27 January 2007

Kids are Dangerous! Dont Piss Them Off!!

Seriously, dont let your kids watch too much TV, make sure they arent watching anything they are not suppose to watch and make sure they dont get any violent movies also.

Seriously! take my words for it! if you dont start to control them at young age, then your kids will turn out exactly like how the potraited by the audio file below.

In the audio file below you can find this radio show talking about how this 8 yrs old kid called a demolition company and try to convince them to blow up her school and make sure all the teachers are in the school before blowing it up!

She is only 8 yrs old! and she hated her teachers and school so much just because they gave her lotsa homework on weekends! WTF wei!! Just imagine, what if thats your kid?! Today she wanna blow up the school maybe tomorrow she might kill both her parents because they scolded her! This is farking scary ok!!!

8 Yrs Old Making Prank Calls

Now you tell me, if thats your kid ... scary anot?!!!


  1. Anonymous4:44 am

    Harlow r u the demolation man????? Can U help me demolish my workplace??? So tat I dun nid to go to work no more??? Are U listening or not?? Can U help demolish it together with all the nasty bitches and assholes inside there??? Can arr can or not ar??? Plzzzzzzzz.....

  2. Anonymous7:24 am

    so boring if cannot watch violent movies


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