6 January 2007

Brace yourself for severe storms

Thats The Star Headline Yesterday and I did not know about this untill Earl told me about it .... dem pathetic right? I guessed you should know by now that I dont read newspaper very often.

This is a caption of the article taken from The Star

Brace for severe storms

SEVEN northern and east coast states are bracing for thunderstorms, heavy rain and possible floods as strong winds may develop into a cyclone.

Severe weather is expected to hit Perlis, Kedah, Penang, Perak, Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang from today till Monday.

# Current strong northeast monsoon winds of 65kph may worsen.
# Six-metre waves expected on the east coast
# Waves may reach three to four metres in northern parts of the Straits of Malacca.
# Fishermen, ferry operators and sailors on small vessels advised not to go to sea.

What more pathetic is I booked a return flight to Kota Bharu today!!!I am flying in and out on the same day ... thats twice the risk!

See? I told you 2007 really sucks, now you belif me yet?

So please pray hard hard for me ok? I dont wanna appear in the 7pm news. :(


  1. Up here is at higher risk, brother. Let's pray together lah. Take care!

  2. Si Heng, donch worry, Sai Baba, Quan Yin, YehSou, hampalang semua watch over you. But if you still appear on the 7 pm news, remember to photoshop : Read Rojakz daily at http://etcetc. on your photo ok? Ei, pass me yr adsense pw and blog log in lah....

    Hiaks...brader...releks laaa...skali kena Johor liao, now they all only make a storm out of a teacup only.

  3. I thought you were the storm chaser?? purposely fly in and out to see mother nature's power. I salute you man!!!

  4. you going to KB to see pakcik Nik ah? or crossing the river to Golok?

  5. Remember to wear a t-shirt "rojaks.blogspot.com"

  6. Anonymous11:40 pm

    You'll be ok, if the weather really bad they will cancel the flight.

  7. Anonymous12:52 am

    Remember to sit in the aisle while on the plane...so that the load on the jet engines is evenly distributed. LOL

  8. You went for PAS meeting kah? kekeke.

  9. Eh, izzit Sinking of Japan happening here kah?

  10. fuah, Sinking of Japan happening in Malaysia kahh?


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