22 January 2007

Somewhere Over The Rainbow in KL

Took this pic today in Cheras on my way to my mum's house, notice the rainbow? Lucky i got enuff time to fire up the Oh-so-slow N73 and captured this moment.

Nice isnt it? .... just wanna put this pic up and remind myself that life isnt always sucky ... :)


  1. Anonymous2:54 am

    A day with no traffic jam on the road of KL is always not sucky wan. Haha...

  2. Anonymous3:25 am

    rainbow..i finally saw it..
    but i cant believe its in yr blog..i waited whole day and got disappointed.i think god has his own wat to show his love towards me..thz this post..meant alot to me..thz wingz..yr my laling!!

  3. Anonymous8:26 am

    i haven't seen a rainbow in ages..!

  4. Anonymous9:51 am

    ooo... nice picture of a rainbow, rainbow makes me happy whenever i see it, feels as if there's some sort of blessing on me.

    not that i'm da religious type though = ="

    anyway, nice pics on the wedding marathon! looks damn cool XD and no i'm not gonna get married because of that

  5. Anonymous12:48 pm

    yeah ..nice rainbow and nice road also.. empty and jam-free too!

  6. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Yeah!! those people in Johor saw rainbow and rising water level. They must be glad to see that rainbow right?? hehe.

  7. Anonymous3:36 pm

    so promising..the rainbow!!

  8. Anonymous9:40 pm

    u dun scare bang into divider ar? or stop by abang who wants you to slip money into his buku.

  9. waaa N73 so kenggggggg


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