13 January 2007

Lindungilah Kemaluan Anda

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Was blog hopping when I arrived at Lokter Maverick mia blog which features a photo from Malay Mail and how the whole story of how this "obscene" billboard which is located along Jalan Raja Chulan came about.

The actually billboard reads "XXX Insurance ... Melindungi Kemaluan Anda!"

It reads : XXX Insurance ... Melindungi Kemaluan anda

WUAHAHAHAHA!!! this is a good one wei!!! i hope more company can make advertisement lidis!!! LMAO!!!

Note : IF you are like "someone" and you also dint know what "kemaluan" means ... "kemaluan" is in Bahasa Malaysia and it means "Private Parts"
Melindungi means To Protects
Anda Means You

[Pic source]


  1. Anonymous6:41 pm

    that mean the insurance got cover my KKC? LOL...

  2. Anonymous12:16 am

    Kena rape got pay anot?

  3. Anonymous8:48 pm

    it actually "kemajuan".

  4. Anonymous11:43 pm

    send the pix to the star and win rm50 la!! hehe


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