24 January 2007

Why Birth Rate So High?

There is this small kampung in the middle of no where, what so spesel about this kampung is this kampung have the highest birth rate in the whole of the country.

All the professors and scientist also dem curious as to why this kampung have the highest birth rate in the whole country, so they came in groups with all their equipments and cameras and sensors and begin to set it up trying to detect some special aura believed to be influencing the birth rate in that little kampung.

After a few weeks of research and they still found no trace of any special "forces" or aura that might be influencing the high birth rates in the kampung. The project director, Cocka is kinda frustrated with the whole thing and decide to take a break from his reseach work.

That afternoon Cocka goto lepak at the kopitiam near his reseach center and he begin to chat with the taukeh of the kopitiam, Linpeh :

Cocka : Taukeh! Kopi jit pui!
Linpeh : Kopi Jit pui Laaaiii!!!!

*Linpeh bring kopi come edi ....*

Linpeh : Taukeh why you look so tulan wan? releks la!!! you in our kampung now .... no more in city, you must learn to releks abit wan la.
Cocka : After so many weeks of research untill now also no answer!!! how to releks??!!
Linpeh : You come here do hamik research la?
Cocka : I been told that your kampung have the highest birth rate in our country, so my boss asked me to come here and do research to see why your kampung got so high birth rate la!
Linpeh : Then what you found out har?
Cocka : We found nothing!!! wasted 2 weeks and found nothing!!! If i cant come out with any answers soon i think I will kena fire ledi la!!! die die ....
Linpeh : haha! WTF you peeple doing one la? u spent 2 weeks here and still kenot discover anything???
Cocka : We tested everything in your kampung, from the air to the water to the soils and the plant and we even tested all the chicken shit!!! We found nothing!!!
Linpeh : HAHA!!! you looking at the wrong place lar! dats why!
Cocka : You know where to look??? you know the answer??
Linpeh : ok la ... i see you so hansem i help u lar *wink wink*
Cocka : Please tell me the reason why your kampung got the highest birth rate!!! pulezz!!!
Linpeh : Actually its lidis wan la ... it got nothing to do with the supernatural power, air, water or chicken shit wan la!
Cocka : Then ?

Linpeh : Thanks to this bloody train that comes thru here everyday la!
Cocka : Train?? Why train??!!!
Linpeh : Neh ... there is this cilaka train that comes through our kampung everyday at 6am in the morning and press his horn loud loud waking everyone up in the kampung la!
Cocka : Then?
Linpeh : At 6am right .... its too early to goto work and its too late to go back to sleep ler ... so we all increase the birth rate lor!!!



  1. Anonymous9:59 am

    Lol. 6 am to early too work or sleep back. Yeah it's maybe true for someone :P

  2. Anonymous10:08 am

    eee i tot they put the condom on the finger instead of the AHEM that's why increase birth rate!

  3. Anonymous11:31 am


    What make noise during 6am everyday? Sound familiar. ;)

  4. Anonymous11:55 am

    i woke up 6 something everyday wor... but i got no body to produce me baby lah... LOL

  5. Anonymous12:11 pm

    That also could means people that places near train track sure have high birth rate one.

  6. KL 6am jam liao lor ! Must 4am balu can !

  7. Anonymous2:37 pm

    6 am too early!! KKC also wan to sleep leh.

  8. Anonymous2:58 pm

    alamak, that is why la kannot hav babies, i wake up 6.30 am liao, miss the train la.

  9. Anonymous11:09 pm

    mahai, i think the gahmen should build more railways and trains near our place oso! not enough ppl to become city yet leh.

  10. Anonymous11:47 pm

    haha great joke..nv expect this 2 be the conclusion


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