30 January 2007

Woman with Hairy Armpit

Before we go further, Lemme tell u what does Ballerina means :

1. a principal female dancer in a ballet company.
2. any female ballet dancer.
3. a woman's very low-heeled or heelless shoe or slipper, made to resemble a ballet slipper.

In Short hor female ballet dancer is call ballerina la!

And this is the story :

Last time Ahpek used to lepak at one pub and get drunk. One day there is this woman with a very hairy armpit come into the pub and sits down besides Ahpek.

That time Ahpek alredi dem high also, then the woman suddenly raise her arm, exposing her hairy armpit signalling to the bar tender she wanna order a beer.

After a few round the bar tender is getting abit nausea looking at her hairy armpit and he told himself :

"Niahma so farking fugly lar her armpit! I see also kenot stand for one week! If she wanna order more beer I will say NO to her!"
Not even one minute after that, the woman with hairy armpit raised her arm again wanting to order more beer.

Hairy Woman : I want more beer!
Bartender : NO!

Then suddenly Ahpek stand up and said :

Ahpek : Niahma!!! Give this ballerina her beer!!!
Bartender : Ah? how you know shes a ballerina?!
Ahpek : Any girl can lift her legs that high hafta be a Bellerina!!!


  1. Anonymous3:19 am

    1st! MAHAI...u insulting me isit?

  2. Anonymous8:49 am

    kakakakakaaa!!!!!!!!!!! different smell lah!

  3. Anonymous9:10 am

    hahahha ah pek drunk edi. Cannot differentiate leg and hand. kekekke good one!

  4. Anonymous9:29 am

    wingz u sure that that's not ur armpit?? =P

  5. Anonymous9:46 am

    ah pek so blur meh .. i think even ah pek drunk oso can differentiate wan.. hahaha

  6. Anonymous9:57 am

    mahai, ahpek must have thought he's seeing that balelina's puss* all the time. wakakakakakaka.

  7. Anonymous11:51 am

    hahahhaa... kesian belle...

  8. Anonymous2:13 pm

    LOL... AhPek drunk until dunno where is hand and leg ah?

  9. Anonymous4:08 pm

    AhPek just wan to see hair oni la!! kakaka

  10. Anonymous5:53 pm

    almost din get the joke.. hahaha

  11. Anonymous6:04 pm

    derno later ah pek got go lick it onot hahaha

  12. But..but...ahpek like clean shaved

  13. Anonymous6:52 pm

    ah pek oh ah pek! lol

  14. Anonymous9:47 pm

    Mahai this joke kau geng....one stone kill 2 birds..can suan siau(tease) apek and belle at the same time.

  15. Anonymous9:51 pm

    Ha! Ha! So very funny. BTW why mine blog no shown even though I got new entries. Can U help me ??? TQ TQ

  16. wahlaueh! ur picture damn geli man... will have nightmares tonight! yeeeeeeeeee

  17. Anonymous8:34 pm

    Nice one !


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