26 January 2007

Five Favourite Malaysian Bloggers

Niahma!! My Febereet Loyar just tagged me with this meme (lucky he tagged me la! if not i also derno wat to blog bout tonite!), where I am suppose to name 5 of my all time favourite Malaysian bloggers.

Leilowmei! 5 only wor! how to pick lidis??!! I sked after i picked 5 then i kena diao kaw kaw by all the others bloggers!!!

But you all lucky la! I dont sue peeple for defamation one lar so no sked la! u diao me also i wont sue u wan! Worst worst i ask all my kakilangs to diao you bek then i ask Linpeh go rape your dogs only!!!

Ok la dunwan tok kok ledi la go bek to business!

My Favourite Malaysian Bloggers of the Year 2007 Awards goes to :

1. Sifu Doc. Liew
I always tell ppl wan, No Doc Liew, No Wingz! infact all my idea also i learn from my sifu wan! In chinese there is one saying that goes lidis "Yat Yart Wai See Chung Sang Wai Tou" which means once a sifu always a sifu la! Dats why hes my Fav blogger lor!!

2. My Seejeh ChanLiulian!
Last time i start blogging that time we not ngam key wan! We everyday also gaduh! lol!! buden one day derno which one of us suddenly Sot Plug ledi and bcome good frend! By now my Seejeh alredi accomplished alot more than i have in this blogsphere. Shes now a household name in the blogsphere with her own empire of blogs while i m still the low klass ahbeng blogger. Thats why shes also my Fav Blogger also!

3. Linpeh & Limpeh (Linpeh is the sifu and Limpeh is the toudai)
Niahma this Linpeh is really my Lan-heng-lan-tai! this farker also belongs to the same ahbeng's blog group like me wan! so same ahbeng must sapot each ader mah rite anot?!! Lately he got one new toudai (Limpeh) this Linpeh everyday also compliment him in front of me ask me kasi plomote sama his Toudai! But i also dem suka Limpeh mia writing style! got Ahbeng mia influence also!! Long live Ahbeng's Blogs!!!

4. FrenzRSS.com
This one is actually not a blog la ... its related to bloggging and blogs one, its actually a summary of all our friends mia blogs. 5xmom is actually the brainchild of this project, i just tumpang glamour only! lol!

So, If you reads Rojaks Daily and you are not afraid to admit it (some ppl dun dare to admit they are reading Rojaks Daily bcoz they sked ppl label them Ahbeng!!!) or Chanlilian.net and you have a blog(s) then you are welcome to submit your blog details to us and get listed in FrenzRSS.com for FREE ... FREE u no??!! Good deal lidis MANA MAU CARI??!!!! FREE WOR!!! NIAHMA!!! FAST FAST GO REGISTER LA!!!

5. Your Blog(s)
Yea YOU! the fler reading this! I actually read too many blogs everyday (I got no frends one mah remembered?) till it is kinda impossible to list them all out here! But if you have a blog and you commented in Rojaks Daily before OR your blog(s) are listed in FrenzRSS.com the chances are I might had read your blog(s) before. There is no bad blogs really, its just different perspectives of looking at the same article.

I am suppose to pass this thingy to 5 farkers of my choice to keep this going and the nominees are :

1. Ahpek
2. Kenny Ng
3. Earl the Kuku
4. Lisan
5. AHuei


  1. main tipu wan the last one -__-

  2. makahai! you never list me as your favorite blogger! i dowan do this tag! hahahahaa...

  3. Anonymous9:27 am



  4. Anonymous9:36 am

    Lin peh(sifu) = Obi Wan Kenobi <---- Sei lou hai...

    Lim peh(toudai) = Anakin Skywalker <----the most powerful jedi ever...

  5. Wah! You bery kleber to put no. 5 as "You". Just in case u get sued kau kau for not naming whoever is reading kah? LOL!

  6. Yat yart wai see, zhong sun wai fu - One day become sifu, whole life become father, lar.

    Darth Vader : Wa si lu lao peh.

  7. ROTFL with Ms LUITA as your first sifu would have said it. He ajar me this term one. Errr Doc, did I get it right ar? I sudah tua kenot remember the exact term.

  8. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Tiu! Lin Peh mia blog also u favourite; u really no friend la !

    What lou hai ? No big no small! Wanna kena expel kah ? LOL!

  9. Anonymous12:23 pm

    Niamafulatt ! Why nowadays u on 9 your condemn moderation mode ? Sked u have to responsible for what Lin Peh condemn here kah ? HAHAHAHAH!

  10. eh mana kala-ok singalong for san nin fai lock?

  11. woah. i touched. that you tagged me.

    TOUCHED ARH. means. touch here and there and all.


  12. Your au cheong ahpek tulan ledi. Haha...

  13. Anonymous6:59 pm

    u just did what i wasn't thinking of doing with number 5! :(

  14. Anonymous7:23 pm

    Yayaya, the only blogger I gaduh with is Rojakz.

    Siheng!!! Thanks for the honour wor.

  15. mumsgather : Yeah. Ms LUITA is still alive and kicking. ;)

  16. I admit i am rojaks reader. (don't scare being label as ah beng) :P

  17. Anonymous12:04 am

    @ sifu: lalalallalalalalalalallalalala
    You cant fight the power of
    the darkside.....

  18. Anonymous12:12 am

    Orh... lidat har....


  19. Anonymous2:39 am

    Bro..Lucky U didn't tag 9 me. If you tag 9 me oso farked u no free. kekeke

  20. mud 7 meme ... tiu i dont do meme wan la tiu ...

  21. Anonymous12:40 am

    ei... i kena pula? u never inform me... so tak kira ah? kekekeke


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