9 January 2007

China Flying Thieves aka China Mat Rempit

Its seems that Mat Rempit does not comfined to only Malaysia, the Mat rempit in China are more scary!

They rob in the face of the public and they even brutally attack their victims even women are not spared.

Guangzhou Police had enough of this rampant behaviour and decide to do a massive crackdown on the so called "Flying Thieves" from Guangzhou, China.

Watch this video below, supposingly taken by Guangzhao police which doing a stakeout on these Flying thieves.

Click on this link to go to the video directly LINK


  1. They are scarier than our rempits. They walked down on the road and hantam their victim. Crazy buggers. :(

  2. magahai, if like that, guangzhou safe for canton fair or not ?!

  3. Anonymous9:26 am

    NoOooO I can't see video! >.<

  4. sounds like chavs in the UK to me...google it up...sick at what these ppl do man

  5. Anonymous11:52 pm

    china pulis close 1 eye 1 la, today tangkap u, 2-3 days free you dy la, can snatch broad daylight in front of pulis some more. no 1 cares, u die die, ppl fuck you no free in china, u 1 to help tangkap the thief jadi hero ah, belakang mari satu geng hantam u 9 9. every single second mesti careful. now u feel ur dompet, now u dont, 1 second saja. pigi china travel, not secure.

  6. Remind yourself. If economy keep going down the slope, same thing will happen here.


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