la.

Linpeh and Lulu werent that close, actually they both rarely know each other before that night ... its like some kinda blind date arrange by Linpeh's frend in hope to help him get rid of his virginity before he reach 20 yrs old la lol!

So, there he was at the funfair with a girl he barely know ... Linpeh trying to start a conversation with Lulu :

Linpeh : So, here we are .... what would you like to do first?
Lulu : I wanna get weighed
Linpeh : Ok .. that sounds fun ... lets go

then bring Lulu to the weight guesser and have him guessed Lulu's weight.

Weight Guesser : hmm .. lets see ... 45 kilograms!

Lulu then step on the weighing machine to verify her weight, the scale is showing 48 kilograms so Linpeh won a prize. After claiming their prize Linpeh took Lulu go ride the Ferris Wheel, while in the Ferris wheel Linpeh ask Lulu again :

Linpeh : After this what you wanna do?
Lulu : I wanna get weighed
Linpeh : har? get weighed ar? err .. ok ok lets go again after this.

So, they went back to the weight guesser and since they were there before .. this time the weight guesser correctly guessed Lulu's weight so this time they didnt get any prize.

Linpeh then bring Lulu go play merry go round and when the ride is done Linpeh once again ask Lulu :

Linpeh : erm .. so what you wanna do next?
Lulu : I wanna get weighed
Linpeh : What??!! AGAIN???!!! err ...

At this point of time Linpeh knows this girl dem blardee weird ledi ... he fast fast think of a way to end this trip and go back home.

Linpeh : I think you must be tired after all that rides ... lemme fetch u home ok?
Lulu : Sigh ... ok

When Lulu arrived home her housemate, Laura asked her :

Laura: hey Lulu hows the date with Linpeh?
Lulu : Oh Waura! it was WOUSY!!!

If only Linpeh knew Lulu have a bit of problem with her speech one ... LOL!


  1. Anonymous4:53 am

    "I wanna get laid" issit. I also confused liao.

    Eh, got blogger named Lulu one. Nanti she not happy hantam lu punya kipala.

  2. Anonymous9:05 am

    Hahahha ask her to crawl up a hen's ass n wait larrr! =P

  3. Lulu: So bad you all! Wuagh at me! Woooohoohoo!

  4. Anonymous12:50 pm

    linpeh miss his chance leh......

  5. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Kaninah get laid hio...at 1st i tot LULU is crazy always wanna get weight.....LiNpEh gotta be virgin still......

  6. Anonymous2:51 pm

    Talak tangkap bola la!

  7. u copy my joke ! I wan sue u !

  8. Anonymous3:44 pm

    LOL... LinPeh missed a 'golden' chance!

  9. Anonymous3:51 pm

    hahaha that's a pretty good one..
    ironically, i have a fren whose nickname is Lulu.. XD

  10. Anonymous3:54 pm

    aiyo..miss out on getting laid!

  11. belle4:50 pm

    DIN GET LAID! charm
    i wanan get laid too.


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